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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Can Melatonin Supplements Treat Insomnia?

Whenever some Chaebol in Kdrama is having a sleepless night, they swallowed some pills like swallow candy. When feeling nervous or panic, they swallow some pills too. So easy to get those pills prescriptions, huh? Do they just buy all those from the shelf or their Doc just prescribes as they wish? Seriously, those thoughts keep coming to me for years!!!!  I went to the GP and asked to prescribe me for a sleeping pill. Of course, my GP doesn't easily prescribe me with one bottle like I imagine can place on my side cabinet by the bed. The max I could obtain was only 2 tablets. Stingy!! Not that I am asking it for free. I am willing to pay. But the GP won't give up! They asked me to change my lifestyle habits. I wonder what kind of lifestyle I have been living that makes me having such a sleepless night. I was dying to sleep at least 2 hours without waking up. But I couldn't. My mind seems to be very active with many thoughts. Not like I am a chaebol or a CEO in

I Don't Win Free Car at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang

(L-R)Suhaimi Bin Mahdar, Winner of the Toyota Avanza & Mohd Zafri Mohd Shariff, Winner of the Toyota Yaris Last Christmas, I entered a contest organised by Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang (MOP KLIA) with hoping to start the Year 2020 with a brand new Toyota. isk isk usual. Lady luck is not on my side. Why??? hihihihi drama mode starts again. Anyway, for those who won..Congratulations! (bitter mode congratulation) hahaha For those who missed out on this contest. Please check out my first experience visit to MOP KLIA last year,. It was a pleasant first trip. I am not sure if you know this, MOP KLIA is Japan's branded factory outlet shopping mall. The mall management organised the 'Spend and Win a Car' contest last Christmas, where shoppers spend a minimum amount of RM300 in a maximum of two receipts to participate. Super generous prizes are offered to shoppers - such as Toyota Avanza and Yaris. Like I said lady luck is not on my side this ye

[Travelogue Guilin, China] Don't Miss Out West Street at Night in Yangshuo

After back from exploring Ancient Town, Xingping , I get some 30 minutes rest before head out to grab some dinner and explore West Street at night. I only have one night at Yangshuo before continuing my journey to Longsheng the next day. For those who took a Li River Cruise day trip may have a chance to explore West Street at day time for around one hour. But I was told its more happening at night. That's the reason I booked a room to overnight here. Pavillion opposite place I stayed. Can see the beautiful Li River view from here West Street is less than 5 minutes walking distance from the place I stayed. Seriously, this place is super convenient. Check my earlier post if you want to book this place. But before I walked over to West Street for quick dinner, I took the opportunity to enjoy the view of Li River after sunset. It's low tide during this time. So I manage to walk down and take a quick stroll along the river. Some local will find the river sna

[Travelogue Guilin, China] Lost at Xingping Ancient Town

Where to stay in Yangshuo? Yangshuo River View Hotel. Address: No. 25 Binjiang Road, Yangshuo County, China I chose this place mainly because of the location . The location kind of away from the busy street. Just less 5 minutes walking distance from the Yangshuo Pier , its so convenient if you choose the route I took which is 4 hours Li River Cruise. Less 5 minutes to famous walking street, The West Street, Yangshuo . Li River just right opposite the hotel . Since I only have one night so the distance to all of this is very important. I don't want to waste my time and budget for transportation all the time. I missed out the river view room. So, I got the mountain view instead of that. Anyway, I kind of love my room. So cosy and they even have a small verandah for me to enjoy 'Pu Er' tea and the complimentary fruit plate they gave me. One complaint, no lift . My room on the 4th floor. I was like....more staircase? The hotel in Guilin City has

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