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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Isk isk isk

Ah... is weekend already??? My life is upside down these two weeks.... Wake go to work and the sky is still work work work work work work.... Come back home....and the sky already dark....and work work work work.... Meal??? isk isk.. feel like not eating isk isk... What am I doing now??? Trying my best to think hard on where is that key..... I have tones of laundry to be done..... and I still can't find where I put key for the door to washing machine...huhuhuhuhu Thank God...I still bring work back home for weekend......isk isk isk ...should I be proud of myself???? mmmmm.....OMG..... What the heck am I doing to myself now???? I am not clear myself.... All I know.....I just need to finish this project and make it happen...isk isk isk Oh...I just whining.....isk isk sik Happy weekend everybody....

How to reject Telemarketers Call ?

I believe most of us have experience receive calls from telemarketer trying to sell insurance, investment link products,membership and so on... I received many from them. Sometimes I wonder whether I advertise my phone number somewhere that I don't realise??? Whatever ...still some of them very annoying and persistent and really make you mad especially when they call you at the wrong time.  I understand they are trying to earn for a living and every call is hope for them. Selling Insurance Case 1 Marketer : Hello Miss! I am bla bla bla from bla bla congratulations you are one of the chosen one! Me : Owwwhhh! thank you...are you trying to sell insurance? Marketer : Can you give me 5 minutes? I will explain you in details. Me : if you are selling insurance, my sister is one of the insurance agent. So I don't have budget to help you anymore. Oh! but I can give you 5 minute but after your explanation I will definately no buying anything from you. Marketer : Oh! Ca

Alone can be the right choice

Too Boring in Traffic Jam

Put your head up on Monday! Let me boost up your spirit on Monday morning with this story of mine ..... long time ago... I went through this horrible traffic jam and not moving even and inch for almost 1 hour. Yeay! don't you think all of us should just stop the engine and got out from the car and say hi to neighbours??? If possible could share some kit kat and coke...Oh ya! if we have some potato chips would be great too!!! Oh! all of us wish that...but it never happen.... My situation was worst when my car air cond was broke down....Ouchhhh! seriously hot!!! Sweating up and down....oh..don't worry it did not come to extend flooded my car yet! hohohoho..what the heck! I have no choice to keep my window wind down....damn it! The air was damn fresh!!! Smell of mint! no joke!!! oh I am joking!!! I was so bored to death....! What I do???? I blast my CD  player. At that time 'Simple Plan' was freaking hits to the 'bomb'! The song call 'Untitl


Tokyo Street @ Pavillion is my favourite hang out place my anime craze not over yet! where is the head????  ewwwww....still wanna act cute...buek! satisfy my thirst with ochada try this season....milk tea called pop eggs treats the pop eggs is those black color balls inside this milk tea and when pop in your mouth the taste of sweet...freaking sweet to me with coffee flavour... Verdict : not my favourite taste...  this is my ridiculous reason for buying this fattening junk food Reason 1. its panda....because I have eyes 2. when I am down ...I love to see this cute and pretty things to make it happy 3. Oh well... when I feel angry I like to eat cute and adorable thing and crush my ange away... Conclusion...mmmmmmm.... totally 'mentally disturb excuses ??? ahah! They are just adorable...aren't they???? Have a good weekend!!!! 

Japanese Lunch pack

Last Friday, was in a good mood... Yippeeeyyy!!!! good lunch!!!! heaven!!!!! Soft shell crab.... Onigiri with tuna floss filling Budenberg Ginger Beer... Oh!!! big WOW! I am loving my lunch Friend ...who is a 'Shopping Queen' gave me Pocky Stick fun for my tea time... Oh! this doesn't stop there...  Received one pack of organic chestnuts too... Oh Wow!!! heaven bless!!!!  A quick 'Selca' in my office....ewwwwwww!!!  Selca with my teatime food!!!!  Ginger beer model....huwahahahaha

Steamed Rice Cakes and Horlicks Snow Ice

Steamed Rice Cakes for Dinner I was not in good mood last Thursday..... So...end up digging on food....oh!!! no!!!! here goes my diet! Snow ice for the day is Horlicks Snow Ice...not bad!!! Since ice is not my style.... Steamed rice cakes and this snow ice sharing with my girlfriend... I didn't bring my camera... aishhhh... So ... ask my girlfriend to snap using his new samsung phone....hehehehehe... and that naughty fella snap the 'glutton' side of me.......bad bad bad girl!!!

