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Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced Skincare Review

  Recently, a famous beauty brand Cosmoderm launched a new skincare series perfect for beauty junkies who are always on the lookout for something perfect for precious skin. Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced skincare series not only comes in a lovely sweet pink packaging but also pack with awesome ingredients for skin goodness. Cosmoderm skin lab Perfect Balanced skincare has two main ingredients : * Prebiotic * Calamine Prebiotic is well known good bacteria perfect for skin and body. It helps to balance the skin's microbiome to avoid redness and improves skin radiance. It brings comfort to the skin due to restructuring, nourishing and soothing effect. Calamine is another well-known ingredients for its capability to treats eczema and psoriasis by easing skin irritation and itchiness. It also helps to reduce skin oiliness, redness and sunburn. Cosmoderm skin lab Perfect Balanced skincare routine comes in very simple 4 steps skincare routines. Step 1 - Cleansing Cosmoderm Perfect Ba

Huawei Nova 7SE Smartphone Review

I recently changed my 4 years long Huawei Nova 3i smartphone to a new one. The new smartphone is from the same brand Huawei. After many weeks of contemplating whether or not to stick to my beloved brand Huawei. I end up purchase Huawei Nova 7SE. I was hesitating because the new Huawei brand is without the GMS, Google Mobile Service. Well, most application I am using is running on the GMS. Yeah, man!!! I was doubting the HMS, Huawei Mobile Services capability. But I end up gamble my life away and purchase one, anyway! Urgh!!! Talk about being bold for the wrong reason. Before I started my personal review, here is what Huawei Nova 7SE smartphone at one glance ( language which I don't even understand) Huawei Nova 7SE specifications (as written on Huawei official website) Promise me you read as fast as you can on the part of this specification. Why? I don't even understand what I copied down from this website. hahaha.... I almost doze off just by copied this down. isk

My First Virtual Run

  Hello World! As I was about to write this post, just realize my one and only beloved smartphone (LiRong) is giving up his life.  LiRong has been with me for many years now. I think it's about time for me to let him go peacefully soon. I am trying my best to scout for LiRong replacement. Heol! Why am I all excited to find a new one? Bad Rina! No sense of loyalty at all. huhuhuhuh Anyway, back to my title, my first virtual run.... the story begin when I was sitting on my treadmill after my usual morning walk. I manage to complete on 2km that day. My knee is giving up even at 1km. Adding another 1km was a heavy task for me. Even until yesterday, I feel suffering to the max just to complete 1km. By the way, I did wear a knee guard to protect my bad knee. The pain will suffer throughout the week every time after the morning walk. I have been turning my feeling off. Ignoring the pain for my whole well being sake. I shut myself off and decided not to pamper myself with such at the self

Aik Cheong Black Drip Series Coffee Review

Aik Cheong coffee is not a foreign brand in Malaysia. They have been established ever since the year 1955. They started a humble wooden shop along Temple Street in the Old Historical Malacca Town. Mostly dealing with trade importing coffee beans from around Asia like Indonesia, the Philippines and South America. The activities include grounding and packing the coffee manually for the local market. I remember grew up to love the sip of 'Kopi O' from this particular brand. That was those days before I got to know the other expensive brand. I would say, trying to follow the trends to satisfy my throat to those modern days brand. Now that, ageing is catching up to me. I find myself craving the old day's taste. Aik Cheong coffee no doubt has a great fragrance coffee. It wakes you up in the instant to that aromatic smells. Aik Cheong brand has grown throughout generation and from the 'Kampung Coffee to the most adaptive modern style coffee catching up to the younger generatio

Gaston Luga Biten 15" Black and Brown Backpack Review

. Recently got my hands on Gaston Luga Biten 15" backpack.. I always attracted to the squarish shape backpack. Gaston Luga Biten 15" comes in four different colours. Black Black - Brown Olive Brown Grey - Brown At first, I want to choose the all-black colour but then end up selecting the Black - Brown which also looks good. The Gaston Luga Biten 15"regular price tag is RM449. You can apply my discount code: CINDYRINA to enjoy a 15 percent off . On top of that, you can get a free make up pouch with your purchase. Gaston Luga offers free delivery worldwide too.  By the way my discount code : CINDYRINA only valid until the end of Feb March 2021 . So, grab your chance now for a beautiful functional backpack for next business trip or leisure travel. About Gaston Luga Gaston Luga is a well-known brand from Stockholm, Sweden. A Swedish backpack retailer located in the heart of Stockholm. Gaston Luga backpack is getting more and more popular in Malaysia with its sleek and s

Terminus Quantum-ion Mask Review

  Do you know certain states in Malaysia is currently observing MCO or Movement Control Orders again for 2 weeks? It was announced on the 11th Jan 2021 evening and the official MCO effective 13th Jan  - 26th Jan 2021. Many of us are speculating the MCO will be extended longer especially with the spike of cases and the upcoming Chinese New Year Celebration. I would say, Malaysia is not the only country facing such a situation. The pandemic has been spreading globally. As protection all of us are required to follow certain SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and wearing a face mask is essential whenever we step outside or in public. Many of the capitalist business owners have taken the opportunity to produce or sells face mask to reap out from the global face mask demand. What kind of face mask do you wear? Which one is good for you? No one can tell you which one is good as many producer or seller will claim theirs are the no/ one and the best. No doubt! I personally don't favour any

Best Chinese New Year Goodies Delivery In Singapore

  We are celebrating the year of OX in this Chinese New Year 2021.  It is a customs culture to bring along a gift when visiting relatives and friends during Chinese New Year. While other cultures may not so particular on the gift but with the Chinese, there a throng of taboo to avoid. For example Fruits - Avoid pears since the Chinese words are similar sounds like parting. Buy the mandarin oranges instead since the Chinese word sounds like Gold. Flowers - Do not send cut flowers because these generally represent for funerals. Play safe by avoiding gifting someone with something to brings bad luck for the whole year. For those who are not aware of this, can give the most staples CNY goodies which also has an auspicious good meaning to show your sincerity. 1. Pineapple Tarts (Good Fortune) Pineapple is called 'ong lai' in Hokkien. If literally translates it means ' prosperity or good fortunes has come. You will never miss pineapples tarts during Chinese New Year. Most people

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