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Butterflies Escaped with Traveloka at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel

Year 2017 ended well for me. I was one of the 40 lucky Butterflies handpicked for Staycation event by Traveloka Malaysia at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel.  At first, I was a bit skeptical and hesitate when received the invitation email.  Can I do this? Mingle around and socializing with other Butterflies? Make more nervous when was told I need to share my room with another fellow Butterflies. I even have problem sharing room with my own Sisters. isk isk isk...Can I do this? I asked myself again and again. But this is something I wants to do for a very long time. I just accepted the invitation with the mind to worry later. I will try my best and hope to have fun and end my Year 2017 with special memories. Read my journey 2 Days / 1 Night Escape with Traveloka Malaysia at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel. Reporting at 10:00 am for registration at The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel. I went in with my jeans and best blouse when I saw Butterfly Lee Yan walked in with Off

AirAsia Open Doors Campaign Challenge

Stand a chance to win Over Two Million Big Points in Air Asia Open Door Campaign in conjunction with its 16th-Anniversary Celebration. Its a really unique challenge runs across Malaysia.  How to win AirAsia BIG Points Open Door Campaign? 1st Step : Find some 16 hidden doors around Malaysia 2nd Step : Snap a photo of you with the door (like above photo) 3rd Step : Upload  it on instagram with hashtags #AirAsiaOpenDoors  Thats all....only 3 steps and you are on your way to win over two million BIG Points! The challenge starting from today until 14 January 2018. I could say this is one unique challenge activation to the public. Participants can also earn more points through other online activities such as share, vote, gain votes to move up the rank. At the end of the 4 week contest, Top 186 contestants will stand a chance to win a Grand Prize of one million BIG Points. 

John Legend Live in Genting, March 2018

I know most of you are in Holiday Mood now. Here another good news to welcome Year 2018 soon. Anyone here is a fan of John Legend ?  He is Ten-Time Grammy Award winning and the singer has produces several hit songs such as 'Green Light' and 'Love Me Now'. He is coming to Malaysia for his Darkness and Light World tour to Resort World Genting on the 17th March 2018. With five studio albums to his name , the singer is set to perform his R&B and soul numbers for his fans at the Arena of Stars. More information about the tickets for the concert will be released soon. If you need more information on this please call +603 6101 1118 or visit

AirAsia Travel Advisory

AirAsia Travel Advisory eases holiday experience Guests are advised to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior scheduled time of departure for AirAsia flights and at least 4 hours earlier for AirAsia X flights AirAsia and AirAsia X would like to encourage all guests travelling during the school holiday period to follow the travel advisory for a hassle-free holiday experience. It is advisable for guests to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to scheduled time of departure for AirAsia flights and at least 4 hours earlier for AirAsia X flights to clear all travel formalities and avoid the expected congestion due to the surge of passenger numbers travelling during this period.    AirAsia would also like to remind guests to conduct self-check-in via web, mobile or kiosk services for a smoother journey. Web, mobile and kiosk check-in services are available 14 days and up to 1 hour prior to departure for all AirAsia flights and up to 4 hours prior to departure fo

My Experience of 2 Days Juice Cleanse

I always wanted to try out juice cleanse for quite sometimes. But the price of cold pressed juice kind of expensive. It can cost you around RM10 to 13 depends on the mixture. Many will comment back why don't you prepare this on yourself. Well, don't think I have time to buy lots of ingredients and do the cold pressed and bottle it on my own. I am working people like many others.  After lots of survey , found cool juice provide reasonable price for cold pressed juice in Klang Valley. They even offer free delivery. I didn't aim to lose weight for this juice cleansing. I just need to give my digestive system a break, get rids of toxins , loads up some vitamins and nutrients from raw fruits and veggies which I don't have chance to consume on my daily diet. What you need to know before start Juice Cleanse ? You need to prepare your body for a juice cleanse. You can't just start juice cleanse without much preparation for your body. Thats dangerous! 

Going to Work with Flu is Selfish Act

My Rant for this month because I can't sleep at all last night.    I am writing this because feeling frustrated to my colleague who come to work with bad flu and cough. I pity him for falling sick but don't show like you so heroic or sort of hardworking. This is selfish act. Especially, he like to come near me when I have something to talk to him. Keep your distance man!  I told him to take a rest at home for  1 or 2 days. He said many things to follow up. Big problem! What kind of mind set who thinking they are indispensable ? I always told myself to do work as if you gonna fall sick tomorrow. In positive way, I will make sure everything still run smoothly even I am not around at work. Always have this kind of mind set when perform your task. Make sure you can delegate to others easily if you call in sick.  Both colds and flu are contagious and lead to symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, headache and cough.It can spread out even through air you breat

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