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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Spending my whole weekend updating my online diary...while I am imagining looking back at this diary in another 10 years time. Oh Gosh!!!if God allow me to live that long...meaning I am 48 years old in 10 years time. Sabah trip is a good trip and memorable too. I love nature by still I love all nature creatures...bugs,worms and all those animal freak me out! I love everything about the refershing smells and view while exploring the Kinabalu Park. The 2 hours plus journey from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang really worth it although tiring! I booked bus tour day trip...20 pax in the bus - Japanese,Swiss,Australian,Taiwan,Singaporean and me being the lonely Malaysian in the bus..WTH! Since I am alone the tour guide requested me to sit right in front seat of the bus. We depart as early as 8:30am and reached back to the city around dark....8pm. One in life time experience and this is wort it and memorable. Mount Kinabalu...from far! I once dream about climbing you b


Ok! I am back to my diary...need to record my journey before I forgotten. Where is my Hong Kong and Macau story??? mmmm....coming coming coming..since I just came back from KK so this is fresh stories to tell. I went to KK because my lil sis went there for free room, ok!!! Who wanna miss this out??? Definitely not going to let this fly away. KK not that cheap place ok! My sis went to work.... and this BIG sis went for traveling lucky me and poor my to continue working without exploring....not even once....what to come here for work....kekekekeke Total cost spent???? Shall I record it down here???? Why not??? * I bought the MAS Deal ticket KUL- KK-KUL at RM303/- net inclusive travel insurance. * LRT from office - KL Sentral - office RM4/- * ERL KL Sentral - KLIA - KL Sentral RM70/- * Cab fares KK airport to Hotel RM30/- only 15 minutes drive ok... * Cab fares Hotel -  Tanjung Aru Train - Hotel RM50 two wa


Whoaaaaa!!!! me so frequent flyer hor??? Just came back from Hong Kong and Macau on Monday and now flying out again???? So free ar? Not really...Hong Kong trip, I went for medical treatment for my bunion foot. It took me years to decide and save up for this expensive trip. Macau 2 night just for fun to treat my mentally sick due to painful medical treatment in Hong Kong. So dying...ok fine who ever gave birth before...will know this pain.... That pain was described by one of the patient there too... mmmmm.... how hell I know that since I never give birth....and never....not going through this pain...whooooaaaaa so painful and cried sob sob sob alone....isk isk   did the treatment went well...not as my expectation but my foot have improvement and responsive well. I need to practise more of some of the physio exercise prescribed to me.   Ima need to work hard yo!!!!!   Hong Kong and Macau post will be delayed a bit....yeaaaaaa ...Ima busy


When I feel clueless and really not well....I google for many rubbish things... This is what I get...I was a baby rhino in my last life!!!! Damn!!!! so adorable me.... DO YOU BELIEVE THIS???? hahahahaha...very funny!!! I was baby rhino....


Yeah...this morning went to fill up the petrol! Damn!!! I can feel the heat burning to my wallet. I don't know about others...but me has been surviving with stagnant income for almost 4 years until now. No increment! No bonus! No extra....basically stagnant! Find new job???? Gosh!!! I am a freelancer...don't you think its good enough to get some income at least rather than nothing??? I want to have permanent job but I don't like that string attached concept! But whatever at this level ....I can't complaint much because I always feel to others who are jobless...I consider myself lucky! However....... I feel the biasness....can't really say the biasness from who openly here....but if you smart enough you can figure out! During election too many cash  being paid out....for whatever reason they created....gosh!!! I am not benefited for that at all. So my wallet can't increase at all. after election....gosh too many cost hike on


I deserve to swear!!!!! Why??? Why am I so 'Angry Bird' now????? I found out somebody from my counter part office has been using my name signing a letter. Damn! him or her!!! Best part is....... all letters in Burmese!!! OMG!!! Since when I can read, write and understand Burmese???? Gosh!!! I wish I could swear in Burmese too!!! WTH!!!! Best part all letters went to Burma government office... Using my freaking long name ok!!! 'F' her or him zillion times weiiiiiii.... Argghhhh... so bad mood after found out this. Tarnish my freaking polish shining name wei!!! How am I going to go into Burma....WTF! Freaking FRAUD!!!! Do I still deserve to swear??? Hell!!! with what others say....but for today I just want to swear....eheh!!! so sinfullllll... God! forgive me ....tonight I will repent ...zillion times too! God! please ....I pray to you...please punish this people on my I can let this go....and continue my life peacefully. A bit dr


Told you... When I start shop....I just couldn't stop.... another damage for my wallet...muakkkksssss!!! It arrived last Friday direct from South Korea too...     This is my second purchase....I like this foot mask very much. Just wrap it around your feet when you go to bed. Unwrapped it the next morning... Your dead skin will peel off within 7 days....and wallahhhhhhhh.....your foot smooth like baby feet.....first purchase i bought 2 packs....then this time my greediness attitude went wild so bought 4 packs of this....and .... first time bought this hand mask... Not try yet...will post another entry when I am at second purchase!


For person who claimed she hate shopping....muakkkssss!!!! Big lier...huh???? shopping spree got timing one!!!!! When timing came....hehehehe....I couldn't stop myself.... Recently bought all this from South Korea! It arrived last Friday... What is this cute adorable thingy????  Look at those mummies and babies cutie pie huh??? One is for Snail Whitening gel and the other is Snail Anti Wrinkle Cream.... Need all this for my beauty regime.... I love the cute snail casing....and that cute little snail is actually same cream and gel but for travel kit. I tried this and i totally fall in love because its non greasy and quick absorption to my skin....whether I look pretty with this...who knowssss.....I just started muahahahahahaha....   I bought this together...this is not for slimming but just to trim a bit of my OL spare tyres....sit a lot though!!!! I first use it last Saturday....spray to your palm and i


When we can't see something bad... We imagine it to be much worse than it is. So we feel fear when we can't see it! But when we actually see it... Our worry is cut in half... and when we face it.... It 's cut in half again.... So face it with strong faith and solve it one by one... No point on running away when we have problem because the problem still waiting for us to solve it...just matter of still need to be solved!!!

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