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Living away from parent and family for almost 20 years make me living my own way. Even though I am born in Malay family my way of living is too foreign for Malay Community. I have my own way of interpretation in life. Nothing to proud of anyway. I feel lucky that my parent is one sporting parent who don't too emphasis in following the culture. They are fine as long as their daughter live happily and don't cause trouble. I remember when many times went back to my hometown converse in Malay with Chinese Slang since most my friend was Chinese at that time.What is my Mom reaction???? hahahaha she almost slap my face. My Mom were saying , Thank God! I never send you to England.kekekekeke.. I remember cook Chinese style food when my Mom ask me to cook. muahahahaha..... she just shake her head....what happen to my daughter???? I just gave her the look that...oho Mom! this is not my fault...I just evolve according to my surrounding....hehehehe When talking about way of eating


I am not a good photographer to capture a good photo. Most friend who knows me will criticize my photo skill...kaw kaw..OMO Anyway, I have my own unique One of my favourite place at One U is their UR level Secret Garden. WTH! not that Korean Drama Secret Garden with Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won...but this is a GARDEN with all the plants and flowers. Last week was there to watch The Journey. I was wondering whether many beautiful flowers will blooming at this quickly dragged Chinggu up to see them. Chinggu was grumbling we were late for the movie after me spending too much time of whoa..wheeee... whoa...wheee... looking at beautiful flowers. Hahahaha... pardon me! really can't help it  for that Whoa wheee moment every time see beautiful things in front of me. What can I say??? ....God, you are awesome to create such beautiful flowers and plant for us the earth creatures to enjoy. Thank you God for giving me such good eye sigh


Have you watch 'The Journey' ? If you have not watch...make your way to nearest cinema. You won't regret. This is Malaysia Chinese Movie film directed by Chiu Keng Guan. From the opening to the end, the movie will make you feel happy, warmth, touching your heart. You will see the Chinese Culture meet with West. It just a simple story line but yet meaningful in reality of life. All the Actors and Actress really did their best with own characters. Just go and watch and you know what I mean. Somebody like me are very difficult to open my heart to Malaysian made movies. The Journey is the first Malaysia Made movie I watch after almost 20 years. The Journey won my heart....4 1/2 stars! Chiu Keng Guan, DAEBAK!!!!! Bring on...I am waiting for more good movie from you.


Chinggu Birthday was on 8 Mar aka Women's Day too. I have the advantage here...hehehehe... His celebration was mine too...muakkss.. We decided for the first time to step in Tony Roma's. Yeah! I admit that both of us are very thrifty to spend too luxurious food especially when their specialty is meat. Yup! those slaughtered one.. We both had that lamb ribs, appertiser platter and seriously...both have toothache after that. Yup! that meat thing stuck on our painful and worst both have to wait till reach home for flossing...Oh my.... Both repent and decided this will be the first and the last since both feel total ripped off with that ribs we ate. We both keep consoling least we tried this before we die.WTH! What a birthday without a cakes right? Chinggu gave me the privilege and trusted me with the cakes selection. hahahahaha...bad decision Chinggu! My greedy and over creative part of me end up selected Tofu Cheese Cake a


  Great meal with my homemade hamaguri noodle soup and Korean side dishes spicy cockles and peanut&black bean in sesame.  The feeling of eating these delicious food.....while watching my favorite Korean Variety Show...Oh My.....happiness to the max! I feel Bless and Thankful to God! Hamaguri Noodle Soup came about when I was trapped in heavy traffic jam. My office near KLCC damn jam on Friday. I diverted myself to KLCC and gotten myself hamaguri...and I was singing sha la la la back home with high ambition to cook good dinner for myself.  muakkkksss !!! love myself too much. Even my favourite radio station 88.1 also was on my side last night. I was driving back home with my favourite Canto rock band Beyond. Ahhhh...really make me miss Wong Ka Kui so much! Your song are the BEST EVER!'s post will be all over the place and in mess.....whatever!!!! I have been neglecting my online diary for quite sometimes...IMA very busy


Sad Saturday morning news to all Malaysian and whole world too. Nobody expect what happen next.... Appreciate your love ones when they are with you... Be thankful you are still alive living your routine life. What happen to MH370 is still mystery until now..... Whatever it is , I believe the related parties are doing the best they can to unlock on what happen to MH370. To all the relatives and friend please be strong and be prepared to expect the worst outcome. All we could do now is to pray for the less suffering to the effected ONE! For those whose their life is not affected , please don't make useless conclusion and add to pain. Just follow closely and quietly...don't criticize too much and make on assumption.Leave it to the expert! May God Bless MH370 and hope for some light to unlock the mystery! You can follow the updates on MH370 here .

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