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Here goes my waffle

I started out very bubbly and chirpy as usual on Monday morning. Everything went hair wired after lunch. No.. no.. not due to heavy lunch! I just took mushroom omellet and my favourite 'okra' for lunch. Maybe part of it due to my 2nd day PMS. Yeah! when you are not married and mid 30s your hormones tend to influence your system and emotion. I can't deny this.
Mid life crisis hahaha...

Yeah yeah I still can laugh despite having a bad day. Not too bad but still unexpected for Monday.

What happen after lunch?
I got bad migrane and make thing worst I have to maintain my sweet smile despite being in pain just to make sure my emotion doesn't affect people around me... If not people will start saying yeah!!! she is not married and lack of sex thats why so emotional....Ah! so painful..

I went back on time today. Thank God! my Boss went home early today.
My uterus part very painful plus my head feeling like got hammered or something.
I still need to drive home.. on the way feeling like vomitting ah! my gastric 'pulak'... but as usual still maintain like strong lady as usual.. me and my EGO!

'Tapau' some food on the way back.
Best thing.. after 'tapau' my waffle I opened my car and straight sat at the back of the car (passenger seat) . Then I realise .. Oh mummy! this is my car! How can I sat on the passenger seat when I am the one suppose to drive the car back home... Aiyooohh!! what happen to me?
Laughing all the way home despite being in pain... Very funny!!!
I must be thinking I have a driver or something hihihi... me and my biggest dream ....

I went to the wrong junction on the way home and end up journey home of 10 minutes became 25 minutes due to my lack of focusness on my way back to my house. Damn! what happen...
I am in pain here...

Reach home, put down all my thing. I took long hot shower. Then open my 'Competitive Strategy' study guide and look for my waffle.
Aikks! where is my waffle. I remember took up just now.
When I thing harder then I remember...
Oh! girl... what you have done????
I remember I took lift up and straight to rubbish room and throw my waffle?
Did I really throw it away???
I went to the rubbish room to confirm and yes! I saw same plastic bag and confirm my waffle in there...
Ah! there goes my dinner... what is in my mind when I did that?
X File!!! unsolved mystery..

Seriously blurr Monday for me..

End up drink red date + rose bud tea to cure my pms pain and yes I am still hungry...
No appetite anymore... when I think about my waffle in the rubbish goes my waffle.. and my dinner...

This is what happen when you are alone and nobody to divert you back to the reality world.
End up waffle in the rubbish room???


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