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Things To Do in Urumqi City

  I extended my stay at Urumqi, Xinjiang China for another 4 days for self-tour exploration. I have been spending 8 days with the driver and tour guide. I felt suffocated to travel with people following me around. Yes! It's more convenient but just feel obliged and have no freedom to travel with people.  When I said to my tour guide, that I would be spending the next 4 days at Urumqi, he was like....are you kidding me? What are you going to do here? Most of the attractions in Xinjiang aren't in Urumqi. It's always a distance travel by car or flight. For me, 4 days isn't long considering my health condition limitation. I couldn't walk as fast and longer than those glorious youthful days.  Things To Do if you are in the mood for a tour of Urumqi City 1. Xinjiang Regional Museum Is it really worth it to visit the Xinjiang Museum? Well...absolutely! Where else do you want to visit around Urumqi if you have some time to spare? Furthermore, it's a free entrance. To be

Xinjiang Ultimate Travel Itinerary

  I completed the long outstanding Silk Road travel adventure last month. My final destination for the Silk Road was Xinjiang. It was my first trip after 4 years on a travel hiatus. It was a 12-day trip. Urumqi (1 night) ---- Turpan (1 night)---- Urumqi (2 nights) ---- Kashgar (1 night) ---- Tashkurgan (1 night) ---- Kashgar (1 night) ---- Urumqi (extended for self-tour. Stay 4 nights) Back home with a frozen shoulder due to check in check-out hotels too frequently. This means I have to open and close my luggage most of the time.😅 Only now after a few weeks, my health has recovered. I chose to travel in mid-May 2024 after considering the extreme weather at each place. I would say it was the right choice indeed. I miss out on the beautiful view, but I am still blessed with some other fantastic scenery too. Nothing is perfect, right?   Personally, this side of China's territory is epic. It was a unique Uyghur cultural experience. I described it as fabulous natural scenery as well as

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