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So long .. farewell

Just came back from 2 interns farewell dinner. We all have fun and enjoy that bitching session. Here we go another farewell. 4 months these 2 guys bring colours to our stressful and dull office. When I 1st interview them , I feel hesitate to take them on board. I have this mix feeling whether they can survive in this office. I am not talking about the workload but the mental torture they going to experience. Thank God! they are tough enough to take it positively. Here we go again left us the survivors in the office, the 2 Angels! New guy coming in next week. I don't know how long he will last. The existing new guy.. mmmm God Bless you. I don't know how to comment anymore. For the 2 Angels hope God give both of us more strength to handle that man. For 2 interns, you have long journey ahead. Wish you guys luck and all the best! Thank you for your morale support.

The Climb

I am that type of person will not give a damn on what is the lyric all about when listening to song. As long as the melody or rythm 'ngam' to my ears... I will continue listening. Somehow, the new song by Miley Cyrus attracted my ears and I find it very meaningful and basically describe how my life is... all the while. Here are 'The Climb' lyrics Song writes : Alexander, J; Mabe J I can almost see it That dream I am dreaming But there's a voice inside my head saying " You'll never reach it" Every step I'm taking Every move I make feels Lost with no direction My faith is shaking But I gotta keep trying Gotta keep my head held high There's always gonna another mountain I'm gonna be a uphill battle Sometimes I'm gonna have to loose Ain't about how fast I get there Ain't about what's waiting on the other side It's the climb The struggles I'm facing The chances I'm taking Sometimes might knock me down But no, I

Let Go

My devoted 10 years Kembara finally leave me just now.(Sold off) Although , I feel sad but I have to do all this because its all natural law. When you get new one, we leave the old one. I spend 1 hour crying in my Kembara last night. Flash back all our sweet and bitter memories together. I love you darling! I don't mean it but you are useless for me now... I have to make a choice.Sounds cruel but decision need to be made. Thought of snapping a photo but can't do that. Bad omen! as usual me and my ridiculous belief again! My new Citra, long journey together ahead of us. Hope you can do a good job for me. I still need to get use to this car. Too long for parking. Heavy though! When i complained this to my friends , he were saying that thank god I don't get Dimax or Storm as what i wanted earlier, if not major problem! Yeah! true lah my friend I may end up just drive to work and home without stopping anywhere else coz major problem to park hahaha... again me and my insecure


Although MF exam just finished, I don't think this will be the last for me to see this paper. I end up with total disappointment and going into the exam room with very ambitious thinking without taking into account on the twisting part of the question.. ahh!!! damn!!! its not over! I may have to re sit for this paper. So tough! I just froze to see the questions.. damn!! why is it not what I expected??? Now what should I do? I have that feeling to just walk out from that room. But hey! not my style to avoid the problem.. Ok.. die die I just need to face this and accept the fact to feel that failure feeling when I get the result. It will be a miracle if I can get 'Pass' for this one. Driving back home is the toughest one.. I just can't stop crying out my disappointment all the way home.Me and my 'emo' again... Its quite sometime not doing this.. I just admitted myself to GSC and watch midnight movie. I have 2 choices watch that chic movie - Shopaholic or 'Fast

Study Leave

On leave today. Off my other line (office tel line) .I need time to do some last minute revision. Its work for other subject though but not for this one. I just feel lack of confident in this subject. Thursday night do some revision until 2.00am. Then woke up at 7.00am, as normal I will do my usual routine rolling and rolling on the bed.. hehehe lazy to get out of the bed. Received call from a friend whom about to depart from Changi and off to LA but I guess need to stop transit a while at Narita before continue to LA. Not vacation but working for 2 weeks. To him , I wish Work Hard! Play Hard! ... don't be naughty man! Safe journey and hope come back here safely too..If you bring back Teddy Bear from LA maybe I will consider your invitation for coffee coffee with you when you back ! No Teddy Bear no consideration hahahaha...Yeah ! I am nasty! His called actually make me get out from my bed and straight to shower..Thanks Bro! Go to bank , then go to salon.. do wash treatment and tri

