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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Bio-Life MaxX Fish Oil Double Strength : What is the difference between Fish oil and Omega 3?

  I remember taking the liquid fish oil during my childhood time. I just hate the fishy smells. It makes me burp fishy awful smells and the taste linger in my mouth. It tastes like puke. I often refuse to take that no matter how good it was for my health as explained by my parent. Me and my rebellious attitude again! Then when I start working as a young adult, ahhh....this reminds me of my youthful life. We can't turn back time, people! Remember that! Anyway, back to my fish oil story. I started taking the fish oil inconsistently and then stop for a few years. Eating fish in my daily meal is far from the recommended requirements. All about working and saving money. I end up neglect my health. When my age hits 36 years old, the Doctor diagnosed me has a knee osteoarthritis condition both. No wonder it sounds like a cracking rice crispy whenever I walk down the staircase. Gosh! I was so devasted. This early? Anyway, life must go on. The doctor advised me to add Omega 3 to my daily di

NUVIT Anti Acne Skincare Review

  What are the scariest skin care problems? As for me, Acne and Blemishes. I will try my best to care for my health and skin to avoid such a nightmare.  What causes Acne and Blemishes? 1. Touching the face regularly can cause skin breakout. Why? Our hand may not be clean and we don't know what kind of germs may stay on our face and skin. 2. Stress can be one of the factors for a skin condition. Do you know stressful people will end up with an increase in acne and get more inflamed? Inner peace and also a good night sleep can make a huge difference for your skin health too. 3. Not cleanse the skin properly may end up with acne and blemishes too. Why? The makeup residue may build-up and clogged the pores. Even if you don't apply make up the dirt and oil may end up build up skin problems. So make sure to make a habit to cleanse your face properly before sleep. 4. A start of the menstrual cycle could give you blemishes too. This is most common for all women. But I still find this i

The Ordinary Skincare Review

Finally, I got my hands on The Ordinary skincare. Well, to be exact...Now only I dare myself to try out this skincare. I was a bit sceptical due to its chemical-based name. Not that other skincare isn't loaded with chemical, but this one too honest and even add the chemical name to its label. I was very confused with many ranges from this brand. I don't know which one to use and how to apply this in order. Is this going to damage my skin? Too afraid which took me,  1 year to decide. huhuhuh I did my research and since the main motivation to try this out is to get rid of my hyperpigmentation, so I bought the specific prescription. The prescription goes like this : Morning  Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA Niacimide 10% + Zinc 1% Ascorbyl Tetra 20% in Vit F Night Glycolic Acid 7% toning Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA Azelaic Acid Suspens 10% Advanced Retinol 2% I didn't buy all listed. I end up skipping some of the routines. My main intention to try out this skincare from The Ordinary is to elim

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