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Best Chinese New Year Goodies Delivery In Singapore


Pineapple Tarts

We are celebrating the year of OX in this Chinese New Year 2021.  It is a customs culture to bring along a gift when visiting relatives and friends during Chinese New Year. While other cultures may not so particular on the gift but with the Chinese, there a throng of taboo to avoid.

For example Fruits - Avoid pears since the Chinese words are similar sounds like parting. Buy the mandarin oranges instead since the Chinese word sounds like Gold.
Flowers - Do not send cut flowers because these generally represent for funerals.

Play safe by avoiding gifting someone with something to brings bad luck for the whole year. For those who are not aware of this, can give the most staples CNY goodies which also has an auspicious good meaning to show your sincerity.

Delicious Pineapple Tarts

1. Pineapple Tarts (Good Fortune)

Pineapple is called 'ong lai' in Hokkien. If literally translates it means ' prosperity or good fortunes has come. You will never miss pineapples tarts during Chinese New Year. Most people will be serving, eating and gifting pineapple tarts to bring prosperity and luck. As time passed, pineapple tarts has evolved into many shapes and design. I have heated the open-top flower shapes, crinkle rollover, plain smooth rollover, ball shape, oval one and even the pineapple shapes itself. More creative and presentable. Even the classic butter pastry has now had different flavour added such as strawberries, green tea, raspberry and many more. I personally love pineapple tart and love the buttery pastry with less sweet pineapple jam fillings.

Kuih Bangkit Sedap

2. Kuih Bangkit (Prosperity)

'Kuih Bangkit' or coconut cookies is also another famous cookies during Chinese New Year. The common shape of 'Kuih Bangkit' that I usually eat is in a flower shape. Do you know that originally 'Kuih Bangkit' was made in the shape of the currency of during ancient China? It was a common ancestral offering or for a newly departed to spend in the afterlife. As time has passed,' Kuih Bangkit' shape has change into animals and floral shapes for example goldfish means prosperity, Chrysanthemum for fortune. What is the good 'Kuih Bangkit' taste? Fragrance and flavorful coconut taste, less sweet and melt in the mouth texture. Ahhhh! one or a dozen of this won't be enough for me. 

3. Peanut Cookies (Longevity)

Peanut cookies are one of the favourite choices by the Children during Chinese New Year. The fragrance of nutty taste and crunchy texture is totally appetising. You will hook by it after just one bite. Peanuts represent longevity in Chinese cultures. 

Love Letters

4. Kuih Kapit or Love Letters (Heartfelt)

It comes in a triangle or scroll-like shapes. Love letters are the way of communication in old-time, where no technology or facilities to convey messages between lovers. Not only the messages are heartfelt but also it is edible to eat too. Whatever it means to love or heartfelt, egg rolls or love letter is perfect delicious snacks during Chinese New Year.

CNY Cookies

5. Prawn rolls (Good Fortune and Happiness)

I remember witnessing a fight for prawns during one of my Chinese New Year shopping. It makes me laugh to see that ridiculous fight over a prawn. Then I realized it s nothing to laugh about. Its common prawns or shrimps dishes will be served on the dinner table during the auspicious Chinese New Year dinner. Shrimp and prawns represent good fortune and happiness. While spring rolls represent wealth. 

6. 'Ngaku Chips' or Arrowhead Chips (Good life)

Ever wonder why arrowhead vegetables are famous during Chinese New Year? We will only see it selling during Chinese New Year. I personally love arrowhead chips. I love the thin slices, crunchy and lightly salt 'ngaku chips'. I can finish one jar at one sitting all by myself. **shy! shy!** The arrowhead vegetables represent good life and it was usually given to close relatives as a sincere wish.

This coming Chinese New Year is something different since many of us are observing a new norm ever since the pandemic started last year. We can't freely join a gathering without any SOP. For those who have relatives and friends in Singapore, may not be able to cross the border freely like the past years union. Why don't take this opportunity to send auspicious meaningful gifting to someone you care.

My friend in Singapore has recommended Wang Lai Bakery for the best CNY goodies delivery in Singapore. Wang Lai Bakery has one of the best pineapple tarts delivery in Singapore. They are voted as the Number One by many food connoisseurs and loved by many. Wang Lai Bakery has been established ever since 1968 and is a common participant in the Chinatown Bazaar without fail. 

The cookies served by Wang Lai Bakery is an authentic traditional flavour with the recipes passed down from generations and you will be a guarantee with handmade and homemade quality goodies. Moreover, Wang Lai Bakery offers free delivery to the doorstep.

For those who are looking for some money savings on goodies, gifting can choose the mix and match Wang Lai Bakery CNY Goodies Bundle which comes in three different variants.

CNY Cookies Delivery Singapore

Wang Lai Bakery Mix and Match 4 bottles SGD53.93

Singapore Cookies Delivery

Wang Lai Bakery Mix and Match 6 bottles SGD80.06

Best CNY Gifts

Wang Lai Bakery Mix and Match 8 bottles SGD105.64

Don't miss out Wang Lai Bakery promotion of 30% off on all goodies when your preorder before 31 January 2021

Send auspicious and meaningful goodies rather than common hampers or basket to someone your care in Singapore. You can visit Wang Lai Bakery online store at

If you are in Singapore and interested to do some goodies sampling or self collect the goodies can visit the Wang Lai Bakery offline store at 20, Sin Ming Lane, Midview City #03-058, S573968.


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