Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY - Part 2

Last Friday, got an interview at KL.
The headhunter gave me wrong address.
They emailed me to go to Menara Maxis.
Well, I have not been to KLCC for almost 7 years.
The interview suppose to be scheduled at 11.00am.
I reached KLCC around 10.00am.
Parked my car , wrote down the place I parked and also took photo of the parking lot.
(Yeah! I always forgot where I parked)
Asked the information counter on how to go to menara maxis.
Manage to find the way.
I went to ladies to get myself tidy up! ehehehe must look good especially with my black dot on my cheek! ehehehe i went to remove my pigmentation the day before so the scar still in healing process.
I went up to the 36th floor as requested.
Aikkkks! the girl were saying I am at the wrong place.
Apparently they have 2 offices and the interview suppose to be at Menara Citibank!
Gosssshhhhh!!!! now 10.40am.
How to go to Menara Citibank?
Panic attack!!!!
Keep breathing! keep breathing!
I am more afraid to be late rather than thinking on how to get there.
Damn! after few round in and out using my touch n go car round and round in KLCC itself, finally manage to find way to Jalan Ampang!
Ah!!!! I should reach KLCC at 9.00am instead of 10.00 then will give me more time to rectify this mistake.
Manage to find Menara Citibank although I parked my car at Nikko Hotel. I guess they are sharing.
Met the CEO, Myanmar guy. Not bad looking. Quite young and I guess mid 40s.
I was told he is an Engineer based and more analytical thinking.
So, the whole interview went very dull and quiete.
Most of the time he paused and thinking what to ask me I guess!
Ah! boring seriously.
Asked nothing on what I can do and I end up asking him a lot on the function and details on company that cant be found from the web.
Most of the questions are on my cooking skills (well! what can I say since my MBA started I stop cooking and my skills getting bad! But just say I am good at any stir fried cooking mostly chinese and thai style hey! I used to good in these kind of cooking except for baking!)

He asked on my background and hobbies.
Ah! hobbies... I wish I dont open my mouth too soon.
Regret it so much but hey I need quick answer.
Now I realise I dont really have any other hobbies apart from surfing the net.
Well my hobbies to him is jungle trekking!!! jungle trekking????
Me? I thought I am suppose to live my life like Princess!!!
How can a Princess go jungle trekking??? Princess suppose to go shopping!!!!
uhuhuhuhuh.. I wish I could turn back time!!!!
If I get this job I am done!!!!!

Well back home by 1.30pm... yeah! its Friday traffic was so bad and I am busy around u thant and ampang hilir trying to find short cut to avoid jam. Manage to escape!!!
Skills still not bad!
Friend asked me out for lunch but have to turn down due to my face not suppose to be under sun or thing got worse!!!
Princess is in process to be a butterfly!!!!

Saturday... was sick and busy processing my online store orders.
Not bad making money while on holiday!
But due to busy I end up having hamburger and junk food for lunch and dinner.
Eat all the junk again!!!!
Do some exercise in the afternoon!

Sunday thought of cooking my lunch but my pepper mushroom meehon down to rubbish bin due to too salty.
Ah!!!! what happen to me?
I am suppose to be good at all this???
Very upset with myself... end having salad for lunch dinner.

Tomorrow working!!!!!!
God Bless! and thank you for still giving me job to earn for living!
God have been very generous to me!
Thank you!

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