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Crown Regency Escapade

I was waiting since 2pm this afternoon at Coffee Bean near Crown Regency. Yeah! waiting for delegates from oversea came here to Malaysia for Training under our company sponsorship. They are our client and they are government people. I sacrificed my Sunday afternoon for them. uhuhuhuhu... That Crown Regency place was ok except for narrow horrible parking. My car is too long and wide and I have problem getting down to basement and even getting my way out. Aigooo.... Thank God its free parking since I paid for these people check in. Yeah! talking about my wiating escaped.... play around with my new so call ipad and my ovi until the battery went flat! ah! flight delay.... Then when they arrived , I helped them checked in and when time to give that so call 'allowance' aka tut tut money..... ah.... I feel wanna vomit blood... hate and disgusting to do all this nonsense. Those hand who receive these money is dirty hand and their face all lo0k like a fox to me. too much and against


Yehaaa!!!! its Friday!!!!! Sweet! I was half awake this morning due to Pretty Woman movie the night before. Trying my best to keep myself awake while driving to work this morning. How nice if the road is clear.... mmmm how I wish I can just speed my car through this horrible morning turtle journey... my mind full of how wish... and morning can of coffee does not cure my sleepiness at all. I blast my radio outloud and start singing my heart out! BoB feat Hayley William - Aeroplane played. Yes! I know this song I can sing along well... hehehe I only know the chorus kekekeke I failed on the rap part. I was singing outloud to the chorus but when silence with shaking my head to the left to the right like a drunk woman. kekekeke... then casually peeping to the total view mirror to see how close the car behind me.... aiiiikkkkkss!!! That dude behind was listening to the same music and he was rapping..... then when it come to the chorus I start singing again like mad woman and that dude behind

Money is not everything

Is money everything to live for and to die for? Can money guarantee your happiness? Can money make you powerful? Can money make you a better person? Case 1 Married to rich husband. Live in big house like a castle. You can buy LV bag like buying fried banana near the road side. Hubby end up physical and mental abusive. Case 2 Live in big house. Money is flowing in and out non stop.Can eat lunch in Paris and have dinner in London anytime. Kids never come back home. Husband dont bother about you. End up alone even during Christmas. This is only among cases I witnessed in my life. Many more to write but I better stop here. We work hard for money. We suffer a lot for money. We complain never earn enough. When is it going to be enough? It will never been enough. Human are born with greeds. Earn more spend more. Earn less we still spend more. Option 1 Earn more and spend more = over spending and forever working like mad dog Option 2 Earn less and always unhappy Option 3 Earn moderately live m

At Peace

When out of the blue I feel like watching Hindi movie. I end up watching Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham. Woh! I am crying over this movie. :( Yeah! it is good to clean my eyes with tears once a while. mmmm I never feel so peaceful like this. Live day by day and work as it is. Trying my best but at same time not to push myself too hard like last time. I seriously at peace. I dont know whether this is suppose to be good or otherwise. Anyway, I kind of get use to this. Hopefully , this could improve my health. My bunion feet is killing me at night and the size getting worst. Am I going to end up handicapped. My research result to operation is just temporary solution and will be at 50:50. Scary to think about this. For the first time at work , I had started planning for my whole year annual leave. I just can't wait for my 4th Quarter to come. Pray for long live to this date. I want to visit the place I longing for all this while. I can feel I was there last life. I just want to visit this pla

Happy to be acknowledged

Simple statement from person we like can make us feel like we are on the air. Moreover, if the statement is about future plan. We feel more appreciated and will give us motivate to work harder to achieve it. No matter in work or love life. We will get motivated with just a simple acknowledgment from the person we look up the most. My weekend this week end up with day dreaming and floating somewhere on the air. It just a weekend without thinking and less computer. But of course I end up be a couch tomato staring at the idiot box for whole day. I miss this feeling and enjoy it every moment. Regret right on Sunday night, because I feel I wasted my time with no valid reason. I am wishing for miracle to happen now. Miracle since I decided from beginning of this year to live my life just as it is and not according to any plan. I am very tired to push myself harder this year after for non stop overworked myself for almost 15 years. I am sort of in a break time period. Seriously , I am nervous

