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I started my blog when I was so stress up with my work and studies. At that time was my peak period. Juggling with high demand Boss and getting use of becoming a student after 10 years never study.WTH!
I need a space to rant badly or I will go complete PHD (Permanent Head Damage).

My initial blog name started on March 2009 and later on change it to
Why I change the name?
Lol! Single woman sounds like I am desperate looking for man...huhuhuhu...don't want to be sounded that way. I change it to Princess Cindyrina because to me I am a Princess in my own way! Oh well I am a Princess to my parent! They are my King and Queen.

I basically, treat my blog as my online diary and then when I started to travel abroad...I end up writes more about it too.

Many think being a blogger can get passive income and then enjoy by the beach or sitting at Starbuck or Coffee Bean enjoying coffee and surfing on the net or whatsoever!

Aiyooohhh!!! where got such thing as so easy life one....even if your Dad inherit you with lots of cash also you will find your life ain't easy breazy!

Some thought can earn passive income through Google Adsense, Nuffnang or any other advertising networks and affiliates.

Well.... if you have many traffic to your is not possible to earn cash but not enough to pay for your Starbuck Coffee small size!

Forget about relaxing by the beach or sitting under the pyramid and see money coming in automatically to your accounts....DREAMS ON!!!

Google Adsense aka GA recently....banned me with reason 'suspicious illegal traffic'. Yeah! they suspect me purchase my traffic. Oh! what nonsense...I won't pay a dime to increase my traffic. People just happens to visit me because I am one FAMOUS AMOUS BLOGGER!!!! muahahahahahahaha
One psycho statement from me.WTH!
I would want to do the appeal again but really donno how to proof to them on the illegal traffic. How to proof if I don't have illegal traffic. By the way ...what is illegal traffic activities? I don't click on my own ad? mmmm...unless I really did it and don't realise it. mmmm can't remember that...How???

I joined Nuffnang with hope to receive some Advertorial from them...I love doing reviews but if there is some payment comes with my effort...mmmm...why not?
The first and the last advertorial I received from Nuffnang was Mamee Chef. That one also because the advertiser want to do mass reviews!
Since my blog traffic is damn low....hello???? since year 2009 to now...mine only at about 158k page views. This well said...I basically talking to myself and no audience!lol
Nuffnang do have Click Per View could see the banner in my blog here on top and at the side. As you miserable and pathetic...most of the time no ad to view! They put up their company ad which are meaningless to us blogger.
Why like that one???
Advertiser don't choose blog like mine. They prefer redmummy, fourfeetnine and many other Superstar bloggers who has millions of 'kaypohchee' viewing their blog and commenting to their blog to leverage on their super duper high traffic.WTH! Me just a 'kici meow meow'.

Me have opportunity attending event because I recently joined Butterfly Project community and met some people there and if they have some product launching and so on...they will extend some invite to me. Normally, blogger don't get paid to attend event or product launching. Of course some advertiser are good enough to pay token fees to blogger for their efforts...but most of the time they just give freebies and some refreshment during the event and launching. Cheap way to advertise their product..I guess!!! Some even have face to just throw in sample of other expiring products to blogger. Oh pay peanut you get monkey since this is your effort to the blogger than don't expect us to do a good shout out to your product then! Of course many generous one gives aways full sized and really treat bloggers with respect! It is all about WOM (Word of Mouth). To me all this just like when my free time and to spice up my life!

Only recently...I feel like I can really breathe from my work!
I have been working like 'donkey' and suddenly this year I feel so so so so tired!

Suddenly at this age...I fee like don't want to work anymore and sit quietly at home.
At this point of age...regret for not using up my youthful and seduce one chaebol...if not I will be enjoying my life like a rich lady after getting a divorce from my playboy chaebol husband. WTH!
Damn! I made the wrong turn....

What I learn ????

1. Keep my day job and blog is just a hobby. If got some cash earned out of it...just a top up to my traveling funds and go 'joli katak' online shopping! kekekeke

2. Networking is important so you can get some opportunities out of it! Ah!!! as usual I am suck at this area! hope!

3. Good contents is important! SEO SEO.

4. Good contents with no traffic???? Useless!

5. You need to be outstanding to gain interest to others. Promote yourself! I know one Singaporean who blog mainly about her plastic surgery experience and so on...and now she is famous! Me? could you expect me blog about plastic surgery???

 When....I am already this adorable??? Awhhhh!!! I don't need plastic surgey
What nonsense!!! This is natural adorable face! RRRRRRIGHTTTTT????
ngeeeehihihihihihihihi...another 'syiok sendiri' statement.

Hello! another 2 years don't expect me to publish this kind of picture of me like this anymore....people who read may throw up blood see my wrinkles saggy face trying to act cute...hahahahaha
Other method maybe to become sex blogger like Alvivi???
 Aissshhhh!!! what nonsense when they basically will end up behind bar and fork out more cash to pay the bail and fine.WTH! Do you want this kind of life? Famous for the wrong reason??? Peace life for me please....

Or may be get engage to a celebrity then that celebrity ditch me with some other hot celebrity! Then I blog about my heart broken? me blogging just like writing online diary and I really enjoy when I can just browse back to my previous post. Especially my traveling experience....and while reading it...I will keep praising myself...I achieved this with my own hard earned cash!

When I stop updating my blog....that is when I leave this world...the next generation who stumble upon my blog and read my experience....ah!!!! I feel like I am one of those name in the history world!

I created my own trail on this earth using this blog!

Achievement and at least I am not the forgotten one on this earth!


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