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Malacca Trip Trip 5 - Jurassic Park

I suddenly find myself in another world, a Jurassic Park. Full of dinasour and harmful pre historical animals. OMG!!! What should I do???

Malacca Trip Part 4 - cam whore

After the long journey walking into the woods. Here goes.. I am in another world. No more in enchanted woods.. Squirel!!!!!!ihihihihi Is that a dinasour??? in a playground? Cam whore time!!!!! This angle??? okie? How about from front?? okie?? What is that??? to be continue in episode 5

Malacca Trip Part 3

Nothing perfect. I need to put that in my mind all the time. What I can say it such a beautiful place. A lot of money spend on it but not much initiative to promote the place and make it main attraction. There are many ideas and activities can be done here. But the place look as if it is half left out and not properly maintain. Thank God the path is still visible but I can say this place is very cool. At least to me ahahaha and here goes captioned to enjoy together. Not my camera or angle ... it is like that I dont think this camera work.. So... what are they trying to tell us again??? Ok ok got it... no fire

Malacca Trip Part 2 - Enchanted Wood

This is the enchanted woods I found in Malacca. Very green and refreshing. Its like magic and in fairytale and I feel like a Princess. I would love to visit here again.. Beautiful greenery caption to share... All below are my favourite shots.

Malacca Trip - Part 1 orchids

Last week try to remain calm and not to panic over work and problems comes along the way. Almost work..Basically , doing my normal routine and getting more scare about death! This is what I call calm in my term? Thinking about death? Actually, more towards future and of course my readiness to face my end of life too... Sounds heavy? Well let forget about all this and back to current life. Last Saturday, woke up early. I did my normal Yoga routines and exercise. Then doing some cleaning. I was out from my home by 11.15am to Mont Kiara to collect my transcript. Then a friend of mine invite me to Malacca. I accepted with my open heart and open mind. Jonkers Walk is part of our normal itenaries. However, this time we are more closed to nature and historical footprints. Our 1st destination is botanical garden. I was so excited to reach Botanical Garden finally. It was so beautiful scene and I feel like walking through the enchanted wood. Here are some caption at the entrance of botanical ga

Maintainence Weekend

I am trying my best to motivate myself to live happily! Too much money spend these 3 weeks... This is what people say... earn money spend money uwwaaaaaa... I want to save my money. I went to my dermathologist again for my big spot pigmentation. Yeah !!! another 2 weeks need to avoid sun. I went to dentist again just now and the doctor give me treatment and can' t use my right teeth to chew or eat. My left one not that useful too due the the jaw disc probs. Can't put too much pressure on this side too...Now the doc advise me to continue wearing my ugly splint... ah! hate it! So my solution drink cereal and eat porridge. My body aching too... when you in mid age that the way ahak ahak... hurt here pain there... walaowei... endless problems and maintainence...

Hearty Trip to Joy Garden

Last Sunday, brought me to Joy Garden near Semenyih. I found this place when having a joy ride towards Broga Dam last year. Turn in when saw the signage of Joy Garden and found few youth playing basketball and few old people doing some chores. So, make assumption it is a old folk house and orphanage. This year with the thought of doing something good and bring joy to others decided to pay a visit.Bought plenty of biscuits , Milo, Milk, Cereal,Cakes, Sardines,Jellies and many more. Since , discovered the place last year and not really clear with the way so just wacked the way! Found it! Greet by two old ladies, one of them with walker. Talk to me in Hakka which well of course I am clueless. You can talk in Mandarin or Cantonese... but Hakka??? Lucky, went there with my friend and he did the talking and I did the smiling wahahahah... There are 22 of them living there.. mostly old man and woman and few of them retarded. The place is a very run down place since the place is very secluded

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