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Terminus Quantum-ion Mask Review


Face Mask Review

Do you know certain states in Malaysia is currently observing MCO or Movement Control Orders again for 2 weeks? It was announced on the 11th Jan 2021 evening and the official MCO effective 13th Jan  - 26th Jan 2021. Many of us are speculating the MCO will be extended longer especially with the spike of cases and the upcoming Chinese New Year Celebration.

I would say, Malaysia is not the only country facing such a situation. The pandemic has been spreading globally. As protection all of us are required to follow certain SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and wearing a face mask is essential whenever we step outside or in public. Many of the capitalist business owners have taken the opportunity to produce or sells face mask to reap out from the global face mask demand.

What kind of face mask do you wear? Which one is good for you? No one can tell you which one is good as many producer or seller will claim theirs are the no/ one and the best. No doubt!

I personally don't favour any specific mask or brand. I usually bought mine from the pharmacy for the disposable mask. I will use the disposable mask whenever to go out for shopping or any event requires me to be in the crowd for a long time. I will wear the washable cloth mask with a disposable filter insert whenever step out from the house to collect the parcel or any online shopping delivery or throw rubbish. I used to buy a cloth face mask during my travel abroad in previous years. So I have many at home even before Covid-19 started.

I was thinking to cancel one of my cards and then notice there are some points up for redemption. Since the remaining balance is not so great amount so I end up redeemed it with Terminus Quantum-ion Mask. Terminus brand is nothing new to me since I owned one backpack from this particular brand. I  checked online the Terminus Quantum-ion mask price at RM39. For redemption, it worth around 30,000 plus. isk isk isk...not sure whether this is worth of this much of points. To be honest, this is the only item affordable for redemption points since I don't have that much. It has 2 colours which is black and grey. I chose black.

Terminus Quantum-ion mask claimed :

  • World's first "Quantum Resonance Hybrid Nano Formulation
  • Antiviral and Antibacterial Coating Technology patent application pending approval
  • Kills 99.99 percent of  Covid-19 in One-Minute
  • Three-ply protection system
  • 50 times washable without losing it's 3 ply protection system

The 3 Ply  Protection System including :

  1. Virus and bacteria elimination layer
  2. Face cooling + virus and bacteria elimination layer
  3. Particle protection layer

Terminus Quantum-ion Antimicrobial Coating Technology has active ingredients :

  • Nano copper ionic
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Resonance energy
  • Tourmaline crystal
  • Nanosilver ionic

Terminus Quantum-ion mask has an antibacterial test standard by United States Pharmacopeia.

Up to here, my review post sounded like a Science class lecture. 99.99 percent on what I have typed is something foreign to my non-science brain. If I were to describe what I look like while reading the description in the package. The tweety bird is flying around my head and my nose is bleeding. hahahaha.... this shows much I hate science class during my school days.

Here comes the real review.......

What is my personal say on Terminus Quantum-ion mask?

The smells of the hospital like medication hits my nose immediately while unwrapping the mask from its packaging. I was thinking hard on whether will be able to wear this mask after what I just smelled. Can I even wear this mask for a long time when step outside? 

To be honest the smells from all the chemical (no matter if this is good and can kill bacteria or virusses) is killing me to wear it for a long time.

Best face mask

One good thing about this mask is the design is breathable and can feel the cooling effect on my face. Unlike other face masks which will make us feel sweating or some even almost suffocate me. For those who are wearing glasses need not worry about the steamed up glasses. The design has a good nose bridge holder sow up. The mask fixes really well and with the adjustable elastic ear-ring. The material of the mask is kind of comfy for me despite the 'eeewwwww' science and technology smells.

Best face mask

Quality face mask

How to wash Terminus Quantum-ion mask?

  • Hand wash in cold water with soap
  • Gently swirl, knead and rinse with clean water
  • Briefly dry with a towel and line dry or lay flat
  • Wash once a week (It says up to 50 wash, which means this mask can last up to 12.5 months if wash it once a week.)

Please avoid the followings :

  • Do not wash in hot water, twist or wring
  • Do not use bleach, softener or detergent with a fluorescent agent.
  • Do not iron.

Will I wear this outside?

Of course with all the good technology listed and 'beh tahan' smells described, I will wear this outside for the sake of self-protection from the crazy bad viruses which is going crazy attack people. Most of us couldn't stand swallowing a medicine but you couldn't stay well without one. For me, the Terminus Quantum-ion mask is the same as wearing medication. on my face. I felt like wearing the whole science lab on my face. I feel like well-protected. I just need to get used of that smells. isk isk isk...
The good thing always comes with a catch, huh?

If you interested to get Terminus Quantum-ion mask please visit Terminus official website.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I redeemed it using my card rewards point.

Update: I wear the mask out and here is my update in my Instagram.


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