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Farewell 2013! Welcome 2014!

I believe a person's life is already predestined... If our first impression is something that we're just born into... then I believe that our lasting image is something we'll have to leave on our own. Year are now my past life... Past is people says...move on...let us move on.... Don't bother to do any resolution for year 2014. Since all of us going to be one year older...just live your life to the fullest with no regret.... Happy New year to all!!!!! World Peace!!!!

I wish

There's no rule book. The past is the past. We can't preserve it; it would be silly for us to even trying....but we can always look forward... I used to think ...I wish I wish I wish... Seriously , that I wish...really doesn't work because I never execute and go after my wish. Don't you think when I said the word I wish...and I go ahead with my wishes...things will happen? Then I don't have to live my life by saying...I wish???? So now...I will move on my life without looking to the pass but trying to live my one life time chance and make my wishes happen. Nobody responsible to our life...except for our own self... Your life...You Choose..Your Choice


We only live once! Most of our time is spent at work....AGREE??? So, its vital that we are allowed to feel good about what we do. Am I right??? How many of us able to feel that enjoyment at work? If you are in that position....congratulation! To those who don't feel the pleasure living your life day by day at work. Don't you think its time to look for other opportunities? Enjoyment at work begins where all other enjoyments begin, in good health. There is no denying health is important , its easier to stay fit in pleasant surrounding. If you feel sick in your current surrounding...please don't stay put because if you do...then it is a suicidal case! Don't stress yourself to much because of work. Try to live your life with full of happiness.


It's a fact of business life that people come and go... The offer of better prospects or career advancement elsewhere will naturally draw good people away from time to time. Well this is the reality of life, isn't it??? But what about the others-the ones who leave in order to do much the same thing, for much the same money,elsewhere??? What went wrong here??? Don't you think this scenario is common too??? Bosses will often assume it's question of pay.  Well lazy thinker Bosses will assume this scenario at it is!! Thinking in employees shoes, I put it this way.... Money is important ! It is hypocrite of anybody not thinking money as less important! Don't you think it's essential to pay people fairly for the job they do??? Bosses!!!! get real...we employee need fair compensation for our services to you and your companies. When companies doing well ...don't you think ...bosses??? you need share out some profits of your compa


In my previous entries I talked about I went for 3 days hiatus. Actually, was a bit on depressed side since the 2013 is ending. I feel a bit lost...well not really a bit but I have that major loss and no sense of directions in life kind of thing. I gone through this every end of the year. But this end of 2013 is the BIG hu ha for me. Well ...since I am going to be 40 years old next year. Gosh!!! what is my achievement???? This make me feel a bit down to myself. Chinggu...spontaneous road trip last Saturday really help to cheer me up! See??? this is the bright and shining smiles again....kekekeke We went for late brunch at our favourite Kesington place Later dinner both of us reached at our favourite Eleven Bistro at Jonker Walk Portuguese Baked Squid Tamarind paste Prawns, Nyonya Stlye My favourite Cencalok Omellete End our day with our favourite Nyonya Cendol at our favourite place Bibik


Last 2 weeks , I went out with being a vegetarian in my heart. End up dragging chinggu in my scheme ...together we be a vegetarian for the day...WTH! For my lunch...decided to try out Yishensu @ One Utama. My choice vegetarian fish head meehoon...I totally love it..guess because I am hungry! Chinggu..end up ordered pineapple fried rice with cashew nuts. I find this a bit at bad taste side since its cold.Yup! I guess its pre cooked. Seriously with this kind of price except with that outstanding orchid flower deco..the food was seriously sucks!!! Then later part for dinner, decided to go to our frequent place BMS Organic store...still at One U. My choice was Curry Laksa...still vegetarian and the best they use soy milk instead of coconut milk. Anyhow...guess they change cook...the taste not as delicious like before. Chinggu's choice was this yummy vegetarian bulgogi bibimbap. The sesame sauce make the taste delicious and that g


Just want to share what I have read during my three days hiatus. Professor Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank said this during the interview with Santa Barbara Independent.. " Ordinary businesses : * aimed at making money * there is no consideration of how people benefit, * it is all about making profits Social businesses : * all about social benefits * not a personal gain Profit are important in social businesses which seek to sell products at prices that make it self - sustaining. Important reminder - social businesses is not a charity but profits are not its ultimate goals. When social business turns a profit, the original investors are repaid. But the rest of the profits stay with the company in order to achieve its long term social goal of helping the poor. " If you deciding to venture into consider to do the ORDINARY BUSINESS OR SOCIAL BUSINESS? Have a good working days ahead of you! Don't forget to feel confident