Traffic Light incident

I had heard about this story via email forwarded to me , newspaper and even from friends. I never expect same incident will happen to me. Just now around 8.00pm I was on the way back from Amcorp Mall and I had to stop at Traffic Light (of course due to red light) to turn towards Federal Highway. Open my favourite peanut butter waffle (my dinner). I took a bite and mmmm so delicious.. Then I saw one mid 40's thin man standing beside one Toyota Prado 2 cars ahead me but on the other lane. I thought that man was selling 'Mapiau' you know that gambling stuff or something. So I just don't bother and my mind as usual thinking of something like why this man gamble his life walking in the middle of busy traffic like that or something. Then I saw this man walking towards my direction. Thought of another 'gamble stuff' pitching or something. Then the man stop beside me and trying to force open my car door at the same time knocking hard on my window. I heard he was screami

Changing Hat

My job required me to do multi tasking. Maybe due to my versatility in performing any task given. However, this multi tasking job seriously becoming pain to my head. This is due to I have to change my hat countless time every minute in a day. My mind almost blow up to certain extend. One minute got to be Accounts department, then change to Finance, then Office Planning & administrations, then change to Human Resource, then change to Media Planning , then to Client Servicing, then to Media Buying, then Operation, then to Contract Management, then to PA to CEO, then latest portfolio is Legal Department. Damn! I have 11 departments to supervise and take care and this should make me the General Manager ... don't know whats coming up. I almost go hair wire...changing hat all the time... However, soon coming up will be Business Development .. oh my God! should I take up this challenge or just pass this on? Sometimes its good to accept responsibility and multi tasking but don't yo

Another unusual Sunday

I am taking 10 minutes break now, after 4 hours MF marathon since morning. I m having again another unusual Sunday.. Stucked at home to do my MF studies. I am doing this risk , return valuation , CAPM, WACC and bla bla bla the MF terms. Figures, figures and all those worms alike formula... damn! maths sucks! Yeah ! stucked at home doing all that maths. I am officially Maths geek now. Damn! I hate maths... Can't run away from this.. whatever it is still need to face. I only have 5 days to get over this hell. Lucky my ' Beyond' song calm me down while I am doing this maths thingy... Hopefully, I don't have another heart attack later on... as I am now 'on call' waiting for my coursemate to finish up the group assignment. Maybe need to fly to Bangsar later this evening or maybe not... anything... I am ok with anything...just a bit lazy to drive in the rain coz my mood not so good today.. yeah ! having that mood swingy again..

Revision Class

Wake up at 5.30am this morning doing some stretching and yoga f0r 1 hour. Then I feel so tired but don't feel sleepy so climb back on to my bed and start rolling to the left to the right. Haha enjoyment moment in the morning.. rolling rolling.. Scary to go to revision class today. That MF lecturer look too fierce for me. I know he mean good but I just scare of fierce or strict people.. they really give me that kind of emotional feeling of scareness.. 1st , MF is my weakest subject.. this subject doesn't interest me at all...but hey ! do i have a choice here? 2nd, I keep telling that I weak on this subject but I did nothing about it... no actually not really , I did my stdies but.... Whatever I did does not go in to my freaking small brain..damn.. so looser! Ok .. I better stop whining about the whole situation and start to get ready for today's war. Yeah ! need to take bath and have my lunch then do a bit of my usual flipping through of the pages and off to mont kiara. How


