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I was sulky for the last 2 weeks. Not in the mood to even do anything. Goshhh!!! aging syndrome is closer to me. WTH! I manage to get to my senses to the reality of living and surviving alone. Don't really have anybody to turn to for comfort , I comfort myself easily. WTH! Sounds pathetic life, huh? I chose to live this way anyway...I will choose this again if giving a chance again. ish ish ish...stubborn fella. One lonely anti social fella! Back to the reality of life again...I am having this painful which I thought just a normal muscle pain for the pass one month. I got it from my own negligence. Haihhhh! I wanted to get the car lock from back seat. Since the lock ran far from my arm length reach, I end up twisted the whole body to the 45 degree...eerrrrr I guess its 45 degree because I don't the way who measure that? Thats how its happen. From then, the pain is bad and still bad while I am writing this post too. It is ok when walking


I have been blogging for quite sometimes now and along the way I received some weird requests. When I say weird....really trust me its weird and totally mind blowing. #SELLING VIRGINITY POST Most recent was this request from this 24 years old young lady who want me to publish her post to sell her virginity. WTH! The message to me was written in French. "salut Cindy je suis Harmony Mangbel une congolaise j'ai 23ans je cherche comment vendre ma virginite tu peux m'aider comment puis-je le publier? je serai a Bruxelles le 24juillet tu voudras bien qu'on fasse connaissance?" Translated version :  " Cindy hi I am Congolese Harmony Mangbel 23 years I am looking to sell my virginity how can you help me ho can I publish? I will be in Brussels on 24 July. Do you have knowledge?" Get a life girl! You can sell your so called vagina else where!  My blog is not a whore site. Shall I ask her how much is the price? Anyway....SPAM you go


image credit to google search Today we are celebrating the  'Let it Go' Day!!! IMA was driving to work since 5:50am and the journey of one hour drive...IMA was overdosed with 'Let it Go' song by IMA listen to every version in the world of same song from different  language...Hindi, French, Germany, Italian....for the whole one hour. Gosh! Like a brain wash kind of 'mantra'. One car give no signal suddenly jump the line. On normal day, IMa will be cursing left right centre. But today...IMA just 'Let it Go'! 'Let it Go'! When IMA trying to change lane...and the motorbikers don't let IMA go.... On normal day,IMA will retreat and continue the journey. But today...IMA was praying hard while trying all out while singing...'Let me Go'! 'Let me Go'! Eheh.... This morning IMA's head got knock out with car door while struggling to get out from the car.The heavy ass and clumsy woman normally


Like it or not Blogger is the new outreach concept for advertiser. There are many of them just a bunch of freebies grabber which I could say they are the one who tarnish the blogger sphere. Many of them really take blogging seriously and totally into it out of passion to writing and discovering new things. Real blogger does not write the untrue story because the blogger are suppose to be the real consumer testimonial. The sweetening stories on product only come if it really works.  The truth is many bloggers gives a fake review just to please the advertiser or PR firm to gain more future invites and  sponsorship. Shame on them. I took blogging as my passion since last year and my inbox are pouring with opportunities to cover the latest and the greatest things. These opportunities comes equally with trash inquiries too. 1. "YOU WEREN'T INVITED, BUT PLEASE PUBLISH HOW GREAT OUR EVENT WAS." How do I comment this?  Well...if you think blogger i


Last Friday...I was walking around KLCC. I was not in the right mind due to lots of think a tank going on since last night. Damn!  While walking around...feel like craving for a slice of authentic moist butter cake.WTH! I found my favourite cafe sells butter cake to my liking. At cashier..... Back home...look myself in the mirror...OMG!!! I look like 'mad woman' and my hair really go 'hair wire' just like my mind.isk isk isk... I swearrrrrrrr!!!! I 'die die' hate that fella. At least tell la....huhuhuhuh... I was proud walking around KLCC for hours feeling like so 'PRETTY WOMAN! WTH! The truth is.... DAMN!!! thats why so many eyes looking at me today. I thought I was extra attractive. isk isk isk...DAMNNNN!!!! Can't let go that embarrassing feeling for days...after the incident. Lesson learn : Mirror will be my BEST FRIEND from now on. That butter cake...I am not eating it more! O


Ollaaaaaa!!! Happy Monday Blues..... Let me cheer up with good news...I am pregnant lady now. Good news hor? I also don't know how to re act to this sudden news! WTH! This happened last few weeks. I was entering one way out door.  The door open from the other side and of human passing through. I have no choice but to wait patiently for this crowd to pass by. Suddenly.... Guy : Oiiii Oiiii... wait up ! (he put his hands up) I heard the voice from behind him..."what? what? Guy : Give way for this pregnant lady.... His eyes fixed on me... WTH! Me??? I look behind me...mmmm pregnant lady. He means I am that pregnant lady?? Ahhhh....with one hand supporting my back. I started my act just like pregnant lady, pass through that doorway with others waiting patiently with pity look at this fake and heavy pregnant lady...WTH Me : Thank you Thank you Guy : No problem..


