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Valued Voice
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Generals more than Soldiers

I was chatting away over the phone with one of my friend and we were talking about a company which have more high level managers than supporting team.
We came to a conclusion this company is like when a King order 10 Generals and 3 Soldiers to fight in a battlefield to face 3 Generals and 1000 soldiers. Imagine when all the 10 Generals shout 'Fire!' and all 3 soldiers are struggling to fire and following all these instruction comes from every direction. Poor soldiers! They will die because of enemy fire or die due to exhaust of too many instructions and confusions. For sure all of them including the King will go down within a minute!

CEO with only high level mind set is foolish CEO. They are just killing themselves or preparing to commit suicide.Everything is about balancing act!
Don't talk about expansion if your team is not ready!
Build up strong foundation to expand up to next level.
You imagine you are buidling up a house and you start from the roof first..... chinese said siaow le!!!

This evening I was at Borders , Tropicana City Mall looking for a book to manage my temperament. Can't find any. They do have many on managing stress which I think not that specific relevant to my problems. I end up bought a book by Anthony Robbins, ' Unlimited Power'. I heard many of people around me said this Anthony Robbins is good. Actually, I don't really have any idea what magic this man does to people and their so claim hardcore followers.
Did he really change many people's life? I have somebody paid thousands of RM for his course.
Ok ok I had read Robert Kiyosaki.
Not bad!
Let me see what Anthony Robbins will do to me....:)


  1. I was googling the phrase "more generals than soldiers" and found your post.

    It's exactly the same situation in my group.

  2. You know what? don't waste time and look for other opportunity. I left that 'so called leader' more than a year now. What I heard recently he is still struggling building up the team. Yup! the Generals still there but all the soldiers gone to join other troupe!


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