Just hit a cat on the way back. Its too dark why did this cat crossed the road like that? I don't have time to hit the brake. The car behind me too close. I can feel the tyre rolling on the cat body. Its very frightening adn terrifying moment for me. I feel like a murderer.. My whole body shivered. I cried all the way home. Its raining heavily, my tears make my vision worst to drive back home. Can't help it, I just stop by the road side for a few minutes until my body stop shivering. But still can't help myself , crying all the way home. Sorry cat ! I don't mean it.. I am selling off my car next week. Why I have to face another losses this month? I have enough sadness this month. Why can't all this wait until next month? Let this pain heal first... I am still sad..:( Today suppose to be a Good Friday... Life still need to go on.. Managerial Finance Craze.. really make me crazy.. Tonight need to do marathon on that MF for tomorrow revision class. Argghh ! hope this o

Exam panic attack

Since I was kid , then teenager then young adult , one thing always freak me out! EXAM!!!! Coming exam 18th and 25th April 2009, really freak me out! I just don't know where to start. If I am still kid, I still can cry to my Dad and Mum. But now ... I just can't believe it... I am now old adult and still have that 'butterflies thingy' in my stomache. I can't go to my Mum or Dad, they don't care about me anymore. Nobody care about me... Only me now... how??? I just panic until my brain go dead. Seriously , until I received my lecturer email on coming Saturday briefing for Managerial Finance exam for 18th April 2009... I still freaking stone in my own dreamland. Damn!!! How should I start this? Actually I did started last week after I photostate MF book from my coursemate then .. when I was reading it, along the way I realise I did terribily in my individual assignment. OMG! sounds like that song ' If I can turn back time' I just feel de motivated. I feel

Cindy in Style

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Your life sucks???

Most of us think we have the toughest job. We hate our job. We have endless complain about our Boss - he is sucks, heavy workload, superior not understanding , client make our life difficult and bla bla bla... Its never ending... Here are the real story... You feel thankful to have your job and earn decent salary at end of the month. Me too... will stop complaining and bitching about my work. I repent... God please forgive me. I went for massage at my usual place. My body aching everywhere.. As usual I will make appointment prior and booked my favourite masseur at 7.00pm. I reached there around 6.50pm but was told my favourite masseur will be free around 7.30pm as usual appointment earlier started late due to 'Malaysian' time customer(LATE). Me again being very impatient , I don't want to wait any longer. I asked for alternative. She suggested to try her new girl whom just joined a month ago. Heard about her from my favourite masseur and apparently the girl is her cousin. A

Cheater Weighting Machine

Guess what? I have been worried sick for the past few month due to my 5 kg increase out of sudden. I did not eat much. I do some stretching and yoga but my weight still at that 5 kg increase. Really freak me out. I thought may be due to my old age and my metabolism getting slower. I tried so many remedies and herbs to increase my metabolism. My weight just stuck there at 5kg increase . Until last night.... I weight myself again... still there at 5kg increase. Very piss off and disappointed , i am trying to be violence , so I lift up the weighting machine raise higher then I notice.... Aiksss!!! why is it that needle start at 5kg and not at 0kg??? Then I realise the needle need some adjustment. Sorry! my dear weigthing machine... My bad! I have been very ignorance on your condition these few years. I feel relief then... Not that heavy yeh!!! I still can eat my favourite seafood??? I will treat myself after get myself a digital weighting machine... Hihhihihi... Oh !!! I stil


You found me 2 years ago. Now you are gone forever. Although, just got to know in this short period, you change my life. Everybody have their own dark secret and make mistake in life. Being so naive and young , the decision that you made at that time maybe is the best in whatever reason. When you seek forgiveness from me.. I am sorry I can't say that I accept your forgiveness although I had forgive you long time ago. I regret for not telling you. I am sorry you are unable to hear this from me now. No mourning or griefing since you are gone. My mind feel numb right now. May be one day I will do that. I dedicate this flower for you as your name same with this flower. All my life been liking this flower so much without knowing a reason that both of us are fated. You are far yet very near to me. You are in my mind but never in my heart. If God give me one more chance, I wish both of us can have a closure. May God Bless your soul always!!! I will move one with my life....I survive with

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