I went into 'hiatus' for few days! Nobody noticed?? Nobody miss me???... haisshhhhh!!!! (head down like ostrich) kekekekeke use the word 'hiatus' to cover my lack of ideas on what to update here. WTH! Anyway...I really think a lot these few days....well, not just these few days. I have been on thinking mode since back from South Korea last 2 months. I think until my hair fall...and I have problem clearing my hair trails on the floor because the vacuum cleaner was full and I don't have back up bag. Adoiiiii!!!! I guess I will turn into bald woman soon! Many people who are near to me said I am wasting my precious times for these few months and many also said just take my times.  I really in dilemma and at the junction which I don't know, whether to move forward? or to turn to the left or to the right and for sure not a 'U' turn. Which path shall I take? My decision at this age is really crucial. When it come to making decision, there are


I was doing some online reading to refresh my memory to management theory. I am sharing the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs which is all of us are surviving for and working hard to achieve in life. Do you achieve all 5 in this Maslow's Needs Model? How satisfy and thankful you are with your current needs fulfillment in life ? This is one of my favorite theories which I have learn but forgotten over the years due to lack of practice. isk isk isk. Year 2014 is going to over in another 2 weeks. How is your life so far? When talking about life , I remember that movie called 'Forest Gump' and it famous saying, LIFE IS A BOX OF CHOCOLATE. I elaborate further on why is Life is like a box of Chocolate you received. We are not talking about a box of chocolate with assorted one. The moment of choosing which one to eat it will result in completely different new taste. Once you have chosen and don't look back no matter how it taste. If you decide to pu


As we move through life, it is hard for us to avoid things that cause regret and disappointment.  We may lack the strength to change this ....but what we can change is the attitude with which we approach all these setbacks. Since it is impossible to avoid regrets in our lives, the attitude we adopt towards these regret is extremely important. A different attitude can result in a completely different quality of life. There are many things in our lives that are not as we would wish. Sometimes they are neither rational nor fair! We may lack of strength to change them, but we can change our feelings and attitude. Looking at things in this way, we can say that people see whatever is in their heart! If as a person we cannot accept these regrets, what kind of consequences will lead to in future???? I wonder... If a person's inner heart is free from worries, indecision and fear, they will naturally have fewer complaints about the world around them and their


Last Friday night, while I am trying to sleep....It was a long day for me. So I am really freaking tired that night. Trying to sleep well....then... One SMS came through at 11:47pm. At first I don't feel like want to even look at it.   However...since I am one fella who can't let go thing easily. I have a quick look with one eyes open. " StanChart:Purchase of USD89.90 from card ending XXXX on 26/9/2014 at 11:29PM. Available credit XXXXX. Visit" My both eyes wide open...WTH!!!! OMO! OMO! Which ghost is digging into my purse and have a happy shopping free online with my credit card???? WTH!!!! What should I do??? What if another USD1k pop out??? I think I would faint!!!! OK..relaxxxx...don't panic! My last transaction using this card was on the same day afternoon to reload my starbuck card. I dig out my purse and took out my credit card for bank phone number. Calmly explained to the Customer Service. The


Oh gosh!  I 've been blogging for almost 6 years now. Crazy to just think about this! Many things about me exposed to the wide world. Ah! no more privacy??? So like celebrity feels..owhhhhhh!!!! Why I start blogging?? You can read it here . What is blogging? Blogging is writing and thinking. Writing and thinking is good therapy for your well being. I don't know about others but to me writing and thinking make me feel a lot better if I have a bad day or sad about certain things in life. Since my blog mainly on personal genre so its a mixture of all about my encounter in life. I just write about my daily thoughts and sometimes being crazy and wacky about stuff. I try not to be so emo on my blog. Yeah! certain things you gotta keep it for yourself isn't??? WTH! Of course sometimes I feel tempting and wanna bitch and rant about my Boss and that fella and this fella...but I don't feel good to do such things. It end up stack up in my head and heart


