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Hot Green tea  Last Saturday, I go vegetarian at Simple Life , Sunway Pyramid... Whoa!!!! never in my life I ate this much of veggies... Yeay!!!!  My choice is Brown Rice Noodles in Spicy Soup with vegetarian fish...Seriously the soup is totally refreshing... with mushrooms,salted cabbage,beancurd,tomatoes,baby corn and other veggies...Thumb up! My 'Chinggu' 's choice is Brown Rice with Vegetables curry... The vegetables curry is SUPERB!!! They add in long bean,yam,pumpkin,beancurd,brinjals,okra and many other veggies....delicious!!!!  We ordered pumpkin wedges for side order...and its taste ???? Totally loving this!


Recently , everytime I flip the newspaper or read online news , I can see many news about the car window smasher and they will steal lady's handbag. They are now very daring....not targeting just handbag place on the seat but also below the seat too....Whoa!!!!! scary!!!! Of course there are so many case Ladies got abducted while in car park and so on. Scary!!!! I am trying my best to minimise the risk and also take whatever pre caution I can think of. This include stop frequent to Shopping complex and most of the time heading straight home....boring huh? This all your fault villiant in the planet!!!! Anyway, for handbag in the car I normally place it below the seal but since my bag is too big so it is visible....then when I read that this villiant fella is bloody smart I have not choice to do this.....  Bring back seat cushion cover to the front My bag is too big and visible.... There you go...spread the cushion down Oh!!!

Oh! I am 4 months pregnant

I de tour from my normal route back home. Eh! that Auntie selling some delicacies and suddenly feel like eating it. Me : Auntie! I want this this and this.... Auntie dillegently pack my request.... Then while receiving my payment... Auntie : Oh! you pregnant???? Me : huh? Then I look down to my tummy....mmmmm covered with my baggy loose maxi.... Ah!!!! make sense...I look like pregnant woman... Dare not say Auntie is Me : hhihihihihihihih... uh uh (while nodded my head) Auntie : when you expecting to deliver your baby.. Me : hehehehe 4 months now.. Auntie : first baby? Me : hehehehehe... hurry look away to go Auntie : Alone? where you husband? Me : Oh! outstation.... home alone now...bye....thank you Hurry trying to avoid eye contact going to my car.....with small running From far away can hear Auntie yelling to me... Auntie : Eiiiii!!!! don't run...4 months still new...take care... Me : hehehehehehehe... Waving my hand and show gesture I am


Last year fasting month my crazy focus on online shopping! This year since I am saving money to do tooth implant so I keep straining my eyes to watch korean dramas....eheh.. My Eye Lasik funds need to be refunded.... huh! suddenly emergency came up and need this fund to rescue somebody's life...... good cause! Why not??? I still can see right???? Somebody life is more important! After lasik need to do some other .....Oh! can I say overhaul???? hahahaha..something like that! When you get older many things....need repairing! Owh! This week drama is Gentleman Dignity...mmmmm ... I can say this is like korean men version of 'sex in the city'. No joke! every episode keep reminding me of 'sex in the city' series. mmmm... all heroes totally 'Ajussi' not my type and not that good looking....oh well...what do I expect if all of them is in 40s years gentlemen . I just wish they are late 20s or 30s....more my type....Ohoh...Flower Boy??? better!!!!! Bu

Dinner @ Kensington

My first day of breaking fasting is at Kensington. Oh! wow..... All the way to Seremban at 7:30pm and reach there around 8:00pm and my dinner arrived at 8:30pm. On the way I prepare some snacks for myself....6 slices of red capsicums and 8 dates. Here goes the luxury dinner....  pssssttt!!! PLEASE VIEW THIS POST AT YOUR OWN RISK! IF YOU ARE DROOLING....NOT MY FAULT! hahahahahahahahaha Creamy Seafood Clam Chowder  Starter Platter for 2 person Chicken wings in hot& spicy sauce Garlic bread deep fried calamari with garlic toppings clams salad Seafood crispy noodles for 2 person.... Thats all.... this will be the only meal to feed myself until the next day....  I normally not really can force myself to eat at the wee hours...usually just drink plain water. Bless with all the good food! Sunday ...I am cooking my own food because nobody ask me out :( What is in menu when I cook???? Toast bread and seafood and mushroom soup...that


