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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Taiwan Beauty Expo 2017

Its time for Taiwan again! but this time for Beauty Industry. While many people focus in South Korea and Japan Beauty product, myself finds Taiwan Beauty Industry too has many good product to explore. Moreover their climate are more or less similar to ours here. Famous Brand name like Naruku, Dr Morita , Dr Wu are well known in many countries.  Same like last year , I was invited to attend the Taiwan Beauty Expo and this time it will held at KLCC Convention Center. Many brand name that I not familiar with waiting for me to explore. I am so excited! This time 11 more Taiwan Beauty brands was selected to visit Kuala Lumpur to share their beauty brands to Malaysian. 1. Biochem, Arwin 2. Gold Nano Tech 3. Tsaio, Sofno 4. Kuan Yuan Lian (KYL) 5. Lam Sam Yick (LSY) 6. Solone 7. Miss Hana , Hanaka 8. My Beauty Diary 9. SH-RD , NPPE 10. City Color , Maxwell 11. Unicare, Lab101 Who is coming on 9th November 2017?  See you there!

Things to do in 3 full days at Osaka

I stayed at Osaka only for 5 Days / 4 Nights. Sounds like you can do many things right? I am not sure about you but to me 5 days/4 Nights is super short stay. I tell you why...below... 10th Oct 2017 - Reached from Kyoto by Train (by the time I reached almost fall out dead especially when need to carry up my 14kg luggage  from Subway Station staircase to the hotel. I just explore around my Hotel that day) 11th Oct 2017 - Full day 12th Oct 2017 - Full day 13th Oct 2017 - Full day 14th Oct 2017 - Fly back KUL on 11am flight. Bye Bye Osaka! Visit to Famous Food Market I visited Kuromon Ichiba located in the Namba area. This market was called Emmeiji until end of Meiji Era. It is 600 meters area ad packed with many shops selling mainly vegetables, fruits and fish. I have a great half day there. Eat walk and eat walk. Sampling seafood , local snacks and delicacies. How to go to Kuromon Ichiba by subway ? Take subway Sakaisuji Line Nippombashi Station (

Universal Studio Japan Rides for first timer

Recently, I have an opportunity to visit USJ , Universal Studio of Japan. I am one person who don't really fancy joining the queue just for the ride. Not to mentioned my enochlophobia syndrome. Really hate crowd. When I was browsing my life bucket list and found visit USJ is part of it. I was like...what was I thinking when I include this as part of the list. Whatever it is ...visiting USJ alone is possible. would be fun if you are with friends. For those who interested to visit USJ for first time, here are some tips to make your visit more like lifetime event based on my recent experience. 1. Purchase your ticket in advance to avoid those long queue at USJ. Where to purchase USJ ticket online? I bought mine from . So easy just purchase the entry pass like one or two month ahead.I also bought the express pass for Harry Potter ride. The package    bought called USJ Express 4 which allow me to enjoy express entry to  4 rides below : 1

Birthday Month 2017 Giveaway

Hello October .... Hi all, Thank you for your visit here. Its time for my Birthday Month Giveaway. I really busy through out this month and totally no time to snap good photos of all items. I will include some surprise 'kawaii' gift to all winners too. So do join this sincerely! For those who has joined this in previous year, you are still welcome. For those who are still new to, check out #princesscindyrinagiveaway in insta.  How to join Birthday Month Giveaway ? * You need to be a  Malaysian age 18 - 50 with valid Pen. Malaysia delivery address only * Complete all tasks in rafflecopters and repost Princess Cindyrina's Birthday photo in instagram to win the prize. I will post photo in random basis for through out the period 6th - 16th October 2017. So keep following me in instagram for that. Make sure you include  #princesscindyrinagiveaway   #giveaway  #happybirthday * Prize will be selected base on n

Where to watch beautiful Sunset in Labuan ?

Another working trip to Labuan end of last month. This will be my second last trip to Labuan. My final trip will be mid or end of Nov 2017. I am closing 2 offices at the same time. KL and Labuan office.Then I will be jobless and looking for job. Damn!!! Hate the feeling to go for job hunting and facing the interviewer again. isk isk isk ...enough on that. I will figure this out when time comes. All I can tell you corporate world is super nasty and cold. I will ditch out this dirt out and hopefully flower road will come to me again. Anyway for this entry...lets move on and get on with life like nothing really going to happen. Mental strong mode now ! I am just gonna live my life as it is. I was really glad that Grab Car has finally arrive in Labuan. Yeayyyy!!! this means I can go anywhere I want by clicking the apps. WTH!!!! Happy to max. My mission on my 2nd day in Labuan is to visit to the best beach to view the sunset. I was praying hard when saw the cloudy cloud is startin

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