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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Fermentation Technology Korean Skincare series by Haruharu

My K drama craze introduces me to Kimchi and Ramyeon. I fall in love with Kimchi to the extent even try to make them at home. But...I was not advisable to eat cabbage due to my health condition. So I eat Kimchi only occasionally. Kimchi is loaded with lots of Vitamin since it gone through a fermentation process which produces "healthy bacteria".   But a few years back I have been reading the cosmetics industry has adapted the fermentation process to create better skincare. Does fermented skincare work? I read skincare brands use the fermentation process claim they have two benefits : 1. Fermentation process breaks down ingredients into a smaller size which make it easier penetrate into the skin. 2. It produces minerals and good nutrients like Alpha Hydroxy Acids. I recently attended product launching by Haruharu Malaysia and have the liberty to try out skincare uses fermentation technology.  Incorporation world-class and environmentally friendly t

Giving Back To Help Others

Hello!!! I have been neglecting the world current news to the extent I don't realize there is a disaster in my neighbouring country. I am seriously repent for this. I literally live in my own world. During the recent flight back from Jeju do on 15th Oct 2018, AirAsia announced on the #ToIDwithLove relief fund to provide support for Palu. On September 28, 2018, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5Mw struck the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. With that earthquake triggered a tsunami in the Makassar Strait, which swept into Palu Bay causing waves of up to 23m high in some parts. According to news reported at least 1,900 people were killed while thousands more still missing. I did my part on board recently by donating whatever cash left through AirAsia relief fund. I still feel my contribution isn't enough to back then. I was told AirAsia will collect donation to support Palu onboard AirAsia flight from now until 31 October 2018 and if you are not flyin

Can a Service Really Help You Get Out of Your Timeshare?

Buying into a timeshare can seem like a great opportunity, providing your family with a place to stay on vacations. However, over time, you may find that the arrangement isn't as appealing as you once thought. Before doing something that can sabotage your credit, consider the benefits of working with a service that helps people get out of their timeshare obligations. There are many companies that offer help in getting out of a timeshare , but be careful to read the fine print. Some companies simply try to resell the timeshare opportunity, which is something you can do for yourself. Instead, look for companies that will help guide you through a timeshare termination process, which includes transferring the title out of your name. The company will have attorneys, title companies, and real estate closing companies to help submit your timeshare through the proper steps. The process begins with a proposal submitted to you by the timeshare liquidation company. If you agree t

Enhancing Skin Elasticity and Moisturizing with SHO

When it comes to face care regime...I am still scratching my head. Especially when it comes to ampoules, essences and serum steps. My confusion becomes a big of problem on when my skin need the ampoules or essenses or serum. When do I apply all? Let me summarize when and what to apply so you don't scratch your head like me too. Serum and essences As I read somewhere, they are the same things. The western call it serum and asian call it serum. Really? Both serum and essences used the same treatment step of skincare for similar results. To me the texture of serum and essences are slightly different when it come to texture.  Essence has thinner texture but with a bit of body. I skip toner if I use seum or essence in my skincare routine. How about Ampoules then? To me ampoules is the same family with essence and serums. An ampoule have higher concentration of activecingredients compare to serum or essences.  So if you are having sort of skin situation like me

Most Wanted 10.10 Super Beauty Day At Lazada

To be honest I am not a makeup addict. I don't even know how to draw the eyeliner. But I can't go out without putting on my foundation and lipstick πŸ˜‚. I love skincare the most. I have many types of skincare at home. I know many will say this...hey! you should stick to one skincare. Dont keep changing your skincare. No good for skin . You know what? My skin keep changing due to environment and my inconsistent lifestyle. Sometimes it become combination, then its oily and now I have dry and aging skinπŸ˜₯. Skincare and cosmetics can be costly. Well...unless you have no problem to use the less quality ingredients for the price not burning your wallet. To me...I would rather choose the good quality product with a knock down price. How???? I tell you won' t regret! Lazada is going to do Lazada Super Beauty Day on 10.10. Mark your calendar ladies!!!! Your first Beauty Moment.😘 You should do the countdown start form the moment you read my post.

Radiant Rosy Complexion with Mamonde All Stay Foundation

When it comes for travelling, I always looking for a foundation which can stay all day long without any hassles to fix up or touch up along the way. Seriously, I have no time for that at all during my travel. Recently, a bouquet of Mamonde All Stay Foundation reached my office doorstep. A bit 'paiseh' since people thought I have some secret admirer trying to 'woo' me. Common! At this age of nearly expiring? Still 'laku' meh? Just as its packaging with freshly bloomed roses, Mamonde All Stay Foundation claimed to give us women a radiantly rosy complexion. Mamonde All Stay Foundation comes in three rosy shades  to cater to various skin tones. You can choose to custom fit the best suits your skin tone.   Mamonde All Stay Foundation Shade:  21N Ivory  Mamonde All Stay Foundation Shade:  23N Sand Mamonde All Stay Foundation Shade:  25 Tan I tried Mamonde All Stay Foundation recently and my experience tells me, I need to

Tips to Choose Good Milk

Milk is only for babies and kids?  How about the adult? Do we still need to continue drinking milk too? Some say they have a lactose intolerant so skipping the milk is the option. Don't put that as the reason. You can always include milk as part of healthy diet. I was like that too in earlier stage. I started by drinking little warm milk alternate days. Then gradually increase the in take. Now I drink milk almost everyday. The benefit of Drinking Milk in your daily diet Calcium Do you know we are recommended to take 1000mg of calcium daily, a nutrient which is essential for bone health? How to get that amount of calcium? The fastest, easiest and safest way is to consuming milk and dairy. Weight Loss For those who are looking to lose some weight can add some protein like milk into their diet. Milk is inexpensive protein and nutrient rich. Apparently, dietitian says people who drink milk daily are more likely to lose weight than women who do not drink

Remarkable Skin Transformation with TeaTree by Some By Mi

If you are a beauty addict like me you would know that Tea Tree has many good benefits for the skin . One of the most popular TeaTree use is for spot treatment.  An anti-inflammatory such as help to reduce redness, irritation and swelling . It can help to shrink you pimples faster . Good news isn't it? Anti-bacterial / antiseptic which can help to prevents infection . I can help to clear the clogging pores and build up oil on the skin. It is not advisable to buy the tea tree oil and apply directly on the skin . You may put your skin in high-risk condition. In this case, I would say the commercial product contains tea tree oil is so much safer for us to use rather than DIY recipe which is floating around the internet. Recently, I have a chance to try out most famous Some by Mi product AHA, BHA, PHA 30 days Miracle series with Real Teatree as main ingredients. It was fascinating to watch all those Korean YouTubers and others review on how miraculous of t

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