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How To Achieve A Healthy Mind and Body During This Pandemic Time


By now most of us has been missing out on our usual normal life like previously, right? Step out from home with a bare face (no mask up), don't have to concern about social distancing. We enjoy our high flying job with a monthly paycheck, eat out and take out and so on. I am not sure about you, but I personally miss the freedom, I used to have back then.

Some of us has begun to start living a normal life but not some of us are so lucky as you, thought.

Many of us lose our job due to pandemics and are forced to explore other possible available opportunities for survival sake. It's really hard to cope with losing the job and at the same time freedom was taken from you too. Everything is within whatever space you have at home. Those who are in a rented place is worried about paying the next month rent and so many other commitment. Totally mental health affected for some of us. This is where the news gets sadder and sadder when we read the suicidal rate has increased drastically during the pandemic.

I personally cope with my mental health by getting myself distract through online games and so on. I don't go for war or anything too intense. I am prefer something relaxing such as farming, building the city and cooking games. Cooking games are my all-time favourite game. I found a Free Online Games website that offers a huge collection of more than 150 online games which suits people who have an interest in food, farming, cooking, the culinary arts, the restaurant business and best of all it this is website offers hospitality-related certification and careers opportunities as well. The latest area they develop tools related to weight loss, which is obviously my favourite.

Why do I dare to write about this website? This is because the games here can be freely played without any advertisement or any other hidden branding placement. The games here are all suitable for both kids and adults. Don't blame me if you find yourself addicted to any of these games. hahahaha... But hey! I am really glad to share something as good as mind therapy for you out there. 

Some of the interactive and fun online game collections here are :

  • Cooking and Kitchen Work πŸ‘‰ here you will learn to track multiple tasks in the kitchen and learn how to follow the basic recipe
  • Food Education Games πŸ‘‰ I would say this is a good awareness education to learn about healthy foods Vs unhealthy foods and recycle waste.
  • Serving eaters πŸ‘‰ you will learn how to make sandwiches or play waiter. Hey guy! this really helps those who don't even know how to prepare your own sandwich at home.
  • Farming πŸ‘‰ I realize that I will not have the opportunity to do my own farming so this is really an eye-opener experience to learn about farms, farm animals and farming.
  • Other Fun Food-themed games you can find here :

  1. Arcade Classic Games πŸ’¨ Fruit snake, airport rush and food delivery rush
  2. Platform Games πŸ’¨ candy girl adventure, fruit adventure. the greedy chef and more
  3. Music games πŸ’¨  make noise or music with Tom & Jerry
  4. Glass filling games πŸ’¨ Happy filled glass, all 3 filled glass games, fruit splash, liquid orange
  5. Physics Puzzle Games πŸ’¨candy pig,, milk for the cat, cut for cat, jelly in the portal, mortar watermelon
  6. Slicing Games πŸ’¨ Cut Fruit, Fruit Slasher, Fruit Boom & more
  7. Memory & Matching Games πŸ’¨ Fruit Memory, Sweet Memory & more
  8. Mahjong Games πŸ’¨ Mahjong Solitaire & Mahjong Connect
  9. Paint by Number Games πŸ’¨ simple pixelated nonograms
  10. Logic Puzzle Games πŸ’¨ Fruit Tiles & Plumber Soda logic puzzles
  11. Match 3 games πŸ’¨ Candy Fiesta, Donuts, Ice Cream Frenzy & more
  12. Idle Games πŸ’¨ Merge Cakes, Pancake Pileup, Spaghetti, Mummy Candies & more

These are all games for your beloved kids to get some familiarization in hospitality and also some basic culinary skills at home. Most games here are interactive and educational. Even as an adult, I enjoy playing the games here. 

Here are my favourite games in random order :

Cooking and Kitchen Work - The Boiled Eggs

As its name sounded a bit easy-breezy games. As if you don't need to overthink just to boil an egg. Who doesn't know how to boil eggs, right? But to me, this game is quite challenging though! It's all about time controlling to get a perfect egg and avoid kitchen disasters. What I learned from The Boiled Eggs Game?

πŸ‘‰ Time management

πŸ‘‰ Stay focused and alert

πŸ‘‰ Stay calm in a hectic situation

I like everything about this game but the only room for improvement for this game developer is to make the colour of the visual brighter and have better sound effects to make it attractive. Even music or the background sound could be improved with something funny or tacky to make it more fun. I will play this game but don't have any interest to play it for a longer time. 

Cooking and Kitchen Work - Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake

The description stated is all about making your children familiar with the kitchen. But the more I played this game, make me felt more confident in baking a chocolate cake. For your information, I am very bad at baking. What I have learned from the Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake game?

πŸ‘‰ Skill to follow instructions

πŸ‘‰ Ingredients required to bake a chocolate cake

πŸ‘‰ Familiarize with baking tools and ingredients

Personally, I think the games to some extend could be a bit boring. I wish the background music could be better. Like they can make the music fun for people to stay longer in the game. I wish they add the measurement of the chocolate cake ingredients so the kid or even myself have the urge to bake it in real life and enjoy a chocolate cake. It could be a real-life experience for the player. 

