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Time is Wealth...
Wealth can be accumulated...
If you let Time slips away just like that.....
Can you turn back that Time?

The place that I worked are rather small to get own despatch to run errands for the office. Anyway if hire one it will be another headache to manage them.

Odd job such as pick documents and all those running around task totally need someone reliable to do it. Can you find someone reliable easily? If you get one...can anyone vouch they are reliable?

I always wish that if money can solve would make our life easier. People like me don't have any liberty to use that term money can solve everything since the money that I have is rather limited to do that. haihhhhh... 

Anyway, for small thing like running errands that can save my time, I would rather spend some on this to eliminate unnecessary obstacle in performing my paid day job.

running icon

I installed since last year but only have faith to use them because I am so desperate and no choice to deliver some important documents but unable to duplicate myself at the same time. Of course after reading all those good comments online drive me to gamble my clicking fingers to post my first job poster.

My GoGet experience

1st errand posted - deliver documents within an hour. I got my gogetter within less than 5 minutes. Its a guy who drive a Suzuki Jimny. I met him at lobby of my office building. Kind of professional. 

My receiver received the document within half an hour after it was collected from me. My 1st gogetter save my time!

2nd errand post - deliver documents within an hour too .I got my gogetter within less than 5 minutes too. A girl who drive Viva waiting for me at the Lobby.

My receiver even praised her for her professionalism to making sure she deliver it to the right person. YES! I got the documents delivered less than half hour.

3rd errand post - deliver document within an hour too. I got my gogetter within less than 5 minutes too. This man suppose to collect the document from another office and deliver to my office.

A little hiccups for this one but overall experience they are extremely reliable and honest. Most important all item reach you safely.  

All these tasks arrangement from my smartphone while having breakfast.

instructions to start GoGet

Do you know that Goget is not about getting your document deliver? You can post an errands like buying eggs or milk, buy food for you, stand in line for you, doing research, data entry , paint your house or even set up an event for your romantic proposal to your beloved one. 

instructions to start GoGet

This is what you say money can save your time!

benefits of GoGet

Don't worry about getting a lousy or bad gogetter.
Most gogetter are screened thoroughly by the team. They gone through a series of face to face interview , assessed on presentation, English proficiency, culture fit and background check. Each GoGetter went through training , sit a multiple choice test on navigation, communication solving skills , conflict resolution and culture.

No time to run your errands??? GOGET will got them done for your!

introduction to GoGet

For students, freelancer or whoever looking way to earn some cash, become a GoGetter can be an alternative rather than wasting your time.

For example a Part Timer at fast food restaurant earn like RM4 -5/hour. Being a GoGetter can earn at least RM10 maybe less than an hour errand. I paid my GoGetter at least RM10 to deliver a document at another office which is less than 5km away from me. The tips were paid cash on the spot! Don't you think this is good enough for a part time job?

You have free time and don't mind running errands for busy people? Be a GoGetter and earn cash for instant!

Disclaimer : Please note that this is not an advertisement. This write up based on my personal experience and just wanna share this with my readers who will benefited from this awesome apps.


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