Hamaguri Soup and Seasoned Squid

Last week, there is a Korean fair going on KLCC and in my previous entry I did mentioned I bought one big tupperware of kimchi.... I love hamaguri or clams... For quick dinner here goes my version of Hamaguri Kimchi Soup : Ingredients : * 1 pack of hamaguri * 3 cloves of garlic * 3 - 4 leaves of kimchi * Water for the soup Preparation : Bring water to boil with smash garlics. Add in Hamaguri and kimchi and bring to boil again for 2 minutes.... Ready to serve.... oh! you can add salt if you want but me think the kimchi juice is enough to season the soup. Oh! you can add add soft beancurd if you think this soup is enough for my simple dinner. You can eat with hot rice.... Me drink it just like this and not big fan of rice though! To have that korean feel...drink the soup and one hand with pair of chopstick digging out for this seasoned squid which I bought at the korean food fair.... wohhohohohoho.... I am loving it!!!!

Traffic Jam -What you do?

What I do when I am trap in traffic jam...somemore in the tunnel like this??? No other view...except for 'butt' of the car in front me??? Boring!!! Practise my speech? Singing to myself? mmmmmm...... the most enjoyable thing to do is eatttttt!!!!!  Orange cut leftover since morning.....need to fininsh it hahahaha.... OMO!!! what kind of entry ???? today? Aishhhh.... whatever come across my mind and I just type it out freely hahaha enjoy your day!!!!


Believe your eyes!!!! This is the price they are asking for.... Oh!!! wow.... this kind of thing will be my old age investment ..... I need to start collecting old junks!!! " FOR SALE, by author, book, movie, and product rights This manuscript is a true story of a youngster with an imagination of no mean order who is confronted by monsters at every turn. His understanding and savvy mother creates a potion placebo (Monster Spray) encouraging the lad to face and overcome his fears. "

Good Life - The Malaysian Women's Weekly

In my goodies bag Debenhams cash vouchers worth RM200/- Tefal Optiblend 400W and many more Jams , pastas, sauces,cereal, sweets and tupperware.... and of not to forget Shisheido Whitening set of 3. Oh! WoW for RM120/- all this is like FOC! What I learned??? * Make up day and night by Taiso * Shisheido talked on how to take good care of your skin * Dress according to your body by Peter Lum * Balanced Diet by a Nutritionist , Indira * How to be powerful and popular? by Farida Hameed Breakfast 2 refreshments International buffet lunch Overall happy with the workshop and I learned something from there....but the minus thing is I shared the same table with 3 nuisance ladies. OMO! they talked to each other during the speaker is talking up there...... seriously ...none of us on the table dare to ask them to shut up because their behaviour is totally outrageously rude and crazy! Whatever!!! we paid for the workshop and they paid


Friday general knowledge..... Monday I went to Korean fair at Isetan, KLCC OMO! feel like in Korean. Spoil with Korena food choices. I don't miss the opportunity to get myself one big tupperware of Kimchi.... Since I am one avid fan of Korean Drama.... always see this drink called makgeolli in the drama. What is Makgeolli? Makgeolli is a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage. Makgeolli means "roughly strained". How they make this makgeolli? It is made by steaming glutinous rice, non glutinous rice , barley and wheat flour, mixed nuruk (sugar and yeast fermented), malted yeast and water and fermented. The mixture is pressed to separate the liquid from solids. The liquid is drinkable soon after straining out of the mash without further process such as distillation. What is different between western wine and Korean wine? Western wine make from fruits and Korean wine make from grains. Makgeolli Benefit? * rich in vitamin B (help

Daughter , Parent and Trust

Duties of Daughter Well this varies and depends on cultures and as for me ......... based from my understanding and point of view : * study dutifully - complete the higher education * obtain good job * obtain higher status in society * care for old parent (provide and arranging personal care for them to maintain good health and provide good retirement life for them) * emotional and practical support to your parent * ensure they don't worry about you I tried my best for all mentioned. Fullfill my duties as responsible and good daughter.... Recently , I feel betrayed by them and I have a mix feeling and doubt to them. This is not the first time and I know this is not their last time too. The more I resist...the more hateful to them I become.... Currently, I never confront to them for an explaination...why? why? I know there will be more lies coming out from their mouth and I don't think I could take it anymore. How shameful I am to what they have done to me....


