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Valued Voice
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mini Yee Sang Day

I was committed the whole Saturday morning to late afternoon for my SCS study. Case study was very boring one! But forcing myself to understand what the heck they trying to deliver. Gosh!!! final final final...
I need to concentrate for my finale next week and the next week.
Then merdeka! merdeka!
Saturday night dinner was the most exciting one after the hard work during the day time...
Yeah! early mini Yee Sang at Sushi King!
Here goes the story........

Waiting for my food to be served. Look like an 'Angel' ehehehe...

My Hotate Sushi

My donno what sushi... but got long bean on top

Nice nice

My wasabi plate after digging on both sushi.... yeah so good manners huh! very ugly scene with sushi rice all over the plate ehehehehe...

My favourite garlic rice & Saba Udon..yum yum


Dig in time!

Mini Yee Sang from Sushi King.... so proud coz got to eat Yee Sang early this year. Very fresh and nice nice and nice...

I am so bless... Loh & Loh & Loh & Lohhhhhhhhhh SSSSSaaaaannngggg.... goood yyyyyeeeeaarr and gggooooddd yeeaaarrr .... may to take off and take off and take off

My finale... Fruche Peach and Fruche Blueberry.... but look so different from the ad... verdict.. ok le..

As usual still want to Cam Whore

Here goes the damage for Saturday night!

Stomache full... so cam whore again le..

And again...

And again.....
Finally its the end and back home study again... back to reality...huhuhuhuh very nervous waiting for the day next week!

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