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Milk is not for only babies or kids. Babies or kids need milk for healthy growth. We adult need to drink milk for our healthy golden years. Once you understand the importance of milk then, one will start drinking milk without a second thought. 5 reasons why milk is good for health : 1. Protein Excellent source for protein and it has 9 essential amino acids which important to meet our physiological needs. 2. Potassium Regulates our blood pressure and we needed this for muscle contraction.  3. Calcium Strengthen our bones and can at least prevent it from old age disease such at osteoporosis. 4. Vitamins Fantastic source for Vitamins A,B-12 and D. Vitamin A to maintain good eye sights and smooth skin. It also helps to controls cell growth and proper functioning of our immune system. Vitamin B-12 is essential for nervous system and also for blood formation. Vitamin D helps for calcium absorption 5. Niacin Keep normal function of enzymes and body process sugars an


Recently, I was introduced with natural personal and home care brand call Human Nature. Love their mission in promoting beauty with compassion. Which means they are offering products good for bodies and also our planet. Moreover the products are all natural and chemical free.It also means no animal testing for all this product! These are the products I tried recently. Top to toe NATURAL beauty plactic! Totally different experience from other products which I have use before. 100% Natural Purifying Facial Scrub - Price RM21.90 When first use this, I find it like I am applying my homemade facial scrub. This facial scrub made with real strawberry seeds and fine bamboo granules. It soften my skin and clear all dirt and dead skin. I feel my skin smooth and more radiant after first use! Preserve natural beauty with natural product. As I mentioned this is my first time using such product Mineral make up is something I heard and read long time ago but only


I believe many of you are frequent traveller. Some of you may have accumulative enrich points and don't know what to do with it. Well...don't let it waste away. Redeem it with RM50 voucher. You can use enrich voucher to indulge in various dining options at Shangri La Hotel Kuala Lumpur and also Putrajaya Shangri La. The promotion ending on 31 Oct 2016. So, you still have time to redeem and use your voucher. You can enjoy lunch or dinner buffet at Lemon Garden , port free dim sum and Cantonese cuisine at Shang Palace. For those who fancy French food dine then can help yourself at Lafite. Other choices available is find Japanese Cuisine at Zipangu and steaks. For light treat you can try Arthur's Bar and Grill. Sweet tooth people can savour afternoon tea daily and the Coffee and Chocolate High Tea on Sunday. Well not sure whether they still have this Coffee and Chocolate High Tea since I read it ended on last weekend. I redeem mine early September so does a fr


Nowadays, we are spoil with choices when it come to beauty products. Most product claimed its effectiveness to this and that for your beauty routine. But sometimes these products may cost you a hole to your wallet. Gosh! sometimes those product does not deliver what it claimed. This really make me feel I had enough of those marketing gimmick! I am not sure about you, but I have known rosehip oil since I was early 20s. This natural alternative really work wonders to me especially when it heal my deep cut scar on my neck which I gotten when involved in horrible accident. Rosehip oil not just for scar healing but is truly remarkable natural product for skin rejuvenating and hair conditioning too. How to incorporate Rosehip Oil into your beauty regime? 1. Revive dull hair Massage in slightly warmed up Rosehip oil and leave it for 3 minutes before you wash your hair. Rosehip oil is rich with vitamins and help to bring back lifeless hair and shine back into your locks.


I was born with bad eye sight. Thank God! I am at the era with this thing call glasses. During my school time and until now , I hate to wear glasses so much! Why?? I wish they invent  glasses with wiper too. It really trouble some if get caught in rain while wearing glasses. You can't see a thing! But if I think it again that glasses with wiper will look horrible ,right? WTH! For some people wearing glasses are cool and some even think it is some sort of man-repelling. To me wearing glasses is totally sort of social life destroying. So I totally needed contacts! That was when I was young. Since I am growing older my eye sight got worst and wearing contacts not a good solution. So for long term I definitely needed a good glasses. I have to adapt to it! My problem is to get a good glasses that suit to my face. Damn!!!! Look at that photos of me with my wrong choices of glasses. If you ask me to pick one. Haihhhhh...these are all my biggest regret! I don't even want to st


image source from search Although I am not a shopaholic from physical store but I consider myself a shopaholic through online store. Mainly direct from China. WTH! I almost don't buy anything from local store. Since early this year my parcel came like almost twice a month. ngehehehehehe...Talking about shopping therapy! For some people looking down at item from China...I will be like...duhhhh!!! what you least two items are from China. Most item these days are made in China. So, to me buying direct are way cheaper with such a huge wholesale market in China. Most physical and online store nowadays source their goods from there. However, there are times when your shopping spree become a hell spree especially for somebody who don't even speak Chinese and goshhhh...we don't even know who you dealing with at the other side of country. There are many times...... Disaster waiting for you when you do direct online shopping  from China such a


How I wish every day is a good hair day...... like this photo? haihhhh... reality it always a bad hair day for me. haihhh!!!! *face palm* My scalp has been itchy lately! and its killing me. I don't have dandruff but just itchy and not to mention the springy noodles like frizzy hair...guess this so call hormone imbalance kind of things hit me. 'Chingu' describe I am closing to menopause time. Which I feel this 'Chinggu' deserve a hard smack on head. But 'Chingu' think I am the one who deserve a hard knock to my head as wake up call and accept the aging process with open heart. Otteoke!!!! Goshhhh!!!! this itchiness is killing me. I really need a scalp treatment badly.  But I am one person who is really impatient to go for such treatment. Reason?  I need to be seated for so long and then to be led to wash basin then to be seated again. WTH! I am so lazy and find this process really so 'mafan' ar!!!! Can't I just hav

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