Monday, October 14, 2013


I am ageing well....
Some people is sensitive to mention their age.
Haisshhh!!! why so secretive when everybody need to go through this and none of us can avoid the ageing stage!
I am saying 'SAYONARA' to range of 30s years old.
My first 40 is approaching next year!
I am 39 years old at 12.10.2013.
Thank you God!
You allow me to reach 39 years old.
Thank you God for your bless!!!
My bless 39 years celebration...Oh well not that party kind of celebration!
I am bless with generous friends...Oh! what can I say????
Thank you from bottom of my heart for all the bless wishes and gift !!!
39th birthday Japanese hot pot brunch and macha choco ice cream

I don't need that big cake...just slice of classic carrot cake will do for me...My 39th birthday cake!!!!

My 39th birthday dinner with home made fish soup noodle and seafood porridge...finish my dinner with wheatgrass drink and lemon.
Happy Birthday 39th , Rina!!!
Be Good!
Be Kind!
Be Healthy!!!
....and don't forget my creator...The God!
God Bless!!!

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