Friday, October 7, 2011


Happy Friday morning!!!!
Latte to wake me up...
Ah! tomorrow work even weekend not like I am not used to it..
I guess as usual my weekend will be pack.
I don't know whether this weekend I have time to play?

Finally finished bragging about my Bejing trip. Hehhehe...what is next?
I am not sure myself!
I still have another trip to fulfill this year.
Whatever it is let me sell more smurfs :)

Last Saturday somebody trying to break into the house.
I never feel peace at all ever since.
Afraid to sleep and even move around the house.
I dare not step out to my balcony tending to my growing vegie farm....
Yes! alarms and sensor installed but still don't feel secure at all.
Moreover when I reached home on Wednesday and my neighbour told me she saw two men walking around in front of my main doorstep and looking at it as if is aiming for something.

What the heck with this people???
Shall I put up a notice in front of my door..

' This is my place to sleep. I am not rich! Work my ass off to get 3 meals a day. No money in the house.All safe keep in the bank. So , please go to rob the bank!'

Even with extra locks and alarms , I still feeling insecure. 
My main routine now put long wood slanting blocking the door way, pushing all the old newspaper to my main door. Make sure my dustbin and ladder blocking kitchen door. I sleep with whole place light on.

I feel no peace at all and no sleeping for a week after the incident!

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