Omo! its Monday again! Bless from the above... I can see you again Monday! This morning woke up at 4:40am. Get my toast bread done with honey and butter spread. Satisfy my thirst with honey lemon... Watch 'Gentlemen Dignity' for a little and then off for prayer then get ready to work. Working hours has change to a little earlier to match back with the early out. We will see how will the traffic this evening at 5pm. I am sure it will be crazy....Ah!!!! so demotivated to go back home at 5pm. Anyway this morning , I was freaking yawning like a crocodile on the way to work. Gosh!!!!! my eyes was half open. The driver in front of me .... she must be feeling the same because the speed she is going was not moving or something. She made me more sleepy..... Step up girl!!!! Ah! I am so not in the mood this Monday am I going to cheer up myself??? No coffee.... Guess menu will be french toast and capsicum! Ah! the easiest among

Day Time Last Meal

 Salty Fried Rice Ebi Tempura Soba  My friend's Chicken Teriyaki Don  Food items for Joy Garden Home... Went there again last Sunday... glad to see their happy and smiling face. Not much but hope these food items can make them happy and forget about being left out! Sad to hear one of the aunty pass away last two days. Remember she is very skinny and look like the most energetic among all of them.  She greeted us happily and always help to carry the food item out from our car... Hope she is happy in her new place! Joy Garden Home...I will come again to bring you more happy food :) 

Why Friday so near to Monday?

Why is FRIDAY is near to MONDAY? Why is MONDAY is so far AWAY to FRIDAY? So difficult to answer this , huh? I really find problem and think the un necessary. When I posted this questions to my friends...their response was.... " Wei! you too free is it? " " You not enough problem to think is it? " " Woi! crazy ar ? " Like that also you can think ar???? Why you want Friday far away from Monday is it??? Then ask God lor! " " Siau ar you! " Sigh!!!!!!.... is it wrong to think this???? But Why is it near ???? Why not far away???? Ah!!!! feel like crazy think about this.... Sometimes...I also think about why they know how to make spagethi and how they know what to put....mmmmmmm.... really make me crazy to think about all this thing! Why they know how to blend the coffee and the coffee seed need to be dried first before they grind....why ? why?.... Ah! feel like crazy!!! WHYYYYYY???? Happy weekend everyone!

Fear of Death

Lately , I keep thinking about facing the death. I cannot help it and this keep coming to my mind. How do I re act when the death is coming? Can I feel it? What is the life after death ? Did I realise that I am dead? Am I going to hell? Are 'they' going to punish me? I am totally nervous wreck thinking about this! Can't sleep at night! Praying hard ,God earase my memory totally. Will I feel the pain? Am I ready? The way I see myself and how nervous wreck I am right now....I am not ready yet! But seems God make me keeps on thinking about death .... May he is calling me soon... I am writing this.... not because I am stress or what so ever....I am happy with my life but that facing death keeps on coming to my mind. I really salute to my fellow blogger friend, Sie ....she is battling with her sickness and currently she is surrendering herself to God. Her calmness to face the fact .....really amazing. My prayers goes to her and hope she get well and lead her


Read this articles from written by Dean Obeidallah title 'VACATION OR DIE' Easy.... if we work non stop without taking a break...meaning a break on mind break and totally rest from work... just imagine.. run run run run run non stop and one day this hamster will just collapse and drop dead. So do us. Our heart will just stop! No money??? Oh! well.... just be what are you working for non stop all this while??????? Think about it! Take vacation or die!!!! Time for me to plan for my next trip.....

