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[Travelogue Guilin , China] Exploring Elephant Trunk Hill

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Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic Area

Address: On Western Bank of the Li River, Guilin
If you take bus just make sure to get off at the stop of Xiang Shan Gong Yuan

25th Dec 2019, 2nd day in Guilin. Its Christmas day. I woke up with rain outside. No snow which I don't expect at all. So, I end up walking to Elephant Trunk Hill (Xiangbishan) which located around 1km from the place I stayed. It was a great morning walk under light rain which eventually stop by the time I reached the scenic area.

Since Nov and Dec month considers the low season, I have gotten the price for a half-price which also entitled me to visit 3 other scenic areas via their free red tour bus.

I love the beautiful view here. The best is not that many tourists since it was during the low season. I just walked away from the crowd and have peaceful morning walk.

Elephant Trunk Hill is kind of a MUST VISIT attraction in Guilin , ever since the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). That old attraction.

Just like that photo above, the name said it all. The formation of karst rock resembling of Elephant Trunk sucking the Li River water.

As usual, this kind of place will come with Legend told from generation and the story is related to Elephant.

The Legend of Elephant Trunk Hill

Long-time ago, the Emperor of Heaven decided to conquer the Earth was riding on the back of his elephant. The elephant was a kind-hearted. It came down back to the earth and help the poor human in their labour. It falls sick. The Emperor got to know that the Elephant was helping the human. He was very upset and left the poor sick elephant on earth. The human help the sick elephant and nurse it back to good health. It continues to help the human with plowing the field and forget about the Emperor of Heaven. The Emperor of Heaven was so upset on the Elephant still continue helping the human. One day, while the Elephant was drinking water at Li River, the Emperor cursed the Elephant into stone.

It was starting of winter. I have to wear a face mask from the cold winter breeze.

Elephant Trunk Hill is not the only thing you could see. There is a park which is a must-visit attraction too. You could visit the Moon over the Water Cave (Shuiyue cave), Elephant Eye cave, Puxian Pagoda, Love Island and Yunfeng Temple.

You can find this kind of lovey dovey statue at Love Island.

You can get some elephant trunk hill and Guilin souvenir at this so-called post office. You can write a postcard and send one to yourself or friends.

I was sitting on the bench below this hill. Watching people climbing up this hill makes me envy them. People climb the hill to get another amazing cityscape view of Guilin.

I can't overwork my leg here in the city since I have 8 more days to explore Guilin. I was planning to hike else-where. 

This is the view from Elephant Eye cave.

Just walk to another side of the Elephant Hill and you will be adventuring on the back of the hill. The view from this side is beautiful with good panorama.

Fubo Hill

Address: 2 kilometres away from the Elephant Trunk Hill

I took the tourist red bus from the entrance of Elephant Trunk Hill since it came with the package I bought. The bus is very punctual as written on the signage at the bus stop.

Fubo Hill is another must-see attraction in Guilin. I love this place since it has a beautiful park and a 
big banyan tree in the middle.

There is a temple on this hill built during Tang Dynasty for General Fubo who succeed a fierce battle in Jiaozhi.

What you can see here at Fubo Hill

The natural scenery of rocks and stalactites. I have a chance to visit the Pearl Returning Cave, the Thousand Buddha caves and the Sword Testing Rock.
If you walk to the second terrace of Fubo Hill, you will find a giant cloister. Just walk past the beautiful garden and climb up some small steps. You will find a 300-year-old iron boiler which can boil enough food for a thousand people.

Guilin is famous with Osmanthus and Monk Fruits. But it's not a season for Osmanthus flower during my time. The street and garden will full of nice sweet fragrance smell of osmanthus if you visit during its season.

The Rambutan Seller 

One thing, I notice the fruit seller in Guilin tends to present the fruit by putting the fresh leaves. At first, I thought, the rambutan leaves in Guilin is different from other parts of the world. Seriously, I thought it was from different species. But then, this Rambutan seller, pluck the street plant leaves and place it on his rambutan basket. I was like.... hurl! Rambutan leaves is the same in every country. hahahaha.... not different!

Those aunties on the photo end up don't buy the fruits from this seller. It seems they don't agree with something and I saw the seller push away his bicycle with anger. 

All this happened while I was waiting for the red tourist bus to the next scenic area.

Diecai Hill Scenic Area

Address: North of Fubo Hill and the west bank of Lijiang River

I kind of love the beautiful scenery here. Diecai Hill is the name given during Tang Dynasty which means folded colours hill.

