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[Travelogue Guilin,China] 4 Hours Li River Cruise to Yangshuo

On the 26th Dec 2019, I woke up as early as 6am, getting ready to check out from Riverside Inn Central Guilin. I booked a River Cruise to Yangshuo from the place I stayed in Guilin City which cost me 480 Yuan. The bus will be coming to pick me up 7:30am to Mopanshan Pier to board the 4 hours cruise. It was heavy rain that day. Like I said in my previous entry, the place I stayed at the small alley, so I have to walk out braving that heavy rain with one of the Hotel staff holding the umbrella for me. The weather was seriously colder than yesterday with this rain. Even my heat-tech inner piece which I bought from Uniqlo, seems not enough to warm me up!

Since my plan is to stay a night in Yangshuo and then from there I will head over to Longsheng, I chose to travel light. I am unable to carry a big backpack due to my bad waist pain. So, I packed lighter possible to fit in my small backpack which I brought with me. I wish could carry the bigger backpack but that will not be a good idea with my body condition.

It was around 1-hour bus ride to Mopanshan Pier. But of course, it's not a boring ride at all since the tour guide who will bring the group up to pier will hard sell all the optional packages and also some tea. Guilin speciality is Monk Fruit which is Luo Hon Ko. So there are many Luo Hon Ko Tea selling everywhere here. I was lucky for being a non-mandarin speaker. They don't really hard sell anything to me since I would just say...I don't understand! I don't understand! hahaha

You can buy some warm snacks at the pier here too. It will be a 4 hours journey, so you can eat them along the way.

By the way, the tour guide will just bring all the passenger on the bus and distribute the ticket to each in the group and then you are on your own in the cruise until Yangshuo. 480 Yuan paid inclusive of lunch box and a few hours bus ride back to Guilin. You will be given 2 - 3 hours to wander around Yangshuo before take the bus ride to Guilin City on the same day. 
By the way, you will need to show your passport to board the cruise. Your bag and body will be scanned thoroughly. Just like at the airport before you board the ship.

Option 1 - Day trip 4 hours Li River Cruise then wander around Yangshuo before taking the bus back to Guilin City. You will also be given choice to join the optional tour to the countryside and Shangri-La, Yangshuo with some cash add-in.

Option 2 - 4 hours Li River Cruise then overnight at Yangshuo and find your way back to the Guilin City on your own. You can buy a bus ticket at the nearby bus station or hire a driver back.

Like I said, I chose option 2 since my plan extended to Longsheng from Yangshou before head back to Guilin City after a few days.

Oh! by the way no cruise back to Guilin City. The only way is by bus, train or car.

You have the option to buy VIP Cruise ticket which the seating will be on the upper deck and quite exclusive. I bought the 3-star cruise ticket so the seating will be joining with a stranger and it will be at face to face 3 seater join-seat. Not that bad. There are 5 of us but one guy move to the behind seat to join his family members. So only 4 of us in that seat. A couple from Canada, a solo traveller from England and this 'kici meow traveller from Malaysia.

I was up on the upper deck braving the cold winter breeze to enjoy the view most of the time. 

I love the view despite the cold weather.

Throughout the cruise, the tour guide will highlight the most important scenic area along the Li River such as Crown Cave, Pushing Milestones Rock, Langshi Scenicspots, Nine Horses Hill, Reflections of Yellow Cloth, Xinping Village, Snail Hill, Dragon Head Hill before reach to Yangshuo.

Obviously, I don't understand Mandarin, and the English version is too hard for me to catch on what they are trying to say. So I don't know which of which. hahahaha Enjoy the view will do for me.

I just love to see all this Karst Mountain along the river.

The ticket price inclusive of the lunch box. Since there is meat in this lunch box. I gave up mine to others who need to eat more.

I end up buying the small fish and shrimp at 30 Yuan each plate for my snack. Of course, I offered to the people who sit with me too. It will be impolite for me to dig in all of 2 plates. The Canadian couple bought the snails and offer to me in return. I dare not try since I read, they boiled this with pork. All these fish, shrimp, snails are from Li River itself. The Taro is another must eat here in Guilin.

The view of cruising along the Karst mountain is seriously magnificent. I feel like in the Lord of The Ring movie. hahahaha

I met a herd of water buffalo and ducks along the river too. I also manage to meet this fisherman in action. Fisherman in Guilin uses the bird to dive into the water to fish for them. You can view more of it in my videos below. It's really an awesome experience for me. Just like in the fairy tales. Watch my video and you know what I am talking about. Don't forget to give some of your precious LIKE to my video too.

The journey really not a boring one, since the lady from Canadian couple seems friendly and enjoy the photo-taking just like me. Both of us was up at the deck most of the time. We were talking about each other countries. Sort of sharing information on travelling too. This couple has been travelling for one month now. Lucky them.

The solo traveller from England kind of having this hobby to travel with his dalmatian toy. So cute, right. Apparently, this dalmatian has no name. There you go a photo of the England traveller with its beloved toy. I met many kinds of people on this trip. hahaha

The 4 hours cruise journey is coming to an end soon.

Taking my last photo from the cruise before get off at Yangshuo Pier.

You will be greeted with many street peddlers here. The tour guide in the bus did mention in English before we get off, to be extra careful with belonging. There are many pickpockets and also if you bargain for any items, you must buy or get shout and mental harrassed. The tour guide also mentioned one of the French ladies in her group lost all her passport and cash at Yangshuo. That happened only the week before Christmas.

Did you notice, the similarity of passion fruits and rambutan's leaves here? hahaha..if you read the rambutan seller scammer in my previous post on Elephant Trunk Hill here, you will understand what am I talking about. 

Seriously, I made a good choice. Most people dragged their big luggage into the cruise boat and seriously it's a  massive storage problem for that, especially when you reach Yangshuo and people are fighting over getting their luggage. You may have to wait for a bit longer since your luggage maybe at deep inside at the storage. The Canadian couple booked the same place as mine. But they reached a bit late since both have huge luggage with them and the road to the hotel are not that even to drag on the wheel. It was a rough walked for both of them. 

I walked out of my hotel at Yangshuo. The location is around less 500 meters from Yangshuo Pier. The hotel facing the river too. I just walked and reach there in less than 5 minutes. After checked in, I booked a car for 200Yuan from the hotel to bring me to Xingping Ancient Street. I can just get the Taxi outside but I would rather get the Hotel staff to arrange for me. At least to avoid any communication during dealing. It's the same price if you go out and deal with any cab driver outside though. I just need to pay an extra 40 Yuan to Hotel staff and within less 20 minutes after checking in, I was in the car on the way to Xingping. I don't need to talk and haggle so much.

Don't forget to subscribe to my blog and YouTube Channel for the latest update on my exploration at Xingping Ancient Street.

Check out my travel video below. LIKE my video, please!


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