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Frust, Sick and Relax

I can't upload my photos for few weeks to my blog. I feel very upset because of this. Everytime I tried to upload, it will hang halfway through. Arggghhhh!!! so sick! I have my photo having breakfast with my friends @ Oldtown, JayaOne, eating Ramen at Korean Restaurant, Floria 2010 @ Putrajaya, Papa Rich Dimsum breakfast and also my July 2010 Size S,M&L gathering at Pavillion. So not happy because I can't store all this moment to my online diary. How if I die before even have time to upload this special moment in mylife??? Oh No!!!!! Yeah! me with my drama again.... What happen to me after keeping mum for few weeks? How is my work??? Hate it to even think about it? As mentioned earlier, as for work I am just let my destiny brings me to the next stop. I will not strive anymore. I am just going to let thing happen. Why? Maybe I feel tired! I did not stop striving for the past 20 years! I guess I feel down for a while. Last Saturday end up having my breakfast,lunch at Golden

Lost in myself

Questions and statements that I hate the most for these 2 months. 1. How are you doing? 2. So.. you new job better than previous? 3. No more working late hours ha? 4. Look like your earning is better than previous. 5. No more lecture and nagging? 6. Easy job ha this time? 7. You are doing high level job since you earn your Master? and many more to list. In real fact, I am currently lost my direction in life. I am now like the brown leaf drop into the river and let the current to drag me to places which I don't even know where is my next stop. All these years, since I was 16 years old, I am trying hard to change my luck and my fate. I see drastic changes in my life. But I still find living my life is the most difficult thing to do right now! I would not talk about death, because that means no turning back point. So hopefully I am still strong enough and face the challenge in being a sole survivor. The only motivation left for me is ' My life is difficult but many others is facin

Love them Hate them Love them Hate them

Situation 1 Me : Why do you think you deserve this much of salary? Candidate : Oh! my husband said I am good! (Aisshhh!!!! why suddenly your husband come into the picture? I am confuse!!!! helpppp!!!!) Situation 2 Me : Why do you ask for very high salary? Candidate : I have many credit card bills , my baby sitter bills, my car loan , my house rent and bla bla bla... (Go on go on... I am listening.. I am charging 20% per annum daily compunded. Please fill in this form) Situation 3 Me : Please list down 3 strengths... Candidate : 1. Talk strong 2.Work strong 3. Listen strong I am almost burst out my laughter Me : How about your weakness? Name me one... Candidate : Headache (Aishhhhhh... like that also can... I almost go crazy.... ) Situation 4 Me : What is your hobbies? Candidate : Listen to music. Me : what kind of music? Candidate : Lady Gaga!!!! you know that Poker face singer??? (Aish!!!! poke your eyes then you know.... ) Situation 5 Me : One of your hobbies says you

My Graduation Day

Today is my unplanned Graduation Day!!! I never thought of going since I had received my parchment and spending money to be up on stage with that nervous feeling will kill me. Anyway, my friend keep telling me , I will not have this chance anymore unless I continue with Doctorate. Ah! make sense after Master will be Doctorate. Doctorate??? OMG!!!! I don't want this now. I want to earn money, save money and retire in style. Earn flat money? Yes! Save money ? Not yet! Retire in style???? Ohhhhhh!!!! looking at my situation now may be I can't even think about retiring.... uwwwaaaaa... Here goes ,my will be last convocation??? Maybe.... I am planning to migrate soon! soooooooo.... I need to work extra tripple hard from now on... Oh! by the way... my leave was not approved... so I am actually skip work for my convo... whatever... I don't give a damn... No flower , no bear for my convo? ah... nope.. Any supporter for my convo?? ah nope.. But I got myself unskilled photographer th

I leave my fate to you

When you are just a human... you have your limitation in many things. Last Friday is the down time for me and up to today I am still feeling down...hopeless..helpless... worried... sad...uncertainty... Nobody to turn to. Suck in everything to myself and my body feel numb, my chest feel suffocated and my head feel heavy. What should I do? How long more you want to put me on your test? Is this what my life suppose to be? When ppl said every ppl fate is written up there and decided... is it really true??? Then, why should we bother to work anymore? I should just leave it to you and wait for the outcome? Is that what I should do? I know I am lucky in a way for having a good life but I feel difficult to maintain everything. I am worried about my future... I dont know what to do now... feeling lost in direction.

Sad or Disgusting

Yesterday evening while walking towards my gym at Menara Maxis, a Malay couple with their lil toddler was walking in front of me.What attract my attention to this couple is their lil toddler was walking bare foot. mmmmm.... her parent was very selfish to my thought. Both of them know how to protect their feet but they are very ignorance about the lil one. Then the wife turn to her back and asked her husband. "Dear! have you seen our other child?" OMG!!!! (Usher new song style) like that also can ar???? Malaysia sangat sangat boleh!!!!! The best thing is the husband replied. " Let him be le!!!!!" Arrrrrr???? My jaw drop to hear the reply. Then this couple and bare foot lil toddler walk ahead without even stop by and curious about their other kid whereabouts. I am very amaze with such thinking from a 'so called parent'. This morning while having my morning Yong Tau Foo AGAIN... I read this news about a woman won RM1.4million suit again Gombak Police. The suit

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