Yesterday morning wake up....well to be exact I always awake since the night before. Suffering diarrhea....everything was fine when morning came...but I am so tired already. for sick leave. I think I can fall asleep while driving to work. I only manage to go out around alone like this le....only be able out of house when feel fit to drive...haisshhhh.. I went out to Doc for MC. Need one since I decided to rest at home. Yup! me and resting at home high ambition for lady like. Like I can back home to sleep or rest. Not that kind le... End up drove myself 1:00pm I reached AMPCORP Mall...gosh!!! what the hell am I doing here??? I really have no idea. Must be my back to memory lane case...end up me driving here...if I said I don't realize I drove there...people will said I bluff one!!! But seriously, I only realize what is going on only when I reach the car park..eheh?  Clueless...don't know

Reply 1994

So jealous of Na Jeong when Chil Bong said this to her before he left for Japan... Chil Bong : " Na Jeong ah.... if we meet again few years later and you don't have anybody by your side...let's date... Seriously, so in love with Chil Bong at that moment when he said that! How I wish ...somebody say this to me. WTH!!! I am in fantasy world again..... Assssaaaaa!!! tomorrow is Friday!!!! Thursday, Fighting!!!! one more day to weekend!

Early New Year Goodies

Came back from Hatyai last week with bless feelings. Some early new year present arrived from Korea...waiting for me..kekekeke happy This become my favourite lipstick from Mizon korea. All sweet color. lovely!!!   Helen Park sunblock and beaming mirror BB Cream. Serious this product is becoming my beauty regime now....the effect is DAEBAK! Add in the Multi Magic Miracle Powder....yeay...what else a woman want??? Goodies from first time tried this blue toblerone.Just finished the whole bar last Sunday...WOW!!! I have work harder then. Penguin grape lip balm, phone earpiece and  lovely owl earings...all from my lovely friend! Then...last Saturday, helping friend to shop for Xmas goodies....and there you some goodies for me too. Thank you Chinggu! Feeling bless!!!!


Happy Monday u all!!!! Last Wednesday night is a bit at horror side for me... I was force to uninstall most of my applications in my smartphone. Guess my smartphone no so smart just like the owner herself...WTH! Kakao, whattapps,wechat....all gone... My phone suddenly gave me malicious warning on those apps. So...I really panic and freak out... I end up uninstalled all those apps... Then finally, get this apps installed back the next day. But when installing my kakao...I accidentally put in other phone number...foolish me. Then end up waiting for sms verification code for nothing. My instagram...sei la...forgot my id until now. Haiissshhhhh... Even my banker told me , I am inactive in whattapps suddenly...haiiissshhh... My twitter accounts...the other day received sms from my friends...asking me to change password since she received suspicious message via my accounts which I have not sent either. I change the password...GREAT!!! I forgot my password now! WTH!!!


Woke up this morning with a feeling... Ah...I am alive again. I am one day older... My body aching...sign...I am ageing....yeah! I am going through that natural process. Everybody is going through this time. Drove outside...see people with family in outing? Walked to the buying groceries... Stop by the cafe for with children having happy family breakfast. While driving back home from dry clean...make me thinking.....isk isk...sad... Who will comfort me when I am in pain? Who will pour me drink when I unable to pour it myself? Who will feed me food when I no longer have energy to cook or buy my own? Who will massage my aching body when I am sick? Who will attend to me if I am on the sick bed? Who will console me when I am in fear to let go my life? Who will be by my side at the end of my life??? I am comfortable with my current life...being alone and everyday alone is what I wanted. But this doesn't stop me fr


Next morning, brought my family out to have breakfast near Lee Garden area. Took tuk tuk again TB100 for 5 of us. since I read in the internet many recommended Hamid Restaurant for Halal food. For 3 pre cooked cold fried rice and nasi lemak and 3 ancient tea aka teh tarik plus carrot juice... cost me TB510. WTH!!! RM51 just for bloody cold breakfast and the taste was bloody sucks!!! Hamid Restaurant in Hatyai...over rated!!!! in front of Hamid Restaurant, there is this man selling peanut chengmai. I bought 1 big packet  + 1 small packet for TB100. It taste fine...but it can be quite sticky in your mouth. While waiting for Lee Garden and the shopping malls nearby open...brought my parent to wait at Mc Cafe...bought them Green Tea and me with other sisters both have some Lattes. After the malls start ...all of us  shop around and round... Until my mum the way my mum insist to use her walking stick to walk around instead of wheel

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