Friday, January 13, 2012

Bitter Sweet Chapter : My 2nd Ex

Here goes my 2nd ex after 5 years ended my 3 days relationship with 'Pinka'.
His name is 'SilverBot'.... name given with Transformer influence...hehehehe like autobot kekekeke...
Not bad huh...this name???
My relationship with 'SilverBot' last for 9 years...he is automatic...hehehehe easier to handle!
I wish I don't have to end my relationship with him.

Silverbot-Same colour and same type like in photo... I found this from internet!
...but hey... life is like this ... we need to be separated from our love ones when time comes one day!

Random Top 5 Highlight of our memories together.....

Story one
One day, I  decided to take train for convenient purpose.
I parked  Silverbot at train station.
After one hour came back to pick up silverbot.... jeng jeng...Silverbot driver's set window was smashed!!!
Oh Damn it!!!! Who is this culprit!!! Smashed on my Silverbot???
The whole meter box was taken out and left empty... What the heck!!!!
Silverbot was towed down to the nearest workshop and total bill cost me more than RM3.5k.
What the heck!!!!
Make thing worst this is during Chinese New Year and most people on holiday!!!
Oh! damn it!!!
Silverbot!!! don't you know how to transform to protect yourself like in TV????
I scolded Silverbot day and night for 2 weeks after he came out from rehab!
Serve you right!!!
But I did some reflection few days later and repent!
It is all my fault!
You are the victim here Silverbot!

Story two
First time driving back to hometown which located almost 300km away from where I live and work.
Normal driving to reach there... will take only 4 hours to destination.
I called Mum night before that I am driving back alone for first time...
I started my journey since 6:30am.
By 10:30am.... huh... I still sweating and hungry trying to find my way out onto the highway to start my journey back home... Guestt what???  I am still at the same city where I started my journey at 6:30am.
What the heck!!!
My full tank fuel earlier need to refill for another full tank.
What the heck!!!!
I called my friend for help to ask for direction for the way out but I can't tell them exactly where I am at that time.
Oh! what the heck again!!!! Friend told me off... how to help if I am not able to tell him where is my location at that time. huh!!! he is absolutely right.... I must be driving without thinking again hehehe...
Finally found my way out .... and by the time reached my hometown... I was at my almost 10 hours journey though!!!
I was a laughing stock throughout my stay and throughout the year too.... can't blame them though! :(

Story three
I was jobless in big city with nobody to turn to... huhuhuh..
A girl alone in big city and jobless...
Just to pay my rent and pay for my food expenses... I only have Silverbot by my side.
Silverbot brought me to flea market to sell some snacks...Both of us was doing that for almost 3 months until I found myself a descent job to maintain both of us...sob sob...we are survivor gone through tough time together.... miss you Silverbot!!!!!

Story Four
Both Silverbot and me was heading back hometown again...
Silverbot was very old at his 7th year... he was coughing the whole journey... I have to drive slow possible..
since we are on highway and I don't know how to turn back... so I decided to continue our journey together despite silverbot was terribly ill.
normal speed will take both of us to reach within 4 hours but on that day both of us reached hometown only after miserable 6 hours journey.
Silverbot was admitted to rehab immediately for one day!

Story Five
It was my first day and my first class for MBA.
I told my Boss I will be out of office by 5:30pm that day.
Silverbot refuse to leave my office carpark and don't even want to wake up from his sleep.
Some of my colleagues and my Boss too trying their best to revive Silverbot which I don't know whether he is in Coma or sleeping but failed!
At that moment , I realise it is time for me to send Silverbot away! isk isk isk...
I was late for my first day MBA class.
Thank you for Silvebot, though!
Thanks to my intern who are still in office and his willingness to send me to class.
Thanks to my other friend too for his willingness to fetch me from my night class and send me home safely at 1:00am just because I insist on dropping by my office carpark to check on Silverbot before back home.
I left Silverbot at my 5th floor office carpark since Silverbot still in deep coma.
I came to office with Doctor to treat Silverbot who then revive him up to send him to rehab.
I sent Silverbot away after few weeks... and get to know my current BF and our relationship almost at 3rd year now.

My current BF name???? SECRET until time to change again.... hehehe...

I have a very interesting life huh????

Laughter ,sorrow and angry moment.... and this is life!!!

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