Exercise Dilemma

I started to run again after almost 1 year and half stop doing this... Health factor, Old age, hard to breathe and also the desire to look like Yuri, SNSD . Aigooooo...Call me crazy...I still want to look like this...hehehehe 6pm is the time I am waiting for almost everyday since last Monday. I just can wait to run and run and run and run..... timing and miles has been improving ever since I started...progressing well. I don't just stop at running...I add in 10 minutes cardio workout for abs too. Princess is totally working hard nowadays. Princess is turning into hamster these days! After one and half hours work out.... I normally look like this with sweating all over the body. Then when the clock strike 10 - 11pm.... I am turning into jelly....Gosh!!! I never been this hard working....since all this while just focus on work and yoga only. Dilemma after work out. * Shower at Night When working out I sweat a lot... then cannot take shower too early.

Penang Food

This is from last week food craving session... This week foodies...don't hope so much since my tooth teeh tooth make me on hunger strike to myself.... yup! I punish myself for no reason again...Yup! seriously mental..... Aish!!! not about that it just...I can't bite so no appetite to even eat anything...water is my bestfriend the whole sad huh! Anyway, I treat this as training myself for fasting month which is just in a week time. The teeth tooth teeth ache still I still can eat this delicious 'Penang Char Koay Teow'...serious saucer licking good! guess! guess what it this??? Omellete????  peek a boooooo!!! Penang Fried Raddish Cake.... Olalalalalalala.... thats the taste sounds...hahahahaha... Happy weekend everyone!!!!! 

FB Like Button

I quit FB almost a year ago... Well ... the accounts still there to check on what is on and in my circle of friends life. So called 'silence stalker' hehehehehe... Since I am a person who has not many friends I only have less than hundreds. Pathetic??? Yeay yeay...what the heck! Many loves to update status up to their facebook wall. The rants, the joy and upsetting moment.... At least feel relieve and know there are people around you....some care for you..some try to show you the 'light' and not to forget we have many 'nosy' one...hahaha this is too common in our society! Many will comments on it... The 'no comment' will just click on the like button...sometimes at the wrong scenario... Below.... when today this was up at one of my friend's facebook wall and somebody actually click the like button.... mmmmmm.... this is suppose to be unfortunate could you like it????? What reason, you need to like it? I

Cendol King

I was on the way to do some banking last Saturday, then I notice this place call Cendol King in front of Lo 10. So decided to give a try........ This is their menu on display the counter after browsing through the menu... I decided to try Cendol with Jack fruit It came like this in the plastic ware.... mmmmmmm.... my friend was looking at me and I am looking at him too... OMO! both of us were having the same thoughts... How are we going to eat this??? Then I asked from the waiter for a bowl....  Toink! Half heartedly... the bowl was put to the table with half throwing.... Whoa!!! Care for you attitude to customer..... mmmm.... verdict to this Jack fruit Cendol 2/5 Atmosphere 3/5 Waiter & Waitress attitude to serve customer 1/5 (ah!!!! feel like not giving them even one...I just show them my mercy) Cendol King again??/ Not ever again!!!! Oh! how much it cost me for this ??? RM7.50..... well it is location price....

Uninvited Car pooler

Oho!!!! catch you!!!!! free ride huh???? I was travelling to work last week when I notice this suppose to be 'flying creature' car pooling with me until I reached to office. tired of flying I guess! I won't charge you since this is your first time..... Come again soon.....

My Healthy Diet

Wow! so healthy.... apricot and cherries... look delicious! This is my yesterday breakfast and tea time.... Oh well...suppose to be! I can't even take a bite! My teeth tooth bloody hurt and can't get it only next week.... OWHHHH!!!! I can just stare at this fruit... smells it and ... eat this using my imagination... Oh Wow! My conclusion to my dilemma.... Go back and blend this with least I just swallow it all! Big .....sigh!!!!

