Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It is dark

I was very angry when I reached home and found out somebody occupied my parking lot.
Make thing uglier when that car dont even have parking sticker.
This mean who ever this animal is never even contribute a single sen to the maintainence fees.
I was very upset. I question the nepalese guard guarding to our unit.
He were saying he went to toilet less than 5 minutes ago.
I told hime to clamp that bloody car.
But was told by this guard that 1st offence they will issue warning letter and subsequently the will follow with clamp.
What the hell is that mean?
So this arsehole will only get a red letter?
And I am suppose to park my car outside near to the fence?
Best thing is trhe guard even told me to come again to check on my parking.
Wakakakakaka.... my blood boiling likegoing t0o explode.
I am tired and now I am suppose to get punishment from other people selfishness????
God is fair or not fair now?
What mistake have I done this time to get this kind of punishment?
I can't scold the guard or thing may get worsen. Yeah! better not make enemy with people who guard your area.hhehehe..... so I saying to him please do me a favor to punish that idiot for me. Since I was talking fast with upset tone my English slang getting weirder and weirder. Then one question from this guard.
Guard : 'Miss? are you from China?'
Me : huh? yeah????
and I continue takling to him with my weirder slang hehehehehe and left him with perception that I am from China. wuhuhuhuhu.... It must be dark outside there just now until he can't see how tanned my skin is.kekekekekeke.....
I then went upstairs and make myself one french toast for dinner - since I was so upset.
I stuffed myself with pack of potato chips....
Ah! I still punish myself with other people wrong doing.
Is this an excuse to get fatter???

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