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HANOI - Ancient Village Day Trip

My first day trip in Hanoi is a visit to Duong Lam Ancient Village. I hate day trip by the way. I prefer walk on my own freely explore the place. No choice, Hanoi don't have the infrastructure like Seoul or Beijing.     Rise and my french style buffet breakfast place   anxiously waiting for my tour leader to come pick me up at 8am. It was a small group. Me and another senior citizen couple from Taiwan. They are so loving couple by the way.   on the way ...this is my first sight of Hanoi City...OMO!!!! so dirty ar??? Aiyo!!! I have too high expectation for a developing country like Vietnam.   people busy eating breakfast. our place have 'mamak style' coffee Just sit on that lowered kindergarden style stool and they can just enjoy their breakfast there... mmmmm.... how am I going to adapt to this culture???? worryyyyyyy!!!!   everywhere about motor motor headache seeing them

HANOI - 1st Night Foodies

I decided to go on short trip 24th - 28th Jan 2013. Yeay! for some people will think I just go on holiday and no working.... It look like that coz I just finish my post on Seoul trip which end on late Nov 2012. After this no more trip for me. I mean not so soon.... I will be saving up for my bunion feet treatment in HK.   At first, I wanted to visit Angkor Wat but the flight is so limited and not suitable for me. Then I thought of going to Saigon. But then read somewhere said Saigon is hot weather. So I shifted my plan to Hanoi which is up North of Vietnam. It was totally ad hoc plan. Anyway, boarded the plane and off me go to Hanoi on 24th Jan 2013.   as usual happy face going for holiday :)   my hotel room... love the fresh flowers. They even have fresh lilies near their small french deco lobby.   papaya salad   my first night dinner...again 'greedy woman' can't help her greediness...and ordered whatever she think goo


Dear Diary, Early this week, I am so blur! I drove to work Monday morning...when I was at Fraser roundabout suddenly I heard 'BANG!!!' then my car was shaking...then I realise some 'ARSEHOLE' just bang my car!!! The blur me... can't even notice who bang my butt!!! I end up driving all the way to work while my mind keep thinking... please please please don't make the damage that bad. If not ... I have to start thinking to buy another car...isk isk isk... this mean trouble to my bank accounts. For the person who just bang me and 'cabut lari'...GOD BLESS' you SEVERELY and I totally know and put my 100% faith to my GOD. GOD always fair to me lately. For this bang... I treat this as my debts payment for my past wrong doings!!!! Stay positive!!!1 Reached office....duk dak duk dak... try my best to stay calm to have a peep to my car 'ARSE'.... black mark and deep cut here and there and the dent too. Can't help it...start

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