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Bio-Life MaxX Fish Oil Double Strength : What is the difference between Fish oil and Omega 3?


I remember taking the liquid fish oil during my childhood time. I just hate the fishy smells. It makes me burp fishy awful smells and the taste linger in my mouth. It tastes like puke. I often refuse to take that no matter how good it was for my health as explained by my parent. Me and my rebellious attitude again!

Then when I start working as a young adult, ahhh....this reminds me of my youthful life. We can't turn back time, people! Remember that! Anyway, back to my fish oil story. I started taking the fish oil inconsistently and then stop for a few years. Eating fish in my daily meal is far from the recommended requirements. All about working and saving money. I end up neglect my health. When my age hits 36 years old, the Doctor diagnosed me has a knee osteoarthritis condition both. No wonder it sounds like a cracking rice crispy whenever I walk down the staircase. Gosh! I was so devasted. This early? Anyway, life must go on. The doctor advised me to add Omega 3 to my daily diet for my knee health and to slow down further damage to my knee.

I always very confuse between Fish oil and Omega 3. So what is the difference between fish oil and Omega 3?

Fish oil is an oil produced by the fish's fat and tissues and it contains Omega-3 fatty acid such as EPA and DHA. But the fish don't just produce those by themselves though! It acquires it through diet by feeding on other fish and microalgae.

Omega 3 is very important to the human body especially when we get older. Believe it or not that not all Omega 3 can be found in fish oil. So, better to choose carefully before making your decision.

Bio-Life MaxX fish oil 1000mg double strength is one of the supplements for my daily health routine.  When getting into the ageing stage the double strength in everything is a must! Normal 1000mg fish oil providing 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA but with Bio-Life MaxX fish oil double strength 1000mg contains 360mg of EPA and 240mg of DHA in one capsule. 

Bio-Life MaxX Oil Double strength product claimed :

  • Contains 2x concentration of Omega 3 EPA and DHA
  • Omega 3 triglyceride form, which easily absorbed and utilized by the body
  • Processes through molecular distillation which removes nearly impurities and contaminants from the crude fish oil (Safety and quality assurance)
  • Sourced from anchovies, one of the deep sea small fish which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

I improve my health by taking some supplements. One of the supplements which highly recommended is fish oil. You can take in the form of adding fish into your daily diet or if you are someone who has difficulty doing that, there is always fish oil pills for you to pop in.  I always choose a reputable brand for my health supplement and Bio-Life is one of the most trusted health supplement brands which I frequently take. 

Why everyone needs to add fish oil to daily life?

  • Provides 2x concentrated omega 3 EPA and DHA
  • The convenient and easiest way to increase the intake of omega 3
  • Omega 3 has many health benefits such as - good for the heart, brain and eyes
  • It helps to increased emotional benefits as well such as improve health quality, reduce the rich of heart disease.

What is the recommended dosage for fish oil?

In general, many recommended taking it twice one capsule. twice daily.

Where to buy Bio-Life MaxX fish oil Double strength?

You can purchase at any leading pharmacy nationwide at RM190 for 100s capsule x 3 bottles.

For more information on Bio-Life health supplements, please visit the Bio-Life Official website .Mega BiO-LiFE 

I know many young people may think they are not at the age to take a health supplement. Trust me. I have been there and done that. I regretted so much for neglected and not being consistent in taking care of my health since young. So you are never too young in taking health supplements and make sure to add the Fish Oil to your list. 

If you read some article saying eating fish oil will make you fat. Ditch it right away! Fish oil with Omega-3 is indeed good for health maintenance. It improves sleep quality as well.

For your note,  eating fish daily doesn't mean you have a sufficient supply of omega-3 for your body. Thus many opt to take Fish Oil supplements.


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