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Most people visit Xi'an for Terracotta Warriors as a side trip from Beijing or Shanghai. The Holland man whom I met during lining up for Bus to Terracotta Warriors said he will only spend 2 days in Xi'an and off he move to another side of China. If I am not mistaken he is flying off to Kunming the day after. I visited Xi'an after my interest historical and cultural in Tang , Ming and Qing Dynasty. I even watch the 95 episodes of Three Kingdom at youtube. WTH!  If you read , Xi'an has more than 6,000 year history and the old name of this city is Changan and there have been a traced of 13 dynasty here. I could say if you are just visiting Xi'an as side trip from Beijing or Shanghai, it is possible to cover the general tourist attraction in Xi'an within 3 - 4 days. AirAsiaX have a direct flight to Xi'an from Kuala Lumpur so you can plan a week getaway trip there. Ready to use itinerary in Xi'an : Day 1 (Full day) * City Wall - Rent


I just came back for more than 7 days trip to Xi'an , China. I strike off one of my bucket list before I leave this world. YEAYYYY! image source from I visited Xi'an and took one hour speed train ride to Luoyang and spend some days exploring that city too. Since this trip is not like my other trips full of activities and tight schedule. This time, I have a good fun time exploring and trying to understand people culture. Everyday is a new discovery to me and I learn a lot too. I always wonder why the Chinese are so rough? Are they arguing all the time or it just merely talking or discussing? Why they are competitive? Why they are so rude to outsider's eyes? Many more to list down. Anyway, this is not my main topic today. My main topic is about how this non Chinese speaker woman can survive travelling China alone? I am not even western people. For an Asian looking at other Asian....mmmmm...I would say they look at us not at the same level with 'Ang


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