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How to Buy the Right Bra ?

Warning! This post is all about 'boobies'. If you have an allergy to 'boobies', please do not read this post. Don't blame me for not warning you. Read at your own risk.😝

I really love shopping. Who doesn't? My most favourite shopping items are clothing and beauty care. There is one thing will give me an eerie and heavy heart if you even give me free shopping money for this item. Bra! For such a small item of clothing, bras are the hardest task for me. 

First of all, I have bad experience shop for my own bra a long time ago. My perception, the salesperson who man the bra section mostly aunties who just care about the commission. Unlucky me always met the sales person who will criticize my 'poor boobies'. I have experienced one salesperson scoop up my 'boobies' just to check on my size. WTH! Super rude! I was taken aback at that time. Immediately made a 'U-turn' and never return. I was so puzzled and confused at that time. Why she wants to molest me like that??? I would rather wear my old bra for the next 10 years. Hurllll! 

You women we can't really do that. It would be more harmful if we use the bra that doesn't suit our 'boobies'. If we end up gain 5kg more of weight, same goes for your 'boobies' too. This is what happens to me too. Mine has increased at least 10 from my original size. WTH! No wonder my weight increased a lot. It must be my 'boobies' weight. lol...kekekeke

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Look around if you see any woman around has not so smooth 'boobies' shape? If you see any awkward shape 'boobies' means that woman is having a problem in selecting the right bra. Guys! beware of your eyes. Don't get slap because you stare others boobies. lol 😂

Nowadays, there are many types of bra selling at the counter. Beautiful colours from plain to the lacey one. Mine always black and plain. Yeah! yeah! boring choice right?
I always wondering, how would I find the right bra for my 'boobies'. My current bra either the strap is hurting my shoulder skin or the bra keep moving placement every time I move around. I feel super uncomfortable to wear mine.

I was so excited when Butterfly Beauty Bloggers community invited me to attend 'Neubodi Fit For A Different Workshop'.
The workshop held at Neubodi Kota Damansara (Opposite Encorp Strand Mall),52A, Jalan PJU 5/20D, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It's just a small boutique. My perception on entering into a bra boutique turn around 360 degrees now.

About Neubodi

NEUBODI was established in the year 2008 by founder Ms Ann Tan. Proud to announced that Neubodi is Malaysia's first fitting specialist retail chain store to offer customers the service and knowledge of buying the right-fitted bra. Neubodi adopted propriety holistic methods approach of personal fitting synonym with its tagline " Every Woman Deserves the Right Bra".

Each bra from Neubodi goes through at least 45 stages of assembly with over 60 different parts of materials to create an impeccable fit. Neubodi's retail collection comes in a variety of hand-sewn comfortable innerwear and lingerie care products spanning over 600 sizes including plus sizes and is produced in an extensive range of designs and colours. 

The company also has an active sportswear line. Neubodi headquarter located in Kota Damansara and today has 70 team members across 10 retail outlets nationwide. Neubodi was awarded " Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand " in May 2011 proving its product innovation, business performance, service capabilities and societal impact.

Neubodi recently continues to soars and spreading its wings to 2 new outlets in KL City Centre and Johor Bahru. Awesome! for a local company. You can check out on more of Neubodi outlet at their official Facebook 

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Before attending the workshop by Neubodi, my bra look like the left one. Yes! I am not joking about this. This is true! I was glad to spend my 3 hours at Neubodi and learn more about 'boobies' and get bra fitting by friendly Neubodi's Bra Specialist. They know your size by scanning your Boobies, yo! No joke about this!

The lady who was attending me that day can get the right size fit me just by one look. Hurll!!! She then uses her hand to measure my rib cage to ensure it again.

I wanted to pick more bras to bring home but due to my enormous boobies size...huhuhuh.. That expanded boobies size kind of unintentionally though. I have a weight gain of 12 kg over the years which comes along with my boobs. Nothing to proud of. I have not many choices to bring home. Anyway, I end up brought two bras back home.

What I learn from Neubodi's Bra Specialist?

1. Wear the Right Bra

I learn how to wear the right bra to fit me. No joke it is a huge difference when you wear one that fits you well. Even the posture look so much different. I thought just me. The other butterflies who were with me that day acknowledged it too.

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2. Wash Bra Correctly

Do not throw your bra into the washing machine. Since our bra is not that dirty anyway, just soaked it for 10 minutes with chemical free detergent then rub it against each other and then hand it upside down while putting on the buckle on both bands.

3. Many types of bra

Well... I only familiar with 3 out of the list. Since I have been using wired push up bra all the way, it makes my boobies kind of soft and not firm. Damn! The shape kind of run a bit. So currently need more effort to make it firmer and beautiful. kekeke...If guys reading this post they will be...😣

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Image Credit to Neubodi

4. Anatomy of a Bra

You know what??? All these years all I know if bra strap and bra buckle. The rest....mmmm.I don't even know what is the name. What I learn at Neubodi that day was a really priceless experience. Thanks for my ignorant for over many years.
The best to wear the bra with great underarm support. You can get them at Neubodi. In fact the bra specialist would encourage you to go for this type especially if you are a plus size like me.

Image Credit to Neubodi

Image Credit to Neubodi

Image Credit to Neubodi

5. It is not scary anymore to walk into a bra boutique

Neubodi representative said, Neubodi always open door to all ladies to walk into their shop and get a bra fitting by their bra specialist for free. It is ok if you walk out with an empty hand. It is not necessary to buy any bra from their shop. They are sincere in helping the woman out there to wear the right bra. All you need is 20 minutes of your precious time. I can assure you will feel this is the best time spent.

Image Credit to Neubodi

I want to end my post with 6 Tips for buying the perfect bra.

1. Know your body type - for example 'apple shape' or 'pear shape' body

2. Open minded about body size - bra size is just a number. The most important is the bra fits yours well.

3. Be flexible - I love a certain type of bra but those bra doesn't even suit me. I am ok with it as long as my boobies are well protected.

5. Do a list - for example, colours and bra type.

6. Go to the right place - I would recommend you to visit Neubodi soonest to get the bra fitting by their Bra Specialist and at the same time take this chance to ask them some questions that you won't get to ask anywhere else. Most of all, Neubodi bra specialist don't talk down at you and very professional in what they are doing.

Neubodi Bra pricing range is super affordable with no compromise in high quality.

Image Credit to Neubodi

Are you wearing the right Bra ?

Get your Bra fitting today at any of  Neubodi Boutiques : 

  • One Utama
  • Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre
  • Bangsar Village II
  • Empire Shopping Gallery
  • Encorp Strand
  • Mid Valley Megamall
  • Gurney Plaza
  • Imago Shopping Mall
  • Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
  • Vivacity Megamall
Or visit their offical website


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