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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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[Travelogue Guilin,China] 4 Hours Li River Cruise to Yangshuo

On the 26th Dec 2019, I woke up as early as 6am, getting ready to check out from Riverside Inn Central Guilin. I booked a River Cruise to Yangshuo from the place I stayed in Guilin City which cost me 480 Yuan. The bus will be coming to pick me up 7:30am to Mopanshan Pier to board the 4 hours cruise. It was heavy rain that day. Like I said in my previous entry, the place I stayed at the small alley, so I have to walk out braving that heavy rain with one of the Hotel staff holding the umbrella for me. The weather was seriously colder than yesterday with this rain. Even my heat-tech inner piece which I bought from Uniqlo, seems not enough to warm me up! Since my plan is to stay a night in Yangshuo and then from there I will head over to Longsheng, I chose to travel light. I am unable to carry a big backpack due to my bad waist pain. So, I packed lighter possible to fit in my small backpack which I brought with me. I wish could carry the bigger backpack but that will not be a goo

[Travelogue Guilin , China] Exploring Elephant Trunk Hill

Have you watched my video on Travelogue Guilin, China Ep 1, yet? Check out the link HERE .  Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic Area Address: On Western Bank of the Li River, Guilin If you take bus just make sure to get off at the stop of Xiang Shan Gong Yuan 25th Dec 2019, 2nd day in Guilin. Its Christmas day. I woke up with rain outside. No snow which I don't expect at all. So, I end up walking to Elephant Trunk Hill (Xiangbishan) which located around 1km from the place I stayed. It was a great morning walk under light rain which eventually stop by the time I reached the scenic area. Since Nov and Dec month considers the low season, I have gotten the price for a half-price which also entitled me to visit 3 other scenic areas via their free red tour bus. I love the beautiful view here. The best is not that many tourists since it was during the low season. I just walked away from the crowd and have peaceful morning walk. Elephant Trunk Hill is k

[Travelogue Guilin, China] Where to Stay in Guilin?

I decided to create my first ever travel video with a voice-over format. It's kind of challenging task for me. I spent my whole Sunday to do this. I'm really a beginner in editing video. So, please pardon me for any glitch in my video voice-over. I don't really know which apps to use. Basically, I have to use three different apps for editing. Its really time consuming too. I am still learning and hope to improve my skills soon. Some of the comments received - my voice sounded so 'cute' . I was like what? Shy! shy! cover my face.....hihihihihi... I never thought will sound like that in a voice-over.  There is another comment said my voice-over faded especially when I was talking over a video with some surrounding sounds. Noted! I will improve further. For comment said, I am pretty... ehem..ehem...the tech nowadays can fool you. With just one click 'Meitu' will erase all fine lines and tone down all my chubby fat. Yes! it's all apps! In real, I am

7 Health Benefits Eating Pickles Vegetables

I was in Guilin, China for 10 days last 2 weeks and noticed the people there love Vegetables Pickles. They even pickle the fruits and women especially love to buy them. In some area like when I was wandering around one of their famous ancient towns, the pickling look like almost kimchi in South Korea. Manage to snap some of the pickles vegetables in Guilin I was told in Guilin, people eat pickles vegetables as appetizer and snacks. So I decided to do some readings on pickles benefit for health. I was interested in this even before travelling to Guilin but a bit hesitate since most pickles bought from stores are super sour and bad for my ageing teeth. From my research, pickles or fermented vegetables have more benefit than bad ones. 1. Antioxidants Apparently, pickles contain more natural antioxidants found in fresh fruits and vegetables, compared to cook vegetables. The cooking process kind of break down some of these heat-sensitive nutrients. While pickle

Realistic Ways To Earn Through Online Shopping

I love online shopping for a few reasons such as I can search basically anything online. Moreover, no crowds or queues. I can do 24/7 shopping without worry about the store business hours. I can easily compare the prices and reviews before making the purchase. For a smart online shopper like me, I always make sure to earn back through some of the cash spent online.  What? Earn a Cashback through shopping? How is this possible?  I wrote on OctaPlus last year. Click the link HERE . If you haven't downloaded this awesome app yet, don't miss out. Please download this app now. You can download the OctaPlus App HERE . OctaPlus is not like any other conventional online shopping cashback app which only offers CashBack from spending. If you strategize well, you will end up earn   passive income in this Year 2020 through this app. 3 ways to earn through cash online through OctaPlus 1. Refer your family and friends  to download and sign up with OctaPlus. A

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