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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Morning Walk for Sustainable Independent Mobility

I don't skip my usual morning walk during Ramadhan month. I am doing this for health reasons. So far so good. I don't really feel tired because of the fasting. Just like usual morning routine. One Auntie trying to make a conversation with me. I saw her a few times during my usual morning walk.  Auntie : Amoi! Long time no see you exercise? Huh? Eh?  Me : I also long time never see you, Auntie! I every morning oso here making my usual rounds.  Auntie : Ya ka? Me : Ya lor... Auntie : I hurt my knee sometimes. Me : Oh... Hope you OK now. Auntie : Aiya.. Me old Ah soh. Me : hehehe... Bye Auntie. Continue my walk. I was at my 4km and has 1km more to go to 5km. Then as usual finish off another 2km with some cardio with outdoor exercise equipment.  What puzzled me was... Why that Auntie started conversations with long time didn't see me exercise, when she is the one who miss out on her routine.  I feel a bit insulted by that question. Hahahaha... I know... I know... I sounded like

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