Oho...early this week, received a package from Rare Books, London on this amazingly antique books from 18th century. All these 5 ancient books on Burmese History cost high price. Oh Wow! I could get a car with this price. If I auction on ebay.....mmmmmm... I could get higher price and may be I can become a millionaire with this books....hahahahaha (wicked!!!) I love history! This opportunity to physically touch this old books, smells it and did a quick reading...Oh Wow! totally love this experience! I like!!!!! Thank you Boss for being away from here so long and please be away longer until I finish read these books! Let me introduce to my 'temporary adopted precious babies'! Oh! I place these books in my favourite pink color flowery box which my Boss totally going to hate it! wahahahaha....wicked!!! You hate it??? I love it!!!!! I like!!!! * An Account of An Embassy to the Kingdom of Ava sent by The Governor - General of India in the year 1795 by Mich

Saint Weekday Sinful Weekend

Whenever, I want to go on healthy diet, I always said to myself..... Last time last time of this process and oily food.... There you go.... Portuguese Grilled.... Hot & Spicy and the taste??? O la la.... I went to shop for this purple sweet potato and here me go... boiling sweet potatoes for my lunch break tomorrow at office That purple colour is totally my favourite colour...beautiful... Don't know why this fella cracked up like this when it cook... mmmm my sweet potatoes look unpresentable!!! Anyway for my cooking skill????? Acceptable! hahahaha I love capsicum! I cut 3 different colours of capsicum, carots and few leaf of red coral salad for my morning breakfast... Oh! wow!!!! I am too saint... hahahahaha Orange for my morning breakfast too!!! Oh! wow!!!! So healthy suddenly Princess??? What is going on???? Princess ambition to have body like this.... I am doing cardio every night! Why? Because I want


I just realise I am developing into a Crowd Phobia symptom at this age. Crowd Phobia is also known as Demophobia , Enochiophobia or most commonly crowd makes one person feel anxious with thought of getting lost in a crowd. The other day, I went for a meeting at KLCC. It was a school holiday the place was damn crowded at 1:30pm....ah lunch rush hours too. The feeling of almost got black out after seeing to many people ...really make me panic. I feel fear....I feel lost!!! Especially , I am alone and feel totally out of place and hell don't really know where to go. I end up late...because I am trying my best to go through the crowd condition was like in the movie I watched. Serious...the whole body feel hot especially my head...feel like exploding soon. My chest was like going to pop out! I am researching on how to combat this new non healthy development within myself. Ah!!!! why on earth I am suddenly this???? Happy Monday everyone!!!


my favourite Laksa to eat this with lots of cili and lime my friend love this nyonya curry noodles so much....damn sweating like raining ...coz its HOT!!!!! another friend favourite...chinese fried rice...O friend can't you be a little more creative in what you eat???? hehehehe look who's talking???? Today is Saturday and I love weekend so much... will be at 'Good Life Workshop' organised by The Malaysian Women's Weekly Magazine at KL Hilton from 9:00am - 6:00pm. I am going to have fun and enjoy myself there.... Have a great weekend dearest blogging friend!!!!!

Mouth wide open

Take care of your teeth since you small. Its doesn't mean I don't take care of my teeth. I believe I am old hehehehehe... Recently I visiting dentist regularly for root treatment. The ordeal is so suffering for me. When the dentist keep asked me to open my mouth wide... Oh ya! the tooth effected is the second last upper tooth so it is deep inside and quite difficult to do. Back to mouth wide open request... I really have problem with that! My left hand side jaw disc not allign properly and as my doctor said this is due to major stress I face from previous work. Do you believe that? I don't! Anyway... Dentist : Open wider more more Me was like urgh urgh....afraid if I open wider then I unable to close my mouth anymore... Dentist : just one minute wider wider Me was like how wide you want it to be... Dentist : just one minute more...I need to put medicine...mmmmm... its very deep...I need to do this properly...mmmmm..wider wider m


Cosplay Tale at Tokyo Street , Pavillion I see all sort of character ...funny and weird too!  Restless Batman... OMO! working late last night??? Too many 'jokers' to catch? where is your macho ness , batman??? Robin??? where is he?? He ditched you? mmmm..Mr batman don't tell me this is your day job???   Japanese Anime Song really make my day....sweet atmosphere OMO!!! she so damn skinny... overzealous of her... I have extra fat to transfer to you...interested??? excited! excited! this girl sound so cute!!!!  wow! her voice is sound so soothing  to my ear this is their interest .... the anime world... I wish I could be this weird ...then my life could be more interesting...huhuhu WITH THE POWER OF THE MOOOOONNNNN.......SAILORMOON TRANSFORM!!!!! TRANSFORM!!! aikkkss???? It doesn't work???? adoooooiii!!!! sailormoon ....unable to transform because I am in love with one Prince from from Und

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