Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beach or Waterfall

I am on fire


angry to the MAXXXXXX!!!!!

the evil side of me is coming out...... if I don't harm any people or things in front of me....

 I will go crazy

Oh God!!!!
I am a happy girl and I don't want to harm people, things or me....

I wish I could leap through time....

mmmmmm....... is it time to unwind my head....NOW??????

shall I send myself to unwind by the waterfall????

orrrrrr.... pretend angel by the beach????

running by beach happily?????

Is this a signs???
an excuses???
......for me to go for another unwind trip before I really go crazy and do things I am not suppose to do????

wink wink..photos credit to google hihihihi

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