Being left handed or lefty means there are a lot of little everyday inconveniences throughout my childhood until I am at my age now. I read lefties are normally is in the gene. Too bad...I am the only 'ugly duckling' in my family! The one and only lefties! I have one 'mole' on my lefthand. I can only recognise the left and right using this mole. Yeah! I am that woman who still unable to tell the left and right without my 'mole'. Gosh! that bad ar this woman? Ya lor! isk isk isk When I was cute adorable little girl....I received countless spanking to my wrist by the elders who was trying hard to force me change from being a lefty. Bad Omen! WTH! So tortures!!!!....I wish I grow up very fast at point of time and give them a hard spank too! How dare???....hehehehe...Anyway, the stubborn me never give up and determine to be a lefty forever!!!! muahahaha... the fact is...IMA tried my best but unable to change the lefties fact in me.isk isk isk... Remember


I started my blog when I was so stress up with my work and studies. At that time was my peak period. Juggling with high demand Boss and getting use of becoming a student after 10 years never study.WTH! I need a space to rant badly or I will go complete PHD (Permanent Head Damage). My initial blog name started on March 2009 and later on change it to Why I change the name? Lol! Single woman sounds like I am desperate looking for man...huhuhuhu...don't want to be sounded that way. I change it to Princess Cindyrina because to me I am a Princess in my own way! Oh well I am a Princess to my parent! They are my King and Queen. I basically, treat my blog as my online diary and then when I started to travel abroad...I end up writes more about it too. Many think being a blogger can get passive income and then enjoy by the beach or sitting at Starbuck or Coffee Bean enjoying coffee and surfing on the net or whats


    Merdeka eve was a very uptight day for me. Spending the whole morning waiting for the plumber to come and fix clog kitchen sink. Yeah yeah...finally have the courage to call plumber to check on the clogging . The appointment suppose to be at 10:30am...and the nervous woman woke up as early as 3:40am. WTH! I can't even sleep! Seriously I have big issue here. I drove out to buy newspaper and some drink as early as 7:00am on Saturday morning. I wrote down the plumber name on the piece of paper and pass it to the guard at the guard house. WTH! The guard don't even know what is plumber means? I have a hard time explaining to the guard on what is plumber....and I lose my temper! Calm down! don't be so uptight early in the morning....I keep telling myself to ease. Down at the parking lot, I notice the piping bend a lot..aissshhhh whose house it link to??? I wonder??? Must be suffering clogging like mine! Up to the house...waited again...nervousl


Getting Rid of Everything Rotten in my Life? GET RID ALL THE ROTTEN thing around me and move forward are not easy task!!! Yeahhhh!!! if letting go is an easy task then no stress exist....right??? Especially when I already reached at mid level and experienced many things to be at who I am right now....letting go is the biggest decision in life. Make it more dramatic...matter of LIFE AND DEATH!!!! So serious...mehhhh???? When it comes to life???? I am wide awake and conscious on surrounding... and suppose to be in controlled to my own life. Of course its serious!!!! When it comes to death??? Fear of death...may be...because don't know what to expect! My death time is not up to me to am not in control of that! long as I don't harm others and be a good human in this life...the rest I leave it to God! Age never come back. Example who have chance to be at 23 years old twice??? Mad! If you can be at 23 years old twice means you ar


I am getting older and my resolution getting more weird! Ah! see the title enough to figure out how weird I can be.WTH!!! Recently, my kitchen sink clogging like mad!!! Water just don't goes down like normal....don't know where it gone wrong here??? Since I am reluctant to get any stranger into my 'habitat' (kekekeke...sounds like a tiger den huh?) I decided to settle this on my own. Yeah right!!!! like this woman got that 'motor skills' in her??? Hard to belief huh??? Me too!!!! I am so unbelievable!!!! Since last weeks I tried to use 'super powerful' unclogged chemical but the attempt was bloody useless. I tried 'youtube'!!!! kekekeke internet can solve problem huh??? The plumber channel taught me to do volcano eruption in the sink using baking powder and vinegar. Oh!!! that volcano eruption???? It works and I really get that very fascinated eruption!!!! Did it really solve my problems???? HELL NO!!! It just the baking powde


I am typing this entry while watching 'Sailor Moon'. Yeah! my favourite heroic Serina the Sailor Moon and I adore her since I small kid. Guess what ???? My previous dreams is to be Sailor Moon. WTH??? Before I get excited and carried away with my Sailor Moon story.... Let me just pour out why I just missed my chance to be Super Famous for the wrong reason like KIKI THE STEERING LOCK ROAD WARRIOR from Kuantan. Yesterday afternoon went back home early. Cindyrina the Sailormoon happily drive home.....shalalalalalalala... my heart singing and the radio is playing Sudirman the 'Balik Kampung' song. I sang along happily the happy festive song. I was queuing up at the toll plaza cash lane since the smart tag lane seems not working and long queue. Then while humming away to Bruno Mars song....ok don't laugh. I was humming away for the Will You Marry Me song. kekekeke My eyes glance at the rear mirror and saw this one Kancil drove fast like he is not braking at all

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