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Learn Common Korean Drama Phrases - Lesson 03

I haven't watched the most talk about drama, The World of Marriage, yet! Reason? Seriously, this kind genre kind of disturb my mind during this MCO period. Lee Min Ho new drama, The King Eternal Monarch killed my mood on episode 1. I find that his character kind of stereotype just like any other movie. I prefer his character in 'Faith'. Maybe, I will save this for later. I would recommend watching 'Doctor Playlist'. I love this kind of genre. The first episode is enough to tickle my heart. For those who miss out my other entries on the learn Common Korean Drama Phrases, can click on below link. Learn Common Korean Drama Phrases - Lesson 01 Learn Common Korean Drama Phrases - Lesson 02 Today's common Korean phrases are : 1. Exactly my thoughts 2. Are you kidding me? 3. Good for you!

Growing Bean Sprouts At Home

I always wanted to grow soybean sprout but unable to get my hands on any soybean and settled with a bag of mung bean from the nearby grocers. It was my first time ever, to grow the mung bean sprouts. I know my sister did this during her secondary school days. as part of a science project. As far as I remember, I don't have the chance to do this during my school time. I like the soybean sprouts over mung bean because the mung bean is really small. For me, soybean sprouts have better taste. Anyway, for now, I settled with mung beans. How to grow mung bean sprouts from your comfort home? 1st step - Rinse the beans thoroughly with water.  Make sure you throw the bad one 2nd step -  Dump the clean beans into a bowl and let it soak overnight. Time to get excited! You will wake up with your mung bean starting to sprout like in the photo above. 3rd step - Find a bowl or anything with small holes at the bottom. You can always find an empty 1.5 litres drinking water

Learn Common Korean Drama Phrase - Lesson 02

How are you doing? Are you staying at home? I bet many of us getting suffocated stuck at home all the time. A bit more time. Let the world heal and hopefully, we can live our life like old days soon. I watch a Korean drama to kill time and try my best to pick up some of the Korean phrases for fun. I have started to document the common phrases in my previous blog post. For those who miss it, please click this link - Learn Korean Phrase 01 . Today's common Korean phrases are something you never miss if you have started your Korean Drama. 1. Are you crazy? 2. I will contact you 3. I don't think so

Learn Common Korean Drama Phrases - Lesson 01

This will be a very short entry. MCO extended another 2 weeks and I bet it will go on until Raya time. Don't get frustrated. The decision is for everyone benefit. We don't want to sacrifice much life due to this pandemic. I noticed many people start watching Korean Drama and enjoy it as much as I did. Those days when people asked me, what is my hobby and I mentioned love to watch Korean drama. They will give me that look as if I am a total loser with no life. Well...don't judge people by his or her liking. You may not enjoy it but why need to give people that disgusting look. Anyway, I become familiar with Korean drama common phrase while watching it. I can't converse in Korean language but survive with all the phrases I have learned through drama. I survive my travel to Seoul, Busan and Jeju with that. Today, let us learn 3 common phrases from Korean Drama and try to remember it.  Learn Korean Drama Phrase - Lesson 01 1. What are you doing? 2.

You Can Do Online Redemption From ASNB Funds

I am glad that finally, ASNB has activated the online redemption function for the investor to withdraw their fund starting from 20 April 2020. This is good news for some of us, especially whom some of us just officially unemployed. The investor can now do the online redemption through @myASNB  official portal or mobile application. The money will be transferred from the ASNB unit trust account to the registered unit trust account. The ASNB online withdrawal facility was created in conjunction with the Government's initiative to urge all Financial Institutions to make available digital transaction facility for the unit holder's to manage their investment without going through the counter. You can do the transaction during the operating hours : * Fixed price unit trust funds: 7am to 6pm Monday to Sunday (excluding national public holiday) * Variable price unit trust funds: 7am to 4pm Monday to Sunday (excluding national public holiday) The money will

