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  This unique one pillar pagoda is just walking distance from Uncle Ho Mausoleum. Here comes the story of the one pillar pagoda... The King had a vision of Budha sitting on a lotus flower and promising him a boy. Yeah yeah...King got no child yo! He then built this pagoda sitting on a pond like a giant flower on its tall stem! Inside that one little pagoda is????? Whatelse???? Buddha statue for people to worship. Many local came to worship for baby here!     viet snack counter...everyone???? in that big jar is MANGO!!! Did I try that??? Hell !!! NO!!!


  Hello to this late Uncle Ho aka Ho Chi Minh. I met him at his Mauoleum. I saw 'dead people' body! I hear no evil and see no evil and I am the evil one.....muahahahaha Creepy hor!   Who is Ho Chi Minh? He is the father of democratic republic of vietnam. This humble old man has been living as single throughout his life.   It was so strict to get into his Mausoleum. No camera. No talking Dress decently. Leg must be covered. No shorts, no mini skirts strict behaviour enforced by staff and guards. They scanned you like you are boarding plane.... If you carry big bag...SORRY you got to leave it with them. Oh! they scanned your bag too. Visitors must be silent and walk in two lines. Hands must no be in pockets, nor arms crossed. Smoking, drinking,eating,photography, and video taping are also not permitted anywhere inside mauseleum.   What you can see in Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum? I witnessed Uncle Ho body. His body was well kept w


Yes! This week I will conclude my Hanoi travel log. long huh? Sick and lazy is my reason for taking that long!   I spend second last day with touring the city of Hanoi. Oh! well to be exact is wondering around the 'Old Quarter'.   Befor going for breakfast.....muahahahaha...'selca' selca' selca'     Thick strong Viet Black coffee....eyes wide awake at night with just one cup of those!   Love this western style breakfast and I am in Hanoi! So this traditional breakfast rice pancake with mushroom...bland but fresh taste! Oh well...taste like Chee Cheong Fun !!!     From my City tour bus...I can see the view of Hanoi people activities early in the morning.   This is where they have breakfast!!! Look like as if they are squatting down! Their breakfast mainly, Pho or rice pancake or glutunious rice with ground peanuts.   or they with have this French style bread sandwich w


  Very excited I am going to Ha Long bay!!! Ha Long bay is recognised as the World Natural Helitage. Aiyo!!! Heritage become Helitage...ahahahaha... mind my spelling grammar and whatever 'england'. I sounds so chinese huh! But this is how I sounds when in real life...just be myself la huh!   Yeayyyy!!! look at my face!!! ah! now realise my face here look like 'Pau'.   In tour bus...getting ready for 4 hours journey from Hanoi to Ha Long   After long 4 hours journey....huh finally reached here. Damn!!!! get down from the bus and I feel chilling to  deepest bones...bbbrrrrrr...very cold!!!!   rows of boat waiting for tourist to go on board....   finally left the port and I am heading towards the destination...    fisherman boat house...amzing they can sleep at night in that boat house...   Here come our on board lunch...seafood...yeahhhhh!!! serious the food is so 'DAEBAK!!!! Fresh seafood

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