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Second night.... finally Taiwan Uncle and Auntie finished silk shopping... Reach..hotel still not dark yet...tonight don't care need to hunt for Vietnamese famous Pho'.     many people says this to me...if you want to cross the street in just need to close your eyes and walk and walk and walk..the motorist will avoid you... Who is so crazy to follow that ho??? Me??? No up trying to find local who want to cross the street and follow beside them... die die together lor!!!! If you wait to cross the street with hope the traffic will stop???? Huh??? go back hotel and sleep better le... they will never stop for you !!!   If in Malaysia....mamak shop by the street with plastic chairs and table Seoul with all those plastic cover tent... Then in Vietnam...this lowered plastic stool is their layparking place....there there in the simple...very difficult to walk..   more place to eat...but me feel this is dirty.


My second day in Hanoi still long wor!!! Coming to end of the second day trip, last place...of course la you joined tour..sure got shopping one. I hate this the most.. Taiwanese couple who is with my group love this so much....     silk worm   silk worm wine...anyone???   the cocoon...   i thought this is one of the house deco or something ...but this is cocoon...yellow??? I saw white color in Beijing...   daring la this woman...she touch the cocoon and start to pull the thread dare not touch!! I am scared of this thing!!!   The machine...   silk in the making..   walah!!!! silk garment anyone???   That Taiwan uncle and auntie after shop after shop... I tired la... That Taiwan uncle want to find silk jacket and that Taiwan Auntie want one silk leh??? me??? I bought one silk scarf for USD10/-...hehehehe pink color some more...muahahaha me ar trying


It is Friday!!! I am suppose to be happy because tomorrow I don't have to drive all the way to KL office. But...hor...I am sick!!! Bad cough! itchy bitchy throat! my voice like 'shemale'...muahahahaha... I dare not talk... I went clinic...and in photo as you can see that is my tidbits for this weekend..... huhuhuh.. I just downloaded cardio exercise for this weekend It is difficult for me to jump like monkey and do the crunch like scorpions with this cough! Haisshhh!!! ruin my whole exercise plan... My weekend seems to be bleaked!!!! huhuhuhuh... What should I do???? Since early this year 2013 I was cough...just recover few weeks ago..and now its baccckkkk!!!! So??? am I suppose to be sick every month this year??? So terrifying moment!!!! Happy Marvellous Weekend everyone!!!!


  Vietnamese cat...they chain this fella like a dog huhuhuh... My thought at that time....was like... mmmm... maybe Viet eat almost everything...even dog ,cat and many many other animal...maybe the owner afraid cat wondering around and get caught and end up in another household big pot for 'cat stew' or 'roasted cat'!   very fresh local fruits and meat seller at one of the local village   I didn't go into this palace but was told this is Princess Mia's Palace. She also known as 'Sugar Cane Princess'. Say what???? mmmm.... according to my tour leader...this lady been very helpful to villager here. she taught them to plant sugar cane and harvest sugar cane and use the sugar cane in their daily use. That is why she is 'Sugar cane Princess'. Now you know why many of Viet's dishes grill use sugar cane stick instead of bamboo stick. I don't know maybe there is another legend for 'Bamboo Prince'. When S


In this post I want to share the damage for looking good.... Many women tend to often wear tight-fitting shoes. Shoes with narrow toe box and sloping foot bed are common! Well this is fashion and these shoes make one woman feel confidence and beautiful. The higher the heel the longer one leg and make one taller, slender and feel gorgeous! Do you know these shoes can cause damage to the toes? The slope pushes the foot towards the narrow toe box then this causing the toes to squeeze together. This factor cause constrained towards one toe joints and can become adaptable to this position and this may cause deformity called bunion to develop! Once this bunion develops one foot will find extra ordinary bone growth on side of big toe. One may find very hard to buy or wear ordinary shoes. Furthermore, the pain is killing and the effect is for long time and get deteriorate if no early prevention taken. Oppsss!!! by the way not only women suffer with bunion. Me


Last Monday, Pei Ling Chingu and me went to KLCC for our CNY dinner. Yeah! was busy at work so just grab this Monday , in case both will be freaking busy on the next and next day before holiday. Both of us went to our favourite Chinese Restaurant there and ordered the same dish. Meaning we ordered the same food everytime we visited this restaurant. Only on last Monday we got to know what we ate is Fried Mee Suah not Mee Hoon. Haishhhhhh!!! only know to eat.   we both love this boiled ground peanuts.   this is the fried mee suah. We shared because too big portion! both complaining the cook has resigned that is why the taste so 'out'! both make stories ....maybe the cook not happy with management that is why he resigned. Now new cook ...the taste so...not good at all....mmmmmm   actually ordered squid but Thank God!!!! they were out of squid... why Thank God???? Because one plate of squid will cost both of us RM40...OMMMMAAA!!!!    

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