Various Monday

Its Monday again! Last two days , I start to hit the treadmill again. Saturday run 5km in 53 minutes.....consider ok with my 'lazy ass' attitude. OMO!!! Half year gone! My resolution to loose 8kg still not moving. I can see the number increase and never show me the sign of going down. I have no time to loose anymore. I am going to my fantasy world in 4 months time..... I need to look good, healthy and beautiful.... So...starting from now... I will emphasis on my body work out seriously! Sunday improve with 5.5km in 56 minutes. I was very 'fire up' to loose all the flabbies. I need to look 'kpop'. Owwwhhh!!! guess how many calories I burn up with that timing and distance???? OMG!!!! less than 110 cals. OMO!!!!!! With all the sweat and my muscle pain now???? merely less 110 cals??? Look like I have long way to go and hard work to do to work out this body....haisshhhh! Talking about teeth tooth teeth.... I went to see the dentist Friday ev


OMG! the day before yesterday morning was in the hunt  for dentist. Finally got the hole fill up... I followed the doctor advice not to use that section for 24 hours. I never use it.....I swear! All I did is flossing it and damn it! Really turn me into ANGRY BIRD!!! The filling fall off just like was 4:32pm on Friday evening....during working time! Whoa!!!! Crazy!!! Dear Miss Dentist!!!! You use made in China one is it??? Why so fast drop one???? I paid you RM100 for this one hole fill up , you know!!!! I call you for another appointment you said close at 6pm. By the time I reached there you close your shop how??? Then you blame me somemore.....Adoiiiii!!! I am so sad  .... Now Dentist !!! just want to make money to the max and never emphasis on quality...they go for quantity...WTF! Wish me luck with my tooth!!! Happy weekend people!!!! Me going out to service my car this morning.. Yeah! suppose to do this last

Teeth tooth teeth

Wednesday night when I was flossing before brushing my teeth.... Ploop!!!! one block of filler fall down... Damn it the upper tooth so windy now....big hole up there... Ouccchhh!!! tomorrow is working day...and my dentist is bloody hot dentist...can't even walk in without any appointment... Ohhhhh!!! who should I find to cover this loop hole???? I wish I wish they have DIY or something I can do on my own to cover this thing! Gone to bed but ....can't sleep because I am worried about tomorrow.. I need to go to work and I need to go to dentist too... crying because .... in dilemma... Cannot make decision... Dentist in the afternoon? Evening? or morning???? Stupid woman huh... simple thing also cannot decide... Morning time.... my tooth hole getting more and more windy and feeling I can't bear the feeling... End up hunting for dentist on Thursday morning... My usual dentist Me : Miss! is Doctor in? Nurse : Not yet! but she i


My tea time... end up this is my dinner... during PMS time ...I need coke... during my Boss stays in Malaysia I need this coke as caffein to stay back! Eh? I thought I quit coke? mmmmmm....the late night working hours without any dinner ... Rotiboy is one buns to die for.... I am not a fan of bread at all... especially cold and dry bread. But this one save my hunger!!!!


Remember those days... When I first came to KL. Just started working and start earning my own money. You have to keep your budget closely ...basically treat as if nobody to turn to if you have no more cash to spend. Hail all the way from small town...need to pay for my own room rental, transportation to works and basically paying for my own living and surviving cost at tender age just after high school. Living with eating one pack of instant noodles (half cook for lunch and another half for dinner).Tighting my stomach just because I am jobless and need the money to pay the room rent..... Oh! wow... looking back those days and compare to how I live now....big achievement and pat to my back. When things got stable... my choice of cook food is always mamak.. Those days..this is the only affordable cook food I can eat at the area I live. But now....Oh wow! damn costly and the food price increase according to the inflation rates.... Among Malaysian 'mamak fo


Looooooonnnngggggg way to go..... hehehehe finally I can have time to finih off my water melon while waiting.....


Hot Green Tea  Thin slice beef and egg The hot pot - chinese cabbage, jelly noodles,shiitake and enokitake mushrooms, tofu and soup boiled it and bring it to simmer then you dip thinly slice beef into the beaten egg and dip into the soup. Simple and healthy meal...  we ordered bento - rice with ebi t& vegetables tempura my favourite.... totally love this ginger ... 

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