South Korean Drama from Year 2018 Has Mentioned about Coronavirus

I am not sure about others but for me, the year 2020 is a gone case. Most of us have re-think on our dreams to retire early. I bet some of us may not even think working from home is a good idea anymore. Furthermore, being confined in one place for a long time may affect our mental health too. I am not sure when is this going to last and whether anyone able to develop a vaccine to cure this virus.  My past time during the movement control order fills with a countless re-run of South Korean Drama. One of my favourite drama starred by a heartthrob So Ji Sub called Terius Behind Me or another name is My Secret Terius . This drama was aired somewhere on Sep 2018 . I have watched this drama for a few time and last week was my fifth times watch this drama. This is one of my favourite drama. The storyline kind of suit my mood and never failed to entertain me. Ironically, in the 10th Episode of this drama , they mentioned about coronavirus. The dialogues between the NIS ag

Nutritional Facts between Bamathi Rice Vs Brown Rice

I was very cautious with my diet since a few years back due to tremendous weight gain which takes trolls to my back. Although with all this diet watch, only give me good maintenance rather than tremendous weight loss, I don't really feel that sad. Why? I am not really able to sleep well and this doesn't help much in weight loss. I consistently exercise to keep my body healthy and still no weight loss. Almost cry at this point. dreams to have that 'S' line, shattered to pieces. I have forgotten about my dream to wear the crop shirt once again. muahahaha...I still maintain my 'H' line, consistently for many years now.  Enough about that 'S' and 'H' line. I would rather stay healthy than focus on the too good to be true, 'S' line dreams! Talking about my diet, I only eat either Basmathi rice or Brown Rice to keep myself healthy. Afraid of the combo disease to hit me. I kind of love basmathi rice compare to brown rice b

Working From Home Is The Future Trends

Working from home is nothing new these days. In fact, many companies are adopting such a method to attract more talented millennial who is famous for their life balanced lifestyles.  What are the reasons for more companies adopting the Working From Home? There are various reason for this and some of this can be ; 1. Eliminate the long hours commuting For me, the horror part in daily working life is bracing the morning traffic jam to the workplace. Since I can only afford a so-called home far from the city, my commuting time can be a minimum of 2 hours for one way in the usual traffic flow. In my case, working from home is always my first options but it never happens for my line of work. 2. Increase in employee productivity To me, the productivity of each employee depends on the individual attitude. But most studies show that employee who is working from home is more productive than an employee who works in the office. Why? Maybe because of less distract

What is waiting for us after MCO?

Before MCO, most of us complaining about having to brave the traffic jam to work. Some of us always wish to retire early and stay at home. I bet, after the MCO is over, most us will not dare to even say that out and feeling blessed to be able to face that traffic again. Do you think the world will be cleared from the Corona Virus in a few months?  I don't think so. Read all the news and see how successful China is after they officially celebrate their first MCO lift up. They are back with more cases and death now. Same goes with Hong Kong! For those who are eager to be back to our usual daily life and gain the freedom to stay out again, brace yourself with what kind of world is waiting for you after the MCO lift up. 1. Higher unemployment rate Unemployment is rather a disgusting word to me. Too bad! We are going to hear about this throughout 2020 and up-coming years too. Stimulus package from the government won't really much help to the company. Don&#

How To Earn Cash While Staying Home?

We all welcome year 2020 with a shocking global pandemic which led to Movement Control Order (MCO). We are required to practise social distancing and stay at home to flatten the pandemic curve. Thanks to the internet connection! This would not have been possible if this situation in 30 years back. I don't think we could have been this calm without the internet connection and the existence of the online market place. I use to do online shopping as my past time hobbies. I usually browse through beauty and clothing items. I bet many did this as well. With the recent Movement Control Order (MCO), just like everyone else, I was affected by the 'panic buy' trend. I dare not  risk myself to join other public queuing for the groceries .  Like I said earlier, online shopping used to be my past time hobbies but now it became essential.  Here are some tips to be a smart shopper and earns some cash during the MCO period . 1. Don't Focus to just one online Marke

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