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I was strolling near Changdeokgung Palace...trying my best to find way to enter Secret Garden. Seriously...I almost lost my way to the GPS!!!1 To enter this Secret Garden need to be guided by designated tour guide. There are English and Korean version. 2pm Korean version and 3pm English version. I was lining up like the rest to enter because I thought it was 3pm. Blurrrrrrrr meeeeee.... my watch at Malaysian time when I am in Seoul....aissshhhhh... I was fascinated with this Hanbok girlsssssss.... so I end up following the group. Damn!!!! The tour guide started &#@!*&%$ #... Damn! I don't even understand korean...and guess what???? I am the only foreigner who join the tour. Lucky I have brochure in English...if not I don't even know why I am wondering in the woods there... Enjoy the Korean Beauty everybody!!!! Seriously...the real scene is beautiful because of this girlssss wearing their traditional costume.... Sorry


I do not know what to buy for my parent in Seoul. My last day of strolling in Seoul....I found this Ajussi selling this...pillow.   So I end up carry all the way from Seoul back to Malaysia....2 of this pillows. Heavy wor!!!!!!    This Korean pillows filled with buckwheat husks.  I think this will be totally unique gift  for my parent.   I heard buckwheat is widely used by Korean in ancient time and even now as a therapeutic grain.   Therapeutic Benefits - The unique shape of the buckwheat hull allows air circulation and helps maintain your normal body temperature. Also, these pillows provide the optimal alignment for your neck which eases the pressure on your spine, while conventional pillow fills cause neck and shoulder pains in the morning. Sleep Better - The buckwheat hulls weight-absorbing structure conforms to the contours of your face and head thus reducing the pressure on your body for maximum comfort.  


I still writing about Seoul!!! I will conclude this trip by this week.     After my lunch at Hyundai Mall, I went to Chungmuro Station to visit Namsangol Hanok Village.   This place where you can see all those traditional Korea Village. There are five restored traditional korean houses all together. All these house is belong to various social class people during Joseon Dynasty.     old type kitchen ...everyone!!!!   bedroom??? study room??/ forget wor!!!!   kitchen chimney??? maybe?    floor keep them warm during winter time! view from outside    omo!!! love the leaves colour!!!   view from the outside   What ball is this??? When I was a Hyundai Mall, I saw so many people I decided to join the line. Then one lady join the line behind me and ask what am I lining up for??? I told her I don't know...maybe buying that thing? She ask me what is that thing? I tol

Edith Piaf - No Regrets

Love this song by Edith Piaf...this oldies song is so meaningful. mmmm...sign of ageing..I am now into oldies??? nothing wrong hehehehe...just love it! Have a good weekend everybody!!! "No Regrets" No! No regrets No! I will have no regrets All the things That went wrong For at last I have learned to be strong   No! No regrets No! I will have no regrets For the grief doesn't last It is gone I've forgotten the past   And the memories I had I no longer desire Both the good and the bad I have flung in a fire And I feel in my heart That the seed has been sown It is something quite new It's like nothing I've known   No! No regrets No! I will have no regrets All the things that went wrong For at last I have learned to be strong   No! No regrets No! I will have no regrets For the seed that is new It's the love that is growing for you  

Give back and treats

Weekend treat is always good to bring positive vibes to yourself. I first tried MOF when I was in Shanghai. Since there is limited food I can eat I opted for dessert like this instead. I told Chinggu...I want to bring back the feeling when I was in Shanghai back then... Chinggu brought me here...mmmmmm... Chinggu choice... Chinggu told me..this drink can make yourself at home la... Just buy green tea powder stri into ice water then top with fresh whipped cream and top it with palm sugar sauce. mmmm... then I told fried rice also we can fried ourself ...what???? Chinggu...left speechless..kekekekeke we are sharing this red bean top with green tea ice cream and some rice cake...and that other side dishes...don't really know..what the heck is that thing...I just ate without hesitation..yummy but that red bean soup so freaking sweet...mmmmm not really my taste. I really enjoy my choice of green tea

Jade O Jade

Last year December, I have a one day trip to Myanmar. Since the meeting got delayed for one and half hour, myself and another colleague decided to de tour to one jewellery shop there. mmmmm.... since somebody told me I can be more calm if I wear I end up shopping for jade. I bought 2 of this pendant. I learn some basic to identify genuine jade during my trip to Beijing. so wasteful to travel eh??? I still learn something.....   Do you know the most expensive and quality is Burma Jadeite.   1. Hold it up to a bright light.   look at the internal structure. If you see little fibrous or granular, felt-like, asbestos-like intertwinings? Then this is probably genuine jadeite.   2. Hold the piece of jade in your hand. It should feel cold, smooth and soap like to the touch. It should take a while to get warm if it is real. Oh well ...this maybe very subjective, and most helpful when you can compare it to real jade of a similar shape

Oh! Drunken Bear Bear

This fella ar... So loser!!! This teddy...I found him during my recent Malacca trip.. This is the most drunken bear..I ever met! ish ish ish...     hey you!!! so problematic ar???? poor bear!!! can't even smile...he is so drunk!!!    

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