Chinglish event blast

Back home and for the first time after 6 years, club house near my house grandly lighted with lanterns and music. Oh! talking about music, really burden to my ears. No doubt I love Chinese Song but the song they playing right now at the moment at this seconds I am typing my entry. ..... owwwhhhh!!!! so Jinjang taste. Plus the lady emcee seriously talking in Mandarin plus Chinglish stylo. OMG!!!! I had to blast my 2PM song I'll be Back as loud as possible to compete hehehehehe... omomomo... they are singing Nobody WG. Wicked!!!!! for Chinglish.... not bad... kind of like it now hehehehe... whats next??? and when are they going to end??? I need to sleep Chinglishian!!!!! Anyway, photo above is my pride which safely gone inside my big belly. Presented Tuna's Pizza from Cindyrina's Pizza Kitchen!!!!! jeng jeng jeng.... the ingredients : * One wholemeal tortilla * Mushroom spagetti sauce * Tuna in sunflower oil * Capsicum * Corn * Cheddar Cheese (no mozarella in freezer) Baked

Restless week

What is life without activities? Hectic working schedules for me. I believe most of us feel the same too in our own way. I always motivate myself by thinking I am not the only one in difficulties. Whenever , I feel it is difficult to move forward, I convince myself many others at the same time at different place with different situation are facing worst than me. Yeah! positive thinking and power of convincing and hypnotise yourself kekekeke... Every challenge in work, make me improve more skills in prioritise work, multi tasking, changing hats every minutes, handle human, more alert,more analytical, learn and many more to gain from different situations. I dont want to say I like it anymore..... obviously to face this everyday really affected my health but hey,... this is life.. face it and move on with head up. Eventhough deep cut in heart. We are born with our own certain fate planned ahead without we knowing what it is. Hate to repeat this, I kind of believe what my x boss said to me

Mid age crisis

My mood swing seems to be worst since new year started. I tried my best to keep myself cool possible but still struggling to maintain my calmness. I realise on the hormone change since I am at mid age crisis. Yeah! sign is everywhere.... 1. Notice crow feet at side of my eyes when I smile 2. Wrinkles everywhere 3. Small kid call you auntie instead of che che 4. People no longer call you leng lui but Moy Moy 5. metabolism rate getting lower and lower and no matter you control your diet and exercise until twisted leg.... you dont even loose 100gm or loose 1/4 inches from your waist. 6. Whole body pain just for small thing lifting Anyway, here goes photos for previous week CNY holiday. My 1st Feb 2011 Toast for breakfast at SS2 My Cham... I try my luck on 1st Feb 2011... obviously ...not lucky enough.. otherwise I will be enjoying blogging from my penthouse in London Loh Mee for Lunch Beautiful garden @ Uncle house More beautiful flowers Orchids with background of Rice Fields inher

Not easy

Yeay! my officemate gave me one jar of CNY homemade cookies... Yummy... thanks to her mum. I have chance to taste Dragon cookies, chocolate chips,cashew nuts cookies, peanut cookies,green pea cookies, pineapple tarts, butter cookies and ... owwhhhh did I left out anything??? mmmmm all in my stomach. hehehe...Thank you Auntie... xie xie nie ...I get myself one Chinese Godmother hahahaha... suppose to take photo of all that yummy cookies but lazy me to do so. After holiday...I am looking forward for another holiday. My life at working place is the hectic one abnd I wish I could duplicate myself and finish all. But I have been evolve... I take one at the time and not like before... I was like want to do everything at one go and give pressure to myself. Of course certain time I will deviate from the track...kekekeke but manage to let go certain things and close one of eyes and try to lead my life happier.... Life is short like many people says.... When you back home and your old folks dema

Bless CNY

I bet everybody is dragging ourself from our bed this morning to go to work. Today's traffic is smooth like smoothies. I am expecting worst traffic tomorrow. Ah! need to wake up early tomorrow... I does not anticipate anything for this year CNY. It was a peaceful CNY, I can say... :) I was driving north on 3rd Feb 2011. My journey started as early as 5.30am with hope not many cars traveling with me and the highway will be mineeeeeeeee!!!! (yeah crazy exclamation hehehe) But to my shocked most people have the same thought like me. uhuhuhuh too many cars until I dont have place to park and go to the loo. I ended traveling almost 3 hours with my bloated bladder. oucchhhhh!!!! When I reached back to my house on the 5th Feb 2011 , one of my beloved friend send me a lot of goodies. owwwhhh!!!! pack of sweet cherries (my favorite), mandarin orange, sweet strawberries, pistachios and big angpow. kamsahamnida!!!!! This year 1st time I manage to get mandarin orange from the lion dance troup

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