Wednesday, April 15, 2015

When I want to travel...

Lately, many people asked me on my next traveling trip.
Good question?
Sorry! I have no answer for this too.
To me traveling abroad is not a habit or a hobby that I have privilege to do it whenever I like.

I would rather do it based on my economy level and affordability.

I notice these days, many younger generation tend to travel just because other friends are traveling and they want to be in trend. Many of them are traveling at deficit.

Don't live your life just because you need to be in that group. Others can fly you wanna fly too!

But only fly when you have surplus in your bank accounts not for the sake of this is in trend. The after effect may kill you softly!

Seriously, going for a vacation using credit cards and come back from trip cracking your head or starving yourself to pay off the bill in installment is not the way to enjoy your vacation or so called "break"!

Well this is applicable to those students who goes places with student loan or allowances by parent unless you really born with 'silver spoon' , then this will be you privilege.If you are not....then forget about spending future money!
Its just a temporary happiness. Traveling abroad and experience new things and learn other cultures are suppose to give you good and sweet memory to last forever!

Your choice! You can enjoy your life while still young and struggling later or you choose to do the opposite. 

If you just started working like 2 - 3 years , all you need to do is to focus in work and build up your career. You can do that traveling later. If your job requires traveling, then it become sweet advantage for you!

I have been working my ass off for more than 18 years before I see myself going places. Things are sort of ease for me right now. I will travel when I feel I want to! Not because I have to.

I don't mind people call me 'stingy' as long I know I live off with my own affordability.

At least  I have a 'peace of mind'.

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