The view from this hill is really fantastic. Just climb the stairs up and you will be greeted by a magnificent view.

You can shop for some souvenirs here too. But I am not a souvenir person. hahaha... I just walk pass by them.

Tea Seller Act

Right before the souvenir place, there is this dried tea seller who put up an act. I don't speak Chinese but the act was so obvious and I almost laugh at both of them when the act repeated with the same line when I was leaving the place. The act was, one guy, pretended to inquire about the tea and the seller diligently hard sell the tea. I was like kekekeke... laughing while looking at both of them. You think you can fool me ..ahhhhhh? I can't understand Chinese but it sounds like the same scripted line you acted when I just entered this place earlier. huhuhuh

Lots of hill climbing... huhuhuh

Nice cave and the grottoes.

The beautiful layered colour hills.

Spectacular view from the top.

Apparently, I can slide down from the top but I didn't do it! Why? I was alone up there. I doubt and fear for my safety though!

Time to grab some lunch and dinner. It was late afternoon by the time I came down from the hill. I don't go to the famous Red Fleet Cave, which is another landmark of Guilin.

I ate lamb Jiaozhi and bell pepper stir-fried. I noticed the vegetables here in Guilin taste really fresh and sweet.

I still have a bit of strength to walk around before called off the day. I need to catch the bus at 7am to catch a 4 hours Li River Cruise to Yangshuo.

I bought warm Taro Coconut Milk drink as my dessert. 

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  1. Wowww cantiknyaa hasil kikisan batu tu..
    Cenderamata di situ pun menarik juga...and Sis nak tanya laa Cindy..kalau naik ke atas tu, nanti turunnya pun sama jalan masa naik ya? atau keluar jalan lain? Nampak macam tinggi..

    1. Yup!jalan sama turun. Tinggi la juga. Tapi jalan dia senang je nak naik.

  2. wow..nice place, Nampak sangat tenang dan sejuk. Kalau suka tempat adventure mcm ni boleh la pergi..menarik. Rugi la kalau tak beli souvenier sana..hehe

    1. Kena bargain...kita tak pandai cakap Cina. Nanti kena scam terus spoil the whole journey. Nak shopping ada tempat lagi murah. Bukan dekat tourist attraction la.

  3. The natural scene here is simply mindblowing. Never seen anyone sharing their trip to this place.
    Thanks for the video. Considering to visit here next year.

  4. Rindunya Guilin! Yaya pernah ke Guilin , China pada akhir 2014 bersama team media untuk Airasia. Memang seronok kesana melihat dan menghayati budaya serta scenery di sana. Macam-macam tempat kami lawati dalam masa 6 hari tu ^_^

  5. Hye.. Pertama kali, Naim ucapkan happy new year kepada kamu. hehe. Banyak tempat yang menarik ya di negara China ini kan. Naim tidak pernah jejaki kaki lagi. Bagaimana dengan makanan halal? mudah di dapati tak?

    1. I have been travelling to few cities of China last year and Halal food is easy here. Try to locate the nearest mosque and you will find Halal food easily.

  6. Bnyk tmpt mnrik ye dekat guilin btw nd pun blom prnah sampai ke sana..trtarik dgn souvenier kat sana..msti rmbang mata nk pilih yg mna nk bawak balik malaysia kan cindy..

  7. Tingginya kena naik.. Tapi tengok pemndangan dari atasbtu cantik betul.. Dhla sejuka erk.. Kikisan batu tu nampak menarik.. You so licky dapat travel tempat orang..

  8. wow. indah. nyaman.
    tersimpan 1001 sejarah lama kan di tempat2 gini.
    mesti jaga dgn baik utk generasi akan dtg.
    i haven't gone to guilin. but heard about it. read about it.
    the scenery yg buat hati tourists terpaut dgn guilin :)

  9. nice sharing...tq cindyrina!..cantik tempatnya...mmg meninggalkan kenangan indah...

  10. Seronok tengok awak dah sampai ke sana. Banyak juga tempat yang menarik. Tapi kan sis tengok dari gambar-gambar awak tu, tempat kat sana bersih la. Memang takde sampah ekk??

    1. Memang bersih kat sini Sis. They all memang well maintained dan cleaner they all sentiasa ada untuk bersihkan.

  11. Guilin memang dah ada dalam my wish list...memang cantik kat sana..kena tggu keadaan reda dan lepas tue bole travel to Guilin.


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