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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Don't Complicate Your Skincare Routine

I am not a big fan of overdoing my facial skin with some tools. I know serums and essences is highly important. Nowadays , we are spoil with product choices sometime using too many product confuse our skin. I myself super confuse on what goes first. lol. Simplicity in skincare steps is most important for me since my 'me' time is so limited. I prefer the basic skincare which stick to 3 simple steps . I will add on whenever I have time to it. No big deal! Life is all about simplicity! Adjust according to your needs as long as don't deviate from the basic rules. I will add serums and essences when time permitted. So don't bash me! I am not against any serum, essences and mask .  I use those when time allow me to. isk isk isk... For daily routine, I normally go for just 3 steps routine. To achieve the 'just' 3 steps routine , what I need is good 3 basic things : * Good facial cleanser * Awesome toner * Suitable moisturizing cream I can easily

Aiyooo! Rajan

Just use your imagination to visualize when you read this post. No photo taken. This is not a long post too.  There is this one big mirror in front of lift  at my apartment lobby area. Its really hard to miss the mirror because the first visual when the lift door open is your own reflection from that mirror. The story is about this kid , who I have met without failed for almost 3 days consecutively at different time. I reached home at odd hours depend on traffic. No matter how , I met the kid again on my third night. He has this weird habit whenever he gets down from the lift. I think he is around 4 years old. My usual routine from work. Parked my car then walk to the lift lobby and press the button up to my apartment.  Ting!!!!  Lift door open and as good human I waited for the other people to go out .  Here comes.... this family with one boy. They went out from the lift. The parent walk away to the car park but this kid just pose froze in front of the mirror

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