I skipped the Food Education Games as an adult who already have knowledge on food and also recycle waste. However, I highly recommend for parents let their children play the games here. Especially, children at an age that need education on food and also give them awareness on recycle waste.

Serving Eaters - My favourite is Burger Now and Burger Time

Although the games speed describes as suit kids from fourth grade to sixth grade, I find myself enjoying this kind of game. I guess it is just my interest!

Seriously, this game could annoy me to the max especially when there are impatient customers. Hahaha to be exact, I was too slow in fulfilling their orders.

So, what I have learned from Serving Earters Burger Now and Burger Time?

πŸ‘‰ Time Management

πŸ‘‰ Multi-Tasking

πŸ‘‰ Anger Management

πŸ‘‰ Try to let go of certain things

In my opinion, just like any other games I have played on this site, I wish they really can make improvements for visual to be more realistic and brighter colour since the current one has dull vibes.

Another game in serving eaters which you shouldn't give a miss is Nickelodeon Cooking Contest. Although, I don't really go into details of this game. I just tried to play two games from here since it has 10 different mini-games. You can introduce your kids to play these interactive games and it teaches kids to slice food, mix ingredients and control cooking timing. Some of the games include making Holland Oats, Krabby Patty, Sushi Dushi, A Kelp Shake, Donuts, Avocado Toast, Sponge Cake, Love Muffins, Hudson's Juice Blend and Steak & potatoes. 

It's really fun, especially, when can learn how to follow instructions and self-control. This game teaches a kid to accept failure and enjoy success every time they play this game. The background intro music is a bit annoying though.

There are many other games on this website and you should experience them yourself. Just hit into the site now link HERE.

All the games here are desktop and mobile-friendly. When you click on each game it will open in the new tab which makes it exclusive to the game chosen. The wholesome experience is a really fun and interactive environment.

As an adult, although this website stated as Free Online Kids Cooking Games, you can also explore opportunities such as :

Culinary Art Schools - where you can find top culinary schools here. 

US Cooking Schools - State by State List of Cooking Schools to suit your geographical area.

International Cooking Schools - You can choose the most popular international culinary school here.

Culinary Careers - Provide listing for chef job and any other culinary or hospital industry career opportunities.

Good news! this website is not just about gaming. Recently, they have launched a new tool which I find really beneficial and interest many of us:

Cooking ingredients measurement calculator

For the Cooking ingredients measurement calculator, I find it really helpful especially for people like me who are used to eating out and suddenly due to the pandemic was forced to eat at home more often. I couldn't effort to order online most of the time due to heavy delivery costs. So, I opted to cook at home. Being a not so skilful cook, I seek online recipes and so on to prepare my meal. Sometimes a craving for dessert which the recipe has certain measurements to make it works. I find measurements in baking or cooking is kind of tricky. 

I am glad this website has the recipe ingredient conversion calculator. It's really straightforward and simple to use. 

Just enter the 'initial amount' and then choose your desired conversion from the drop-down menu. For example from 'teaspoons to ml' or 'cup to ml', 'teacup to cup' or even 'glass to cup'. 

At first, I was doubtful about the cup and glass conversion since the size of glass and cup may vary for some of us. But they are being so detailed to even specified shot glasses from around the world.

One thing really makes me love this site more and more is they have the convenient conversion chart ready. They have the measurement, temperature and even weight.

I use these cooking ingredients calculators so frequent these days.

I wish they cater for Asian region needs too. Anyway, is not so big deal about it since we here in an Asian country can get the other countries tools easily and match theirs.

Weight Loss Calculator

When I first enter into this weight loss calculator, I was a bit puzzled because it shows in lbs and ft or with which I was not so familiar. Then only found out, need to on the 'metric' to change to cm and kg. This is totally a free weight loss calculator with no hidden agenda like asking you to buy any ebook whatsoever. So worry not!

I consider myself obese. Struggling to lose weight in at this late 40s age. I am really glad this website is kind of helpful to analyse my body weight and even define the jargon such as workout calories, WTH which is Waiste to Height, Weeks to Reach Your Goal and so on.

Practically this is the most detail-free guide for me to achieve my ideal weight for this year. I will make use of this website from now on.

On top of that, you can calculate body fat for free using the calculator πŸ‘‡

Body Fat Calculator

Frankly speaking, I am under the higher fat category. Aihhh...I am very disappointed with myself for this. Oh by the way the Body Fat percentage and BMI are two different things. You can read more in the body fat calculator site link πŸ‘†

To be honest, I never find such information and details tools for free on one website. The calculator tools here are very straightforward and easy to use too. Just enter your details in the column and get the result. 

There are many tips and guides on how to improve it for your health sake.

Workout Calories Calculator

I would say, after discovering this, I can be my own personal trainer this year. They even have a free workout calculator. At least my daily 1 1/2 hours of brisk walking become meaningful. See my result πŸ‘‡ after I input my data into the calculator. 

You can check out the website link  ☝ to get more detailed information there.

I wish they can develop a free personalized meal plan and the recipe for weight loss to suit each body after analysing the results from calculator tools.

I added this website as my favourite for the year 2022 to achieve my weight loss goal for a healthy body. I hope by sharing my latest discovery here can benefit you who stumble upon my blog.


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