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Jogja - From my eyes

Jogja - Kali Putih - Mount Merapi Lava

I was suppose to visit Dieng Plateu to see those colorful well and also small temple near this place. However, due to the sulphur is so strong and not safe to visit, my driver suggest me to visit Kali Putih to see the lava.  What I heard from the local - the cold lava was at 11 meters high and the sounds of erruption can be heard although this place is like 25km away from Mount Merapi. My driver offer to move futher to Kali Adem which is much more nearer to Mount Merapi..... hahahaha too tired and afraid Mount Merapi suddenly got angry and I have no way to run... so I said ...too tired want to go back celebrate Christmas...since this is during Christmas day.... yeah yeah ... I chicken out! There mount merapi but not that clear 

Jogja - Ketep Pass - Mount Merapi

Visit to Ketep pass with one objective .... to see Mount Merapi. Journey on top of this highland was..... owhhh so far.. Since I am foreginer, was told to pay IDR25,000 for package inclusive of complimentary drink and watch recent Mount Merapi disaster movie at one the theatre. Very sad ... I heard people still happily scream yahooooooo.... during this disaster... damn it!!! Other people is dying and some people loose their love ones damn it! Can't see the Great Mount Merapi due to bad weather!

Jogja - Borobudur

Third day in Jogja is wet day. Yesterday was a hot sunny day. Today the whole day raining and make me can't see the Mount Merapi huhuhuh.... look at that flower...nice smell. Oh! on the way to Borobudur my Driver for the day stop by at one of the place effected from last year Mount Merapi. That place near Magelang. I can still see black lava and destroyed houses. According to my Drvier the cold lava flood claimed more than 130 life and 600 - 700 resident have to seek refugee. It is a sad sight for me to witness! God Bless the soul! The Human is beyond described! Urgh!!!! hate crowded place See that!!! Many Buddha statue either lost their head, lost arms and many seems to be missing from the Stupa Most of this craving is about a story Many of this is not properly match and imperfect condition If yesterday I went to the largest Hindu Temple in Indonesia, today is one of the seven wonders - Borobudur the Buddhist Templ

Jogja - Parangtritis Beach Legend

Swimming pool near seaside??? You can't swim on this beach due to the fierce current  ride this AV with IDR50,000 per half hour Don't really like the feel of this beach. My Driver was very shocked when we went through the one and half hour journey ride to this beach and I only stay there for only barely half hour. The sand was dark in color and I guess this is from Merapi Lava which erupted in end of last year 2010. Talking about the legend.... very interesting because I heard about this legend since I small... oopppsss I mean I read it somewhere during my primary school. Yup ! I love to read all those tales. Nyai Loro Kidul is a Javanese Goddess or another name for her is Queen of South Sea or her real name is Dewi Kandita and also many other name for her. Google it please!!! hehehe Well in summary the legend goes like this , Dewi Kandita suffer from strange skin disease with bodies covered with scabies and smell like fish. Dewi Kandita was chase

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