Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lower down my expectation

I came from very tough and demanding environment...
Expectation on work quality is high.
I try my best to lower down my expectation on my people to suit their capacity..
I can't lower myself to low!
Thats nonsense... we are doing business not running a charity organisation.
But wait a minute... even charity organisation emphasis in good and quality service.

Well... today I received one resignation.
There are talks about me flying around this organisation and it fly to my ears.
I am too hard on these people, maybe.
Whatever! I can never please people.
and I will never do that because I don't care what people say about me.
My ultimate objective to give good service to people who employed me.

But if you decided to hang around shaving your beard and shine your nails in this office, well you are dealing with the wrong leader here.
I am one result orientated person.
I will guide and teach you but I can't concern too much on how you do it.
If I need concern on these small things, how do you expect me to focus in bigger thing?
OK put it this way.. I employed 6 people since I joined almost 3 months to this organisation.
1 left within 24 hours then I fired one with 24 hour notice and then I have remaining 4 person. Not bad!
opppsss!!! one more resigning after 1 weeks... ah left with 3 person.

My responsible is higher now.
Leading one management office can be a tough challenge when you are out there fighting with only few followers. I mean followers who can accept your ideology and believe in you.
OK people !!!!! my recruitment me is on the way!!!!!!

Aishshshshshshs.... feel tired but hey... I am looking for another job.. hopefully lady luck knocking my door.

Hopefully this year of Tiger over soon...
I need to get rid of all these bad luck. hopefully coming new year is good for me!
I will stay positive... and do whatever I can.

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