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Oh gosh!  I 've been blogging for almost 6 years now.
Crazy to just think about this!
Many things about me exposed to the wide world. Ah! no more privacy???
So like celebrity feels..owhhhhhh!!!!
Why I start blogging??
You can read it here.

What is blogging?
Blogging is writing and thinking.
Writing and thinking is good therapy for your well being.
I don't know about others but to me writing and thinking make me feel a lot better if I have a bad day or sad about certain things in life.

Since my blog mainly on personal genre so its a mixture of all about my encounter in life. I just write about my daily thoughts and sometimes being crazy and wacky about stuff. I try not to be so emo on my blog. Yeah! certain things you gotta keep it for yourself isn't??? WTH!

Of course sometimes I feel tempting and wanna bitch and rant about my Boss and that fella and this fella...but I don't feel good to do such things. It end up stack up in my head and heart! Ah!so hurt....isk isk isk isk. My head now full of craps and heart become black coz all toxin cannot release out! kekekekeke.....I survive until now though!WTH!
Not everything in life need to be exposed...right?
Certain things in life need to live and die with us! 

For those who don't understand why people blog....let me tell your five reasons to blog.

1. Blogging is fun and entertaining
Mine is more personal blog so it falls under entertainment and fun. Do you sometimes laugh or feel entertaining when reads some of my post? If you do.....then my blog is entertaining...ngihihihihih

2. Blogging can increase your networking and exposure
Some people start a blog to expand their networking and opportunities with professional peers. They can establish their expertise and extend their online reach and broader audiences through blog.

3. Blogging to improve your writing skills
Many people start blogging to writes and share their opinion as citizen journalists. They share their opinion on many things happening around them. Many this type of blog gain great interest by audience. Reason their opinion are genuine and honest. 

4. Blogging for Business
Business blogs are very popular nowadays. No matter non profit organisation or profitable one...blogs are awesome tools to kick of social media sharing and word-of-mouth marketing. That is why these days, bloggers are a must to add in below line marketing plan for brand and product launch!

5. Blogging is Education
I love to read others blog. I learn many things from tips and some specific topic. I learn how to protect my blog to disable right click contents. You think I am a know how person? Nope! I learn many things from reading others content. It doesn't matter what topic the blogger writes...some may think its rubbish or nonsense....but some may find it education and learn many things out of your craps.

What is so good and bad about blogging? Well at least to me...and I don't know about any of you.


* I get to meet some awesome friends through blogging
* I can learn many things through reading other people blog 
* Therapy when I have a bad day
* I can recall my previous daily encounter and experience by browsing back to my previous entry. If suddenly disappear...oh gosh! I can imagine what will happen...please don't!!!!!
* Can  monetise out of it ,if you are smart enough....hehehe me less smart so not making much money out of this blog.

* If you write about too much personal stuff or sensitive may get some bad and negative comments.
* Some people think its too much an effort to write every single day...time consuming? I manage this since I normally writes all entry and schedule the publish in my desire time and date. I could write 3 - 5 post during weekend and publish it daily. So writing does not interrupt my daily life but its passion during weekend.
* Some people tends to be a lil bit show off in their blog. To me its personal preference. If you don't like to read then skip the blog. No point leaving negative comments and hurt others.

Overall , blogging its good for you to share your thoughts and meet more friends who share the same passion and learn from each other.



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