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Tea Time at New Shanghai

Saturday teatime at New Shanghai, Pavillion Love the ambience Thought of trying their flower tea...afraid turn out like in 'Secret Garden' Han Ji Won and  Hyun Bin change body ...eheh since Hyun Bin not in front of coffee thirst is stronger..hahaha need more whitening cream to become shanghai girl....  I had this radish cake...OMO...I guess it overcooked and taste ???? disappointed! That uncle at the background totally into his food!!!! Ohooooo.... Crispy Chinese Pancake - Lotus  Shrimp dumpling Thousand Layer cakes....Oh! well...I counted...this cake barely thousand layer....not even 5 layers ok! jeng Americano...and Chinggu said this is just a Hainan Kopi O!!! Princess said.... WHATEVER!!!! as long as this is coffee...

Korean Sweet Color Top

I was doing some online shopping for sweet looking top and here goes I found this website called They sell mainly korean clothing celebrity fashion inspire... Tempted to wear one of these top three of my choice.... Which one do you think suits me better???? Option 1 - Orange with colorful pattern??? Option 2 - Pink with colorful dots??? Option 3 - Dark Blue with colorful flower??? Which one???? Take all three???? hehehehe wink wink 


Discover Korea last weekend at Farenheit,KL Many people from the outside...I walked to the middle...hahahaha empty!!!! All they sell is ramen ramen ramen ramen...oh! in our terms....instant noodles more and more...oh! they also have bimbimbap demo....   Accompany chinggu to Uniqlo shopping for Bhutan trip clothing....yeah,clothing suitable for cold season...   Since I don't really enjoy waiting for I end up playing with my clear mirror in front of me... Time for some selca...OMO!!!! the wrinkle is so obvious!!!   Woit! chinggu ya!!!!! so fussy...faster choose one and pay le...I impatient to wait for you... just take that yellow one..or blue one..I prefer green though!!!! Ballee!! Ballee!! (in korean means hurry up!)  While waiting for chee cheong fun at low yat Dangui honey drink sambal belacan chee cheong fun...   fried foo chuk,brinjal and bitter gourd!!!   This is my dinner

Where you going???

Lately, many 'Chinggus' keep asking me this questions ....   "You don't go for holiday this year?"   " Where is the destination during this coming Christmas?"   " Don't go for trip ar?"   " You not going anywhere meh...this year?"   " So good girl ar this year??? "   " Lets go to Cambodia ? "   " Lets go Japan?"   Huhuuhuhuhuh many more to list......   'Chinggu'!!!! early this year I went to Phuket by the I left airport the Tsunami Alarm was lifted up. I take this as a sign....not to travel so frequent this year. Ehehehehe.... actually this is not really the main reason. I am actually saving money for my Bunion microcurrent treatment in Hong Kong somewhere mid next year. The cost is killing me softly....sob sob isk isk... If  I didn't go I may not be able to walk properly like a normal person. huhuhuhuh...   Anyway, question on whether I am go

Paradigm Mall - Tea Garden

We went traditional by eating this rice steamed cake tea time      Yau Char Kueh and beancurd with peanut sauce soya cincau  happy face because too full hehehehe

Kitchen Disaster - Overtoasted Tortilla

Yup!!!! this is how it look like when I started to bake something in the oven. All my chinggu keep telling me the same thing over and over again. I need to change my setting and I end up totally forgotten about this and here goes the result is too obvious! What is this suppose to be???? Toast totilla with strawberry and peanut butter. Is this edible to eat??? Minus the bitter taste... and for sure I know this totilla is crunchy..eheh! mmmm...hell NO!!!! End up in the trash straight....the whole kitchen was smoking hot!!! Here goes my snack!!! Next time I will standby potato chip in the packet instead!

Living Surviving

I woke up last Saturday with my Boss phone call rang to my ears... Owhh!!!! WTH! Forced to wake up with a cheer mood to asnwer the call. WTH! Anyway, I need the salary to pay for my medical expenses though so God Bless!!!! On computer and check out my email. mmmm... Milly Ng from Central Physio in HK has replied me. I need to plan my trip there for my severe bunion treatment. Owwwhhhh! hell it is expensive trip ever! My saving still not enough to cover the treatment cost yet. Now I have to think about accomodation cost,living expenses,transportation and bla bla bla and the bla bla bla is actually dollar sign blink blink in my head! WTH! My hair falling like raining day to think about all this. Ah! not to mention , I need to crack my head talk to my boss in diplomatic way that I am going away for at least 14 days from work place but I still can work from HK. Basically, pack up my things and relocate there for 2 weeks.... Aissshhhh!!!! I should find Mil

First Time Pasta Zamai

Last Saturday to see old time chinggu at Tropicana City Mall. Since I reached there early I end up getting my pedicure...kekekeke result me half hour late for the appointment. Very bad girl!  Julie's choice - 1st brunch Rice top with grilled terayaki chicken and poarched egg      Julie's choice - 2nd brunch spagetti in clams soup top with golden fried garlic   Both Jack and me end up digging into her bless meal hehehehe...sharing and caring!   Jack's choice - spagetti with beef and mushroom My choice - spagetti with hotate and mushroom 3 of us sharing this as dessert. Don't know what this call....taste??? ok! 

Bagan Lalang Seafood

We thought wanna try the Senandung Seafood but too many people than went to this Restaurant Bagan Lalang Seaview..... too far from the sea but still can view lol.  Nasi Lemak....the chilli so owhhhh!!! spicy!   Bamboo Seashell we request to cook with Ginger...mmmm nice!   This sweet and sour prawn end up become spicy prawn!   Deep fried squid  with sauce grilled squid vegies with shrimp   Grilled stingray.....   after eating this I am rushing home due to stomach ache and we suspected the lychee drink because I am the only one drinking that....huhuhuhuh..... Chinggu is 'A' ok and me suffering throughout the 2 hours journey back home sob sob 

Day Trip to Bagan Lalang

Last Saturday, I went for day trip to Bagan Lalang near coastal area near Sepang district.     We went through few small town  Muzium Automobil Nasional....mmmmm first time hear about this   On the way to Bagan Lalang we can see many dragon fruit aka pitaberry farm on left and right and ocassionally see few swallow nest building. I end up bought 3 pitaberry (red color is my favourite) and this cost me....opppsssss!!! cost 'Chinggu' RM15 for 3.   Below is my caption near the beach. Can see many tents... families and friends picnic by the beach...some grilling seafood...mmmm yummy!!!    below out!!!! don't know how